A Conversation About Exciting Matto Family News

21 Sep

Time: Friday, September, 16

Begin scene:

8:52 AM: Mel – Someone tweeted me the article announcing your coaching position while driving to work. I may or may not have teared up – so excited it made the news! Also it’s in today’s paper. Must buy & save 🙂 Love you!

8:54 AM: Eric – Haha…thanks babe! I saw it this morning when I got into work, I knew they put out a press release, but I didn’t know it was gonna be in the Indy Star or on the DePauw site! Love you babe!

 8:57 AM: Mel – Yea, damn you, beating me out! It’s my goal to make it on the depauw.edu site before I die. The least they could have done was added: Eric lives with his wife, Melissa (class of ’07) in Indianapolis, IN at the bottom. I mean seriously…I had to be so close to being mentioned. Haha.

8:59 AM: Eric – I know, I’m feeling pretty good about life right now!

9:10 AM: Mel – Also I’ve been feeling the baby kick quite a bit this morning so I think he/she is pretty pumped too. We might have to read the article out loud later. That would be a good storytime.

9:25 AM: Eric – We will definitely read that article to him/her! We want Mini Matto to know what kinda world he/she is coming into!

9:37 AM: Mel – Will Brownsburg play against Speedway in baseball? (sidenote: I coach cheerleading at Speedway, which was also where Eric went to high school)

10:46 AM: Eric – Yes, we play them early in the year..at Speedway this year

10:48 AM: Mel – Man, gold or purple? Which color do I wear to that game? 🙂

11:10 AM: Eric – You can wear a Brownsburg shirt with gold Speedway pants!

11:12 AM: Mel – That sounds hot

11:16 AM: Eric – Or you can wear a Speedway shirt with a Brownsburg baby bjorn!

11:22 AM: Mel – I can’t believe you just used the word baby bjorn appropriately in a sentence. Have you been reading the baby books?

11:23 AM: Eric – Haha…looked it up on google…boom!

11:28 AM: Mel – I have a feeling google is going to be your best friend once the baby is born and you have to watch him/her by yourself. I bet you can youtube how to change a diaper.

End Scene. Curtain drops.

Congrats Dinner at Eric's Parents


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