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24 Weeks

27 Oct

If I owned photoshop I would have removed my right arm so Banjo looked like he actually cared more about my bump than snagging the stick – but hey, it was the only way I could figure out how to grab and hold his attention until the camera clicked. Taking this picture was no small feat. In fact, people may not realize but only a couple of my “bump pics” have been taken by someone other than myself. The majority of the time I drag out my tri-pod and put on the self timer. So you can see where having 10 seconds from once you push the button to run to your spot and get a dog to do what you want is so much easier said than done. Although funny enough the first couple of times I was trying to woo him, he happened to jump for the stick right as the shutter went off – talk about perfect timing!

Seriously, the boy has hops. Which is ironic considering our other dog is bigger and more athletic looking, yet is too scared to even consider letting all four paws off the ground at once. Eric and I talk all the time how excited we are for Parker to be raised with our two dogs. While there is definitely going to be a learning curve I know Knuckles & Banjo will turn into protective big brothers and will probably trade their cuddle time with us in order to be with their baby brother. Our biggest issues are going to be the dogs licking him to death and thinking the baby toys are dog toys – which I can’t blame them for that one – ever notice how baby toys are made with similar materials and the same annoying sounds?

But as an update to the pregnancy everything is great! In fact, besides no longer being able to see my toes  I pretty much feel like the same ‘ol non-pregnant Mel. I feel Parker do his water aerobics every day and that’s enough to keep me sane. I think he can already tell I’m the worrying type because sometimes I’ll start thinking it’s been too long since I’ve felt a movement and within seconds he’ll always kick as if to say, “don’t worry about me mom, I’m still here! Just taking a quick cat nap before tidying up the home!” At least that’s how I imagine he spends his time. After all, what mom doesn’t want a son that likes to clean their room?

Speaking of rooms. We haven’t done squat to the nursery since my paint job a few weeks back but we are in the middle of ordering carpet. I’m a wood floors person at heart, but sometimes you have to bite the bullet and be practical. Our master bedroom and the nursery are always the coldest rooms in the house. Since Parker will be born in February and since you can’t cover a baby with a million layers of blankets (like Eric and I do in our room to stay warm) we decided it was in his best interest to carpet his room – and ours while we’re at it – to hopefully help the temperature come winter. We also seal our windows, but if anyone has other ideas on keeping in the heat I’d be happy to hear them! More updates & pictures of the carpet after it happens!

Finally, Happy Halloween everyone!! Eric and I finally carved the pumpkins we picked a couple weeks ago. Eric free-handed it with a knife, while I tried to get fancy (read: lazy) and use the electric drill method. We don’t normally get any trick or treaters at our house – but that doesn’t mean we still don’t buy loads of candy 🙂


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Beach Baby

23 Oct

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Arthur Film

Last weekend I traveled to Jacksonville, FL for a friend’s wedding. Eric had work obligations back home so I got to spend the weekend with Christiana and her boy, Daniel – who happens to be a photographer/videographer on the side – so thanks for some of these pictures!

 The weather was perfect. The wedding was perfect. I’m so glad I was able to attend! Plus, how cute are these two? Allison & Alex are about to embark on a 3 month honeymoon around the globe and I can’t wait to follow them on their journey through their blog. Hey, I may even have a baby to introduce to them by the time they get back!

Photo Courtesy of Annie Sturgis Photography

First night there we went to a fabulous dinner at Ragtime. I was introduced to this restaurant a year and a half ago and the meal I had then was so delish I had to get it again. If you’re ever in the area you have to try the shrimp n grits…it does not disappoint!

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Arthur Film

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Arthur Film
The next morning we all happened to wake up at 6:45 and so we decided to go to the beach and watch the sunrise. Totally worth it.

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Arthur Film

After a day of mani/pedis and relaxing on the beach it was time for the wedding. Which, sidenote: the nail salon had massage chairs and it was set on vibrate mode. After a few minutes of watching my belly move like a bowl full of jelly I kindly asked the tech to turn it off. I don’t know if shaken baby syndrome can happen inside the womb, but I decided not to take any chances!   

The baby app on my phone recently informed me that Parker would now be able to tell if I was being stationary or dancing. So you can bet I got my dance on. If this kid learns one thing from me, it’s that dancing at weddings is not a choice in this family- it’s an obligation. If you feel the music the moves will follow.

Christiana & Daniel


Lesley & Danielle loving on the bump

 This was definitely the perfect way to wrap up wedding season 2011. On an ironic note, the day I took down their wedding invitation from our fridge was the same day I received our first “save the date” for next year! Better teach Park some dance moves – and quick!

Pumpkin Picking With My Boys

16 Oct

I’m a week behind posting this, but last weekend Eric and I had a much needed date day! We went to Oktoberfest, which is an annual event at Traders Point Creamery here in Indianapolis. With almost 85 degree weather, it didn’t feel as “fall” as I would have liked, but we still had fun eating ice cream, walking through the Farmer’s Market, listening to a live polka band and picking pumpkins.

Seeing all the families prop their chubby babies against a patch of pumpkins while attempting to grab their attention for a perfect picture made me realize how much more awesome next year will be at this time when we’re in that position with an 8 month old! Weird to imagine!

The pumpkins were priced per pound and ironically when we went up to pay my pumpkin weighed as much as I’ve gained with little Parker.  After paying for our pumpkins (which are currently still sitting on our kitchen floor waiting to carved) we decided to call it a day and Eric graciously carried them to the car since I was occupied with carrying our own little pumpkin.

Happy Fall ya’ll!

Gender Reveal Photo Recap

10 Oct

Because pictures are worth a thousand words, I thought it would be better to share a few of my favorite photos instead of posting a lengthy, wordy blog about the day. I included my sources for inspiration at the bottom. And if you missed my earlier post that included a video of the reveal that can be seen here.

Dessert Bar


Team Boy or Team Girl?


Blue icing was stuffed in the middle


Blue Moon to represent Boy. Leinenkugel Berry Weiss to represent Girl.


Some of the guests showing off their guess


The box that hid the balloons (who knew the hot water heater box from May would come in handy?)


It's a Boy!


Floating Away


Eric & I with our excited parents and grandparents (or should I say excited soon-to-be grandparents & great-grandparents!)


Fun with Friends


Banjo is already such a proud big brother! (or incredibly scared because he can't figure out why the balloons keep following him)


Ready to test drive this parenting gig

Sources (If I found the idea online I included the link):
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip w/ pretzels & animal crackers
Baked Brie & Crackers: I mixed dried cranberries, honey & pecans. Poured it over the top & baked it for 20 min at 400 degrees
Cupcakes: “Fun in Da Middle” box mix (I found them at Kroger) w/ funfetti icing
Shortbread bottle & pacifier shape icing cookies: Made courtesy of Aunt Jill & Great Aunt Mary – sorry, secret family recipe
Lemon Bars: Krusteaz brand box mix from Kroger
Bunting: Self-made w/ extra scrapbook paper, yarn & sponge stamps I already had
Chalkboard Signs on Dessert Bar: $1 picture frames from the Dollar Store. Spray painted the glass with chalkboard paint & the frame with yellow spray paint. (I actually already had these on hand from something else & didn’t make them just for the party.)
Cupcakes Liners: A kit from Michael’s Craft Store
Mustache & Lips Gender Guess: It was a play on this idea
Balloon Box: Quilt was an heirloom passed down from Eric’s Aunt. Bought black posterboard, cut it in a heart & wrote “Boy or Girl” in chalk in front.
Balloons: Purchased at our local Factory Card & Party Outlet

More Gender Reveal Fun

7 Oct

My sister-in-law, Jill, couldn’t make it to our gender reveal. So I told her we would tell her the gender early if she agreed to make cookies for the party. Nothing wrong with a good food bribe! She happily agreed. Since I was doing a “balloon theme” reveal for everyone else, I wanted to do something similar for her. After browsing the web I found the idea of putting blue or pink confetti inside a dark balloon.

 Once the balloon is popped, the confetti will shower down revealing the gender. Well showering is not a strong enough word. It was more like blasted

In fact, the confetti shot out so fast and far that it took Jill a minute before she could find a piece to see what it looked like! Either way, it was a lot of fun & I know Parker can’t wait to meet his Aunt Jill!

And a special thanks to the lady at the party store who after hearing my idea definitely thought I was a crazy pregnant lady (which ironically is the same look Eric gave me when I told him what we were doing). In fact her exact words I believe were, “You want me to put what, where?” But she humored me anyway – again, much like Eric!

 And in case you were wondering, her cookies were adorable and delicious…just like any proper cookie should be. Way worth telling her our secret a few days early 🙂


2 Oct

Yesterday Eric and I hosted our gender reveal party! Many more details and photos to come, but for now a fun video of the main event. Big thanks to everyone who came and celebrated –  Parker is going to be one very loved little boy! We absolutely can’t wait!