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Mattingly Family Christmas Card 2011

22 Dec

This is the front of our Christmas Card this year. I admittedly have issues when it comes to our yearly Christmas card – like start thinking about it before summer is over issues. I’m highly competitive with myself and probably definitely put way too much thought into a card that people hang for a week or two and then toss in the trash.  I can’t help it. I want our card to be one that people want to hang & show off, not  toss in a basket on a table. I had decided on the photo concept back in October when i saw these “I’m the Big Brother” dog shirts from Babawowo 40% off on a flash sale on  The dogs will definitely be sporting them again the day we bring Parker home from the hospital and probably for our newborn photo shoot as well.  Here is the inside of the card:

Last year I started the tradition of including a highlight of the years big events so I knew I wanted to find a card that allowed for that again. I’m also a member of the flash sale site (yes, my inbox receives LOTS of emails due to my flash sale site addiction) which concentrates on items for babies, children and mommas. Peartree Greetings was offering a $40 voucher for $20 and after browsing their site and seeing they had many timeline-type Christmas cards to choose from I bit the bullet and bought the voucher.  I was so happy with their customer service and quality. The first time I received my cards in the mail they accidentally printed the inside upside down and so I immediately went online where they offer live chat and within minutes they had apologized and had a new order on its way. I’m already considering using them again for our newborn announcements. They have so many great options! We went with the Christmas Tales – Vertical Recycled Photo Chrismas Card. Here is a zoomed out view of the inside so you can get a better idea of the layout.

Now as for taking the photo, I originally intended to do it outside but we had hit a rainy weather streak and frankly the dogs get more distracted (and dirty) outside. So I decided to do it in the nursery in front of the chevron wall I painted. I set up our tripod and crossed my fingers the dogs would behave. The best part about not having our faces in the photo (besides not giving a care in the world what our faces looked like when taking a picture for once) was that Eric could hold a treat between his teeth. That was all it took. As soon as they saw the treat they immediately sat down and focused on the prize while I was able to mold them in whatever position I wanted. It was kinda unreal how much they did not care that I was moving their tail so they weren’t sitting on it, straightening their shirts, arranging the stance of their paws and scooting them close to each other while centering them between Eric and I.  I would then go and hit the timer and run to position in front of Eric.  Honestly the only reason it took about 5 takes was because of me having to run back and forth. I would either forget to straighten my own shirt or stand a few inches off so the dogs didn’t look centered. But as long as the dogs got a treat inbetween takes they were good to go all night I think.

Needless to say Parker is going to be in for his own treat next year when he’ll actually be around (and more than 10 months old!) to show his face for the chaos of mommy creating the Annual Mattingly Christmas Card.

And thank you to everyone that we have received a Christmas card from! Our card clothes line is actually much fuller than when this photo was taken, but we appreciate and feel all the holiday love!



13 Dec

Starting to wonder how 8 more weeks of baby will fit in here…


30 Weeks

7 Dec

To celebrate hitting the big 3-0 Eric and I decided to take Parker for some glamour shots 🙂 I had extra money in my flex account at work and if you don’t use it by the end of the year then you lose it so we decided to spend it on an extra ultrasound so we could check in on the little guy and see how he was developing. This was the first time we experienced an ultrasound in 3D/4D and it was totally not as creepy as I thought it might be. Luckily Parker finally full-on looks like a little chubby infant and not skeletor. We could even see a bit of hair on his head, along with his eyebrows and eyelashes. And yes, he is definitely still a he – although they didn’t show that part in 3D. Boy still gets some privacy!

I’m excited to compare the pics once he is out! They advise you to drink juice before your ultrasound because the sugar will wake up the baby and make them more active. Parker was moving about the whole time, although he kept being shy and hiding his face behind his hands. But it was fun to watch him open and close his mouth, stick out his tongue and suck on his fingers. At one point his foot was almost in his mouth!

Yes, his home is slowly getting smaller and smaller thanks to his growing body – which is why in some pictures his nose and forehead look a bit distorted – like he is leaning his face against a window! It was hard to get a perfect picture, but you definitely get a pretty good idea! Hard to believe that he is still going to double in size or more! Right now it is estimated that he is a little more than 3 pounds and the average baby is born around 7-8 pounds. They also recorded the whole session so we have it on DVD (if anyone wants to watch a private screening just let me know…Bueller?…..Bueller?….) and they recorded his heartbeat and put it in a little stuffed monkey for us to take home.

Then last night Eric and I attended Part I of our two-part Childbirth Prep class. Let’s just say it was kind of comedic because first of all we were rushing to get there since we were both coming from work and then once we arrived we realized we were the only couple who forgot to bring a pillow and blanket for “relaxation” time. So we discretely told the instructor in order to not draw attention to ourselves, but then right when the class started she goes ,”ok so I know one couple forgot their blanket and pillow, anyone else?” and everyone stared at us. It really made us feel like stellar parents right off the bat, haha. I promise we’ll be more prepared for you Parker! But the rest of the class was very informative even though Eric complained about having to sit on the floor with his back not leaning on anything while he gave me a massage. Um, really? Your back hurts!? No pity party from this girl. Lucky for him he gave a pretty good massage which will definitely come in handy once I go into labor! Can’t wait to see what next weeks class will bring!

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Nursery Progress Part II

3 Dec

Hello friends! Sorry it’s been awhile since an update. But I have lots to share this week! I wanted this post to go up this past week but with the dreary weather and the fact that it’s dark when I wake up and dark by the time I’m home from work I wasn’t able to get great pictures of the nursery until today. But starting Thanksgiving weekend we really started to get things together for the nursery. When I left you last all we had done was painted. Well with the help of Brothers Floor Covering (a local store here in Indy – great people!) we now have nice new carpet in the nursery and in our master bedroom!

I thought I would miss the hardwood, but the carpet really makes the rooms feel larger, brighter and warmer. We also put up new trim, crown moulding and a ceiling fan with light (the latter thanks to my dad and father-in-law for their electrical know-how!) While the room already had a light switch that was connected to an outlet there wasn’t an overhead light so Eric had some fun crawling through our attic with our dads giving out the instructions. So this is what the nursery looks like now as you enter from the hallway.

The big baby gift from my parents was our crib. I had searched and searched (and searched!) online and in stores before finally finding what I wanted – well let’s be honest I found plenty I liked right away but they were always upwards of $800 or more! Originally I wanted a birch or similar light-wood crib, but after spying this navy crib from (for only $200!) I changed my mind.

What sold me was the fact that it transitions to a toddler bed so if our second child is a girl then we could just buy another crib since Parker would need a toddler bed anyway. Or I recently saw this nursery concept on one of my favorite blogs and think you could also totally pull off a navy, coral and white nursery for a girl too.  I did a bunch of online research about the brand and thanks to my friend who loaned me her Baby Bargains book I saw that they gave the brand a good rating and even said they had never had any kind of safety recall – always a plus!

As you saw in the earlier picture we also have a dresser/changing table. This used to be in my Mamaw’s house and has been stored in my parents basement for the past five years since she passed away. I knew I wanted a mid century style dresser and had been stalking Craigslist for several months when I remembered my Mamaw’s old furniture. Since it had been awhile since seeing it (and since the last time I saw it I was probably in high school and had zero interest in furniture) I couldn’t remember what it looked like. So the next time I visited my parents I went downstairs and checked it out and immediately knew it was the one.

Not only was it better than anything else I had seen, but it was my Mamaw’s so that made it extra special. And hey, being free isn’t so bad either! I had considered refurbishing it and giving it a two-toned look, but because the condition of the dresser was so great and because my mom still has a matching tall dresser I decided I didn’t want to change it. And lets face it, I’m already running out of time with too many other projects to complete! My favorite part of the dresser is when you open the side doors – look at all that storage! I’m not positive this will stay the dresser’s final resting place in the nursery, but for now we’re going to see how it works.

So there you have it, that’s our nursery update! We hope to be 90% done or more by the end of December. Next weekend we are making a trip to IKEA. I plan on buying a bunch of frames for my gallery wall above the crib, a lamp or two, a bookshelf, some storage baskets and possibly a rocker/glider or armchair if they have one I like that’s comfortable and the right color. I’m sure we’ll find plenty of other things too but those are our biggie items we’ll be on the lookout for. So happy with how it’s coming along!

Have a goodnight everyone!