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Storybook Shower

21 Nov

This past weekend my mom hosted my first shower. She invited family from our side as well as family friends and some of my friends that I grew up and went to school with. Since Eric and I were both English majors in college and since reading has always been a big part of my life my mom decided to make it a “storybook” theme. From the food to the decor she made sure everything tied together perfectly.

In lieu of a greeting card she asked guests to bring a children’s book. We’re so excited to see Parker’s book collection grow! Reading is very important to us and we can’t wait for all our future nights of storytime. Once I got home I loved going through each books and reading the sweet messages from everyone.

Parker made out with so many great and thoughtful gifts! When I got home and hung up all the clothes Eric was like, “seriously!?” – because I still have two more showers! One thing I know for sure is that Parker will never go naked! Maybe now is a good time to say if you are coming to one of my future showers – we are all set on newborn to 3 month sleepers, haha! But seriously, how come the smaller the clothes are the cuter they get?
The doll furniture my mom used as decor in this picture was mine when I was little. I don’t think we’ll be passing that down to Parker, but maybe there will be a female Mini Matto in the future I can give it to!

Thanks again to my mom for throwing such a perfect party. It was very much appreciated and I think everyone left with a smile and full stomach! We are grateful for everything we received and now all that is missing is the baby!
Newborn pictures of Eric and I
Another thank you to my car buddy for the weekend! He was such a great sport as I rocked out to country music and gabbed about life. Love you Banjo!

27 Weeks

12 Nov

27 weeks and I’m definitely feeling it in my lower back. I find myself constantly stretching and leaning and twisting and rubbing and doing anything I can to keep limber. Besides being a common side effect of pregnancy, I knew I would especially have issues since I’ve had lower back pain since high school (thank you eight years of cheerleading). So now I look forward to my bi-weekly appointments with my chiropractor just as much as my monthly appointments with my baby doc – which after my appointment this coming Friday I will begin seeing him bi-weekly too!

Can’t believe I’m officially in the third trimester! How did I get here so fast? Not that I’m complaining. Time, you can go as quick as you want right now as long as you promise me to come to a grinding halt once Parker gets here. I read an inspiring blog post last week that gave me the advice to tell the doctor after your baby is born and in your arms you would like to delay all the immediate post procedures (considering your baby seems healthy of course) and take one hour of time with just you, your baby and your husband. No doctors, no nurses, no visitors. Just you three enjoying each other in your babies first hour of life. While I’m sure it would drive all our visitors in the waiting room crazy, I love the idea. I think it’s the perfect way to slide into parenthood and let the present you were just gifted sink in before sharing it with anyone else. Afterall, I want to be the first to count his finger and toes. I want to be the first to nuzzle his cheeks and watch Eric hold his son for the first time.  I don’t want to pass him on to others too quickly until Eric and I have pointed out to each other features of his that are undeniably our own.  I want to soak in that moment as Parker stares back at us realizing we are the ones he had been hearing in womb for the past 9 months. After what will probably be hours of rushing and pushing and breathing and not feeling in control, I want those 60 minutes to let us, as parents, relax and finally be the family we had so eagerly been waiting to be.

So Parker, that means your first hour of life you can’t just lay there and cry. Because I may not know what to do quite yet. Deal? Deal.

And after that…after that glorious “golden hour,” I fully expect to be bombarded with friends and family fighting over who gets to hold him first all the while wishing him a very Happy Birthday.

It will be a blessed day indeed.

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Happy Birthday to Me!

8 Nov

Birthday dessert from Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurant

I’m a week late posting, however last Tuesday, November 1st was my 27th birthday. I don’t know what it is, but 27 just sounds so much older than 26. It’s like I have the sudden urge to change my radio station from the Top 40 to NPR. To fall out of the Gap and into Talbots. Turn off Glee and tune into QVC (it has to be only old people that shop off that channel, right?) Cash in that AARP card that was sent to me a few months ago – which Eric swears I received because they heard I took up knitting. Yes, I knit – I suppose I was a little grandma-like even before I turned the big 2-7.

Recently I even ran across a baby blog about how it’s time to start thinking about your will now that you have children. A will!? While I tried to tune out the idea of that daunting task, it did bring up the question: Have you ever really thought about where you would want to be buried? I brought this up to Eric because, you know, it’s really healthy to get all worked up about things in the (hopefully) really distant future. And he of course wanted no part of it. But I urgently pressed on because if I died young I would want and expect Eric to re-marry. And if he re-married wouldn’t that mean he would then be buried by his new wife? And since the only family I have here are the ones I married into, would it make sense for me to be buried in Indianapolis next to no one I know or am related to? But on the other hand since we’ll have at least one child shouldn’t I choose Indianapolis so they can easily visit me? I went back and forth in my head for awhile I tell ya. Finally I came to the conclusion that if I died young I think I would want to be cremated, that way I don’t have to be worried about spending eternity in the ground next to strangers and then my kids will always have me around (even if it’s in a jar) to talk to. So Eric, there ya go, got that ugly detail out of the way. Case closed. Whew, aren’t you glad me turning 27 brought this on? I mean this is the kind of crazy stuff that keeps me up at night!

But in all seriousness age really doesn’t bother me. In fact I’ve been looking forward to this time when I get to be a mom and “play house” for real for as long as I can remember so I know 27 is going to be a good year. I mean how can I wish to go back when I have this growing little champ to meet in a few short months?

taken on my birthday

And how can I wish to go back when a few years ago I didn’t have this guy to come home to every night that continuously makes me happy?

Yea, no regrets here. 27 years and I’ve come this far. No looking back. Happy Birthday Me!