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Our Dogs Won’t Have a Hard Time Adjusting to a Newborn At All….

28 Sep

The past couple of weeks I kept my camera phone handy and snapped a pic whenever the dogs were in a cuddling mood.

At first I thought maybe they were merely trying to help keep the baby warm, but I’ve come to the conclusion they are just pathetic, attention-seeking hounds.

Lord, help us come February!


20 Weeks & “Guess the Gender” Poll

26 Sep

Mini Matto is 50% cooked! Look how far we’ve come! Can’t believe we’re halfway to meeting the little guy or girl that’s been floating around and giving me chorus line kicks the past couple weeks. While the beginning seemed to go slow (w/ all the nauseousness & tiredness) the past couple of months have really flown by.  And between holidays, jobs, baby showers and nursery renovations keeping us busy it will be 2012 before we know it!

On Eric’s behalf I told him I would make it known that I made him pose like that. It is apparently against the manliness he usually likes to portray to the public eye. However, when I inquired what pose exactly a man and his pregnant wife could do that would exude a Chuck Norris like personna, the guy had nothing. So back to plastering his begrudging hands on my pertruding belly while lovingly gazing at our child we went. Plus, I was holding the chili that had been stewing in the crockpot all day hostage until he took the damn picture. Compromise bribery is the secret to every successful marriage.

TOMORROW! MORNING! we finally, officially, excitingly find out if we’ll have a son or daughter in our arms come February. We’re doing a little gender reveal get together on Saturday to share the news so we’re keeping mum until then. But in the meantime we would like to see what people think we’re having so I whipped up a handy dandy poll. I know what my hunch is, but I’m curious what others are thinking!?

Have a great week everyone! Positive thoughts that everything looks on track and healthy at the ultrasound!

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A Conversation About Exciting Matto Family News

21 Sep

Time: Friday, September, 16

Begin scene:

8:52 AM: Mel – Someone tweeted me the article announcing your coaching position while driving to work. I may or may not have teared up – so excited it made the news! Also it’s in today’s paper. Must buy & save 🙂 Love you!

8:54 AM: Eric – Haha…thanks babe! I saw it this morning when I got into work, I knew they put out a press release, but I didn’t know it was gonna be in the Indy Star or on the DePauw site! Love you babe!

 8:57 AM: Mel – Yea, damn you, beating me out! It’s my goal to make it on the site before I die. The least they could have done was added: Eric lives with his wife, Melissa (class of ’07) in Indianapolis, IN at the bottom. I mean seriously…I had to be so close to being mentioned. Haha.

8:59 AM: Eric – I know, I’m feeling pretty good about life right now!

9:10 AM: Mel – Also I’ve been feeling the baby kick quite a bit this morning so I think he/she is pretty pumped too. We might have to read the article out loud later. That would be a good storytime.

9:25 AM: Eric – We will definitely read that article to him/her! We want Mini Matto to know what kinda world he/she is coming into!

9:37 AM: Mel – Will Brownsburg play against Speedway in baseball? (sidenote: I coach cheerleading at Speedway, which was also where Eric went to high school)

10:46 AM: Eric – Yes, we play them early in the Speedway this year

10:48 AM: Mel – Man, gold or purple? Which color do I wear to that game? 🙂

11:10 AM: Eric – You can wear a Brownsburg shirt with gold Speedway pants!

11:12 AM: Mel – That sounds hot

11:16 AM: Eric – Or you can wear a Speedway shirt with a Brownsburg baby bjorn!

11:22 AM: Mel – I can’t believe you just used the word baby bjorn appropriately in a sentence. Have you been reading the baby books?

11:23 AM: Eric – Haha…looked it up on google…boom!

11:28 AM: Mel – I have a feeling google is going to be your best friend once the baby is born and you have to watch him/her by yourself. I bet you can youtube how to change a diaper.

End Scene. Curtain drops.

Congrats Dinner at Eric's Parents

Nursery Inspiration & Progress

12 Sep

Eric and I have a 3-bedroom house. Pre-baby we used the rooms as our master bedroom, a guest bedroom and an office. Now that Mini Matto is on the way we are changing the guest bedroom to the nursery and the office is now a combo office/guest bedroom. It’s a little tight in there, but we don’t have overnight guests that often so we figured the baby should get the bigger room. Plus, from what I hear, babies come with lots of stuff.

So when browsing for nursery ideas where do you think I turned? Pinterest, you say? Oh, but of course! Pinterest is my go-to for all things time consuming. Luckily I did have a few ideas up my sleeve before going online otherwise I would have been a bit overwhelmed with it all.

While I want people to be able to tell it’s a boys or girls room I want it to whisper “boy” or “girl” more than shout it. So things like the paint color, bedding and furniture I wanted to be gender neutral. One, I thought that was a good idea in case at delivery we find out the ultrasound tech was wrong and two I’m indecisive and so wanted a room I could switch around the style easily in case I get tired of it. So while the big items would be gender neutral I would boy or girl it up with accessories and decor.  This also meant no theme. I knew if I picked “teddy bears” or “ballerinas” my eyes would start bleeding after a couple weeks as I went in for 3am feedings . I also heard from other moms that telling people you’re going with a theme prompts people to get overzealous and buy you something anytime they run across an item that goes with your theme. And who likes hundreds of stuffed teddy bear eyes staring at them while they breastfeed? The only thing worse than that would be clowns…plus that’s just asking for your child to have issues (sorry, clown lovers).

So I digress. The main colors I fell in love with were a light gray and yellow. Below are some examples I found on Pinterest for inspiration:

I’m drawn to the style of Danish & Mid Century furniture. I like the clean lines of the natural cribs. The excitment of the rooms are in the detail. A quick look at the room might make some think “boring.” But once you walk around and look at each item closely you realize everything has a story and a reason for being there.  I knew I wanted to DIY as much as I could. I wanted to make it personable – I wanted the room to be my babies and not some catalogs. Hence, when I couldn’t find any crib bedding that I liked (or could afford) I decided I was going to bring back my high school sewing class skills and make one myself – yes, you read that right. So I have a pattern (shown below) and will update you as it progresses – or just pisses me off, because surely that’s an option with sewing.

So, where we are right now. First, I went to Home Depot and Lowe’s to look at all the gray paint swatches. I came home with WAY to many. I suggest trying to narrow it down to 3 or 4 before you leave the store because coming home & doing this, did not make the decision any easier like I thought it would.

But after staring several times throughout the day and a quick game of Eenie Meenie Minee Moe, I made a decision. So on Labor Day the paint crew (consisting of Eric’s parents and my friend, Breena) came over. The color I chose, in case you’re curious, is Martha Stewart’s “Heavy Goose.” in an eggshell finish. Don’t worry, I read up on the dos and donts of painting while pregnant and I was good to go. Plus, I got extra safe and bought low VOC paint and kept the room well ventilated. Here is a quick pic of me in action (left wall, old paint. right wall, new paint).

Then, and it could have been the hormones, I decided to go a little crazy. The second to last picture of my nursery inspirations up there sparked a fire in me that wouldn’t go away. I wanted a chevron wall…like BAD. So I bought white paint (Martha Stewart’s “Picket Fence”) and grabbed our yard stick, level and painter’s tape and went to town. Well, first I found this tutorial, and then I went to town. I was so antsy I didn’t even bother to ask for help (which, by the way, there will never be a picture of Eric and a paintbrush. That is not allowed in this house – it doesn’t matter if it’s one color and one wall, he’ll find a way to mess it up). The whole thing (not including dry time for the paint) took around 4 hours and was honestly way easier than I was expecting. This is probably the only project I can think of ever doing where if I did it again I wouldn’t tweak anything – and I’m OCD about straight lines if that tells you anything. Here is the progression:

First you put up the painter's tape outline

Next you paint every other one


Finally peel the tape and TA DA! Instant chevron wall!

This wall is where the crib will go and above the crib I plan on doing some type of gallery with picture frames. If you’re wanting to do something similar yourself I definitely recommend Frog Tape. They pride themselves on their ability to not let the paint bleed through and to leave a sharp, straight edge when peeling and I’ll have to agree. It costs a little more, but I thought it was worth it to guarantee straight lines.

Alright that’s it for this nursery update. Whew, I’m exhausted! Not sure what I’ll tackle next, but you can rest assured that you’ll hear about it!


18 Weeks

10 Sep

HOLY BELLY! Hard to believe I’m almost to the halfway point, the weeks have really been flying. Since Mini Matto has started to grow by leaps and bounds compared to the first few months, I decided I’m going to try and  update my bump pics every 2-3 weeks instead of once-a-month. If you look at my 16wk photo you can really tell the difference that just 2 weeks have made! I was at a wedding all Labor Day weekend and a couple friends swore my stomach was bigger on Sunday then when they first saw me on Friday and I had to agree. I personally think it was due to all the belly rubbing I received from college friends who hadn’t seen me pregnant yet – or maybe it was all the dancing – but either way some serious growing has been going on.

Mini Matto at Pat & Betsy's Wedding

I had my monthly check-up this past week and everything still seems to be on track – I had gained over 6 lbs since my last visit. I originally thought this check-up was the check-up where we could find out if Mini Matto was a he or she, but once I arrived they told me I was misinformed and that it’s actually my next appointment. Boo. So September 27th is officially the day, but Eric and I are having a little gender reveal party for some close family and friends so we are keeping our lips sealed until the party on October 1st.  Pinterest (once again!) has been my best friend in planning this shin-dig and I can’t wait!

Have a great weekend!

Past bumps pics: 8wks, 12wks, 16wks

Onesie Funsie

6 Sep

There are so many onesie’s out there that make me smile or chuckle because they remind me of someone in my life. So I thought it would be fun to choose a few of my favorites and explain why they are a perfect onesie for that particular person. If you click on the picture it will take you to the site where the onesie can be found. 

Eric – AKA Dad

He already plays the blame game with the dogs, so baby needs to be prepared with a onesie in order to defend him/herself when he tries his crazy finger pointing anctics on them. I challenge our child to try and produce a smell worse than dad…I just don’t think it can be done.

Aunt Jill – Eric’s sister

Jill’s minor for her PhD is Food Studies. She is hardcore into gardening, raising chickens (for eggs), the local slow food movement and anything organic. She also has a blog that tracks everything! That makes this the perfect onesie for her little niece or nephew to wear while they help weed the garden (sorry baby, it’s always the job of the new person on the block, so you’re going to have to tough it out like I did).

Uncle Michael – my brother

My brother has been into music for as long as I can remember. From listening to it, producing it and writing it, he has had his hand in it all. I’m sure he’ll find a way to make a baby DJ out of his niece or nephew. Just remember Uncle Michael, no music with “parental advisory” on the label!

“Aunt” Christiana – this girl, AKA my BFF

There were so many angles I could have gone with in regards to a onesie that reminds me of Christiana, but I chose political. She majored in Political Science, worked on the Obama campaign and is very passionate about her viewpoints and the way the world turns. I can’t wait for her to talk to our baby about foreign policy, the state of the union and the importance of voting…mainly because it will be a great way to make a fussy newborn fall asleep….. (:

“Uncle” Adrian – a close college friend of Eric’s

If anyone was born and bred to be an Indy 500 lifer, Adrian is that guy. No one puts him in the corner on race day. So Memorial Weekend you can bet our little one will be sporting this onesie along with some baby jorts and a checkered bottle full of milk to chug at the finish line with the winner. It could be a big year if the kiddie pool is actually used for a kid for once.

“Aunt” Breena – one of my closest friends

Breena’s style is a mixture of hipster and vintage and she is very engaged in the arts & culture community. From finger painting masterpieces to hand puppet theatre to folk rock nursery rhyme sing-a-longs she will be the babysitter that makes sure our child has a hand & ear in the creative world all while having a rocking good time.

Badass Book Club – AKA “BBC” for the little one’s that need earmuffs

2 and a half years or…3 weddings, 2 babies plus one in the oven, couple new jobs and an engagement ago a group comprised of myself and almost a dozen others started a book club. Most of us were strangers to each other and we had no idea where it would lead or how it would work but we went with it and we’re still here and have become such close friends. I am certain that the 9ish meetings this baby will attend in womb will guarantee he or she will come out detesting the book Postcards, impatient for slow service and a highly vocal opinion on which celebrities should play certain characters in YA books turned movies.

Now I feel like shopping! Feel free to link up any fun onesie’s you have found in the comments section!