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Guess Who Looks Like Daddy??

31 Mar



Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

30 Mar

This was opening week for Eric’s baseball team. We’ve been so lucky with weather this March – I’m so glad Parker was able to come! When I was pregnant I was afraid it would still be too cold. The season started with the county tournament and they won!


Here is Parker at the first game in his cute handmade bulldog (the team mascot) hat:





One of the moms of a baseball player took this pic and sent it to me. I love this one of Parker!


And here he is at the second game. It was a little windy!



He has a cute bulldog costume that he will definitely wear for more games. I took a quick pic with just the jacket on with the trophy. He’s so proud of his papa!


Saturday Ramblings

24 Mar

1. If girls get dresses and skirts as the ultimate “cute factor,” I’m claiming overalls for boys. I mean does it get cuter than this? Even if the bib kept hiking into his chin and mouth all day, I’m pretty sure he had never felt manlier. He kept asking to go chop wood and even offered to change my oil. Such a sweet little guy to help his momma like that.



2. In “unmanly” news I got him to fall asleep by playing the soothing voice of Vince Gill. Don’t be ashamed Parker, it happens to the best of us.


3. I’m really starting to regret learning that “lapneck trick” I wrote about earlier this week. It’s like I could hear Parker’s thought process, “So now that I know I can let it rip without worrying mom is going to get poop in my face I’m going to really show her what I’m made of.” I’ve had to use the trick no less than 4 times since learning of the tactic last Sunday. I actually don’t mind the clean up part…it’s the part that means I have to do laundry again that gets me.


4. Baseball season for Coach Dad is officially in session and Parker and I couldn’t have been more proud to attend his debut as head coach. Parker got all decked out and was completely content the entire 4 hours we were there (it was a scrimmage and it was rather long). Can’t wait for the first official game this coming week!


5. I always considered myself a pretty good multi-tasker but then last week I figured out how to bottle feed Parker while pumping (both sides, no less) and checking/responding to email on the iPad all at the same time and was like, “No Melissa, you are actually a multi-tasking master.”


6. Until having a kid I also didn’t realize how good I am at making up songs. They may not make sense or be a vocal dream, but they damn well rhyme every time.


7. Doctors say they don’t know why exactly newborns like to smile when they are drunk with sleep, but I think it’s to make those middle of the night awakenings completely worth it.


8. Later this afternoon Eric is taking charge of Parker (All! By! Himself! for the first time) so momma can go see the Hunger Games. This will undoubtably be the best “me time” I’ll have all maternity leave. Katniss I’m coming!!!! But I’ll sure miss those baby blues while I’m gone..


Thank You March…

23 Mar

….for providing days when we can do this










“We were together. I forget the rest.” -Walt Whitman

The More You Know…

20 Mar

Have you ever learned something seemingly random, but then only a short time later (usually a few days, maybe a week) something occurs where that information becomes futile and you feel so lucky that you stored whatever tidbit it was away? For example, soon after Eric and I got engaged we went to a Home Show and at the show each booth has all these sign-ups where you can win home related things. As we were signing up and I saw Eric write down his cell number over and over the thought occurred to me that maybe I should memorize it. The only phone numbers engrained in my head at the time where mine, my parents and childhood friends pre cell phone era. So for whatever reason I made myself memorize it that day. Then later that week I was almost on empty and forced to get gas at a shady gas station. As luck would have it while I was pumping I locked everything inside my car (purse, keys, cell phone). I go inside the station and the attendant must have thought I looked trustworthy enough because she allowed me to use her cell and had I not memorized Eric’s number I would have been forced to call a locksmith and pay the high fee instead of him using his AAA and meeting me at the gas station.

Another such occurrence happened this week and I thought I would share in case this tidbit is useful to you too. My sister-in-law found out from her best friend that has two kids why onesies and other baby clothes have lapnecks. Have you ever thought about what their purpose is? Here is a picture below in case you didn’t even realize they were called “lapnecks” and have no idea what I’m talking about.


Well besides maybe being a baby fashion statement I thought they were designed to fit easily over babies usually big, yet delicate heads. And while this may be true another, more important, reason is so when they have a diaper blow out or messy spit up session you don’t have to lift the onesie or shirt over their head. Instead the lapneck provides enough room so you can slide it down off their shoulders and thus not getting crap in their face & hair. Pretty genius if you ask me! So I stored that info away and as luck would have it we had our first major blow out yesterday. Through the diaper, through the onesie, through the shirt that was over the onesie and through the pants! Had I not learned about pulling both shirts down over his shoulders the clean up job would have been much messier than it already was. And much harder too since right after it happened Parker decided he was absolutely starving so he was screaming through all of this. Which is why he got to eat sans clothes shortly thereafter….


Anyone else not know that bit of info? I really feel this is something they should have covered in our Newborn Basics class! Hope it helps someone out, after all it’s a good way to prevent pink eye 🙂

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

17 Mar

Hope everyone had a wonderful day. The sun was shining and there is nothing like a holiday falling on a weekend where the family can spend it together. We kept it pretty low key and traded our usual green beer for green milk!

Parker’s outfit is newborn size and if St. Patty’s fell one week later I really don’t think the onesie would have fit. But I must say he looked pretty darn cute. And as an Irish blessing he has slept until 5 AM these past two nights, gotten up to eat and then gone back to sleep until 8:30! According to our bathroom scale he is over 10 lbs now so I think that has something to do with it. I’ll take all the sleep and extra rolls the little man will give us!





Meeting Baby Parker

14 Mar

My mom had not seen Parker since he was born (my parents live a few hours north of us) so last week she came to visit. There were lots of homemade meals, shopping trips & snuggles with the little guy. It even gave me a chance to get out of the house without him and get my hair done (1st time since September – ahh!). All in all a successful visit with Mamaw!




And then this past weekend my sister and her family came down to visit. While my sister came to the hospital when he was born, my nieces and nephew (ages 15, 9 & 4) had yet to meet him. While everyone enjoyed holding him, no one did more than my niece Zoe. She held him no less than 10 times and would affectionately call him “Baby Parker” and even sang him the ABC’s to put him to sleep. So cute! And I would get a lot more done around the house if she lived here! Glad we all got to spend some quality time together!







My younger brother also visited and brought Parker his first pair of Timberland’s from his trip to Europe a couple months back. They are still a little big, but cute none-the-less! Thanks Uncle Mike!




Between all the visitors and late night feedings it’s safe to say Banjo is pooped. Yes, he is actually asleep!