18 Weeks

10 Sep

HOLY BELLY! Hard to believe I’m almost to the halfway point, the weeks have really been flying. Since Mini Matto has started to grow by leaps and bounds compared to the first few months, I decided I’m going to try and  update my bump pics every 2-3 weeks instead of once-a-month. If you look at my 16wk photo you can really tell the difference that just 2 weeks have made! I was at a wedding all Labor Day weekend and a couple friends swore my stomach was bigger on Sunday then when they first saw me on Friday and I had to agree. I personally think it was due to all the belly rubbing I received from college friends who hadn’t seen me pregnant yet – or maybe it was all the dancing – but either way some serious growing has been going on.

Mini Matto at Pat & Betsy's Wedding

I had my monthly check-up this past week and everything still seems to be on track – I had gained over 6 lbs since my last visit. I originally thought this check-up was the check-up where we could find out if Mini Matto was a he or she, but once I arrived they told me I was misinformed and that it’s actually my next appointment. Boo. So September 27th is officially the day, but Eric and I are having a little gender reveal party for some close family and friends so we are keeping our lips sealed until the party on October 1st.  Pinterest (once again!) has been my best friend in planning this shin-dig and I can’t wait!

Have a great weekend!

Past bumps pics: 8wks, 12wks, 16wks


5 Responses to “18 Weeks”

  1. Christiana September 10, 2011 at 2:29 pm #

    Um. Yes. Your stomach grew Friday to Saturday. And from Saturday to Sunday it popped again. Maybe the baby likes wedding cake?

    Mwah! Love this. xoxo


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