Beach Baby

23 Oct

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Arthur Film

Last weekend I traveled to Jacksonville, FL for a friend’s wedding. Eric had work obligations back home so I got to spend the weekend with Christiana and her boy, Daniel – who happens to be a photographer/videographer on the side – so thanks for some of these pictures!

 The weather was perfect. The wedding was perfect. I’m so glad I was able to attend! Plus, how cute are these two? Allison & Alex are about to embark on a 3 month honeymoon around the globe and I can’t wait to follow them on their journey through their blog. Hey, I may even have a baby to introduce to them by the time they get back!

Photo Courtesy of Annie Sturgis Photography

First night there we went to a fabulous dinner at Ragtime. I was introduced to this restaurant a year and a half ago and the meal I had then was so delish I had to get it again. If you’re ever in the area you have to try the shrimp n grits…it does not disappoint!

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Arthur Film

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Arthur Film
The next morning we all happened to wake up at 6:45 and so we decided to go to the beach and watch the sunrise. Totally worth it.

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Arthur Film

After a day of mani/pedis and relaxing on the beach it was time for the wedding. Which, sidenote: the nail salon had massage chairs and it was set on vibrate mode. After a few minutes of watching my belly move like a bowl full of jelly I kindly asked the tech to turn it off. I don’t know if shaken baby syndrome can happen inside the womb, but I decided not to take any chances!   

The baby app on my phone recently informed me that Parker would now be able to tell if I was being stationary or dancing. So you can bet I got my dance on. If this kid learns one thing from me, it’s that dancing at weddings is not a choice in this family- it’s an obligation. If you feel the music the moves will follow.

Christiana & Daniel


Lesley & Danielle loving on the bump

 This was definitely the perfect way to wrap up wedding season 2011. On an ironic note, the day I took down their wedding invitation from our fridge was the same day I received our first “save the date” for next year! Better teach Park some dance moves – and quick!

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