38 Weeks

31 Jan

And the weeks keep flying by! Everyone keeps asking if I’m at the point where I just want him out. While obviously, yes, I would love to meet the little guy face to face – I can’t say I’m to the point where I’m “so over” pregnancy and just want my body back. I mean, yea, I really miss being able to roll over in bed without feeling like I’m making a 5-point turn and I’m really getting to the point where my “business casual” clothes options for work are at a minimum. But, time keeps going so fast for me and I still feel like I have so much to do, that I can’t really say I’m ready for it to be over. Which it’s definitely good that I’ve enjoyed pregnancy, since I hope to be able to do it again. But never-the-less the hospital bag is finally packed and his clothes are washed. I wish I could say, “and the house is sparking clean,” however my nesting went a little too far when I decided to schedule someone to come in this week to rip up our carpet and redo the hardwood floors in the living room and hallways. So currently our kitchen looks like this:

And the nursery looks like this:

Therefore Parker really needs to ignore the light at the end of the tunnel and stay put for a couple more days until we can move the furniture back (and by “we” I mean Eric and his dad, don’t worry).

Now for this weeks photo I had to give a shout out to Super Bowl XLVI. Not only is everyone in Indy talking about it since it’s our first time hosting, but I specifically have been living and breathing this game ever since we got the bid over 3 years ago. I work here and so we’ve played an integral part in making sure it’s a success – because we definitely want it back! So here I am wearing my super scarf that was handmade by some super knitter. The first thing I thought about last May when I realized my due date was that I would have to pull my name from the volunteer list. And I have been told several times how cool it would be for me to have a “super baby.” Not sure how cool it would be for Eric to watch the big game in a hospital – however I can think of nothing I would rather focus on during contractions than that! I’m just so excited for Indy and have been absorbing every piece of media that expresses love for our city. I think we’re going to blow it out of the water and if the weather keeps up like it has been (ironically the day I took this pic in winter wear it was over 50 degrees!) then we definitely have nothing to worry about. And if Parker happens to be around come Super Bowl Sunday we luckily already have an outfit on hand, thanks to Eric’s aunt & cousins. And honestly if this boy is any kind of sports enthusiast like his father than I wouldn’t be surprised if he decided he darn well is going to be a part of the outside world for the big game.


The biggest thing I’ve learned in being involved with the Super Bowl is how it’s so much more than a game. Our city has really come together as a community and put so much effort in leaving a legacy, not only here in Indy but all around the country. We’re the first Super Bowl city to reach out beyond our borders doing good deeds and leaving a mark. I feel so lucky to be raising Parker in a city like this and so proud to work for a city like this. It’s been Hoosier Hospitality at its finest.

Touring the NFL Experience

Nothing could make me forget the first Super Bowl in Indy, however having a baby at the same time would definitely be icing on the cake Lombardi Trophy.

It’s game time people!


One Response to “38 Weeks”

  1. jodi February 1, 2012 at 6:55 am #

    You are too cute and you def. took nesting to a whole new level. What a lucky
    baby Parker is.

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