Meeting Baby Parker

14 Mar

My mom had not seen Parker since he was born (my parents live a few hours north of us) so last week she came to visit. There were lots of homemade meals, shopping trips & snuggles with the little guy. It even gave me a chance to get out of the house without him and get my hair done (1st time since September – ahh!). All in all a successful visit with Mamaw!




And then this past weekend my sister and her family came down to visit. While my sister came to the hospital when he was born, my nieces and nephew (ages 15, 9 & 4) had yet to meet him. While everyone enjoyed holding him, no one did more than my niece Zoe. She held him no less than 10 times and would affectionately call him “Baby Parker” and even sang him the ABC’s to put him to sleep. So cute! And I would get a lot more done around the house if she lived here! Glad we all got to spend some quality time together!







My younger brother also visited and brought Parker his first pair of Timberland’s from his trip to Europe a couple months back. They are still a little big, but cute none-the-less! Thanks Uncle Mike!




Between all the visitors and late night feedings it’s safe to say Banjo is pooped. Yes, he is actually asleep!



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