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On this Episode of Cribs….

29 Apr


Last night was Parker’s first night sleeping in the crib in his nursery. Thus far he had been in a pack n play in our room. But for all of April he had been sleeping through the night (about 10:30ish until somewhere in the 6-8am range) and so we decided it was time. Plus that baby is a LOUD sleeper! Even though he slept through the night I can’t tell you how many times I was still waking up thinking he was about to wake up and be hungry based on all his grunts and groans. Plus there had been a few times when Eric got ready for work around 6am that had woken him up or Knuckles shaking causing his dog tags to jangle. Parker’s room is right next door to ours so honestly we don’t even need a baby monitor because I would definitely hear him cry, but we have one so I used it anyway so I could see him and just turned the volume down. Because no point in still hearing every little grunt and groan.

We were out and about last night so he didn’t take his last feeding until midnight. After that I swaddled him and laid him down. Eric and I went to bed and watched the monitor for a little bit. Saturday night movie, yay! After being asleep for only like 20 minutes he let out a series of sneezes and so when I looked at the screen Parker had started dolphin kicking his swaddled legs and trying to roll back and forth and we could tell his eyes were open, but he wasn’t crying so we left him. We then realized his Giraffe Sound Machine had timed out and so Eric snuck in his room and turned it back on and he was asleep again in a few minutes. He then stayed asleep until he cried out around 5am. I went in and he again was trying to break out of his “straight jacket.” He seemed more uncomfortable than hungry so I gave him his pacifier and that worked for a few minutes and then he was angry again so I ended up picking him up and putting him back in his bed in our room and he went back to sleep instantly and actually is just now waking up as I type this (about 10:30am). I’m sure any parenting book would advise you not to move them back in your room but I need my sleep and Parker is such a great sleeper, which I think helps him to be such a happy baby during the day that I didn’t want to compromise that. So we’ll try again tonight and hope he’ll stay asleep longer. A couple things I think will help is getting a white noise machine, or downloading an app on my iPad, that will stay on all night and not be on a timer. Another thing is maybe turning our heat up a bit. All the body heat when we shared a room made the temperature much warmer. I noticed when I went in his room at 5am it felt a little cool. And finally I think he needs a bigger swaddler. I think it’s getting to the point where he’s having a hard time stretching his legs and so that makes him uncomfortable. So trial and error that’s all you can do!



27 Apr



Tuesday was Parker’s first playdate with a baby that he wasn’t related to. Griffin is around 6 weeks younger and was only an ounce smaller than Parker at birth so it’s crazy to see how much Parker has grown! Griffin and Parker both rock the same chicken legs and dark hair.

I grew up with Griffin’s mama, Chelsea. We went to all the same schools growing up and also cheered together in high school. Once graduating high school though we went our separate ways and lost touch as many people do. So now almost 10 years later we were finally able to reconnect over our cute little boys! We only live like 15 minutes from each other too so we hope to plan more playdates soon! The boys obviously did not do too much playing, just laying and us forcing them to look at each other, haha.


20120427-164722.jpgWe had a couple cranky spells as you can see from the picture, which just meant they were ready for some shut eye.


So we let them sleep as Chelsea and I caught up on old high school drama & gossip, haha. I mean playdates are as much for the babies as they are for the moms, right!?

Celebrate We Did

24 Apr


Sunday was Eric’s birthday and we spent it hanging out and relaxing. It was quite nice! Once we woke up I made some sprinkle waffles for the birthday boy.

20120424-194225.jpg After that Eric and I hung out for a little bit until Parker woke up (that’s right he sometimes sleeps in longer than mom & dad now!) and I put him in the only outfit he has now that fits and says something about his daddy.



Then it was present time! I went for the materialistic route since Eric would still be wearing the same things from high school if no one else bought him clothes.



Parker, however, decided to beat me at gift giving by going the meaningful/thoughtful route. Although he did enlist my help since he’s not allowed to use sharp objects yet.



When we moved into our house a few years ago Eric had a trash bag full of tshirts from high school that he mentioned he would like to turn into a quilt someday. So I kept that thought in the back of my head and finally decided it was time to give it a whirl. I have never made a quilt before and loosely followed these instructions. It honestly wasn’t that difficult, just way more time consuming than I thought it would be…..especially since I didn’t start until the week of his birthday – whoops! The back is lined with brown fleece and there is also low loft batting in the middle. That blanket is very warm! Someone else decided they also liked it!


It also found use that afternoon as the perfect way to nap while I baked Eric’s birthday cake!


We had plans to eat dinner at Eric’s parents and I was in charge of dessert and so I made this Chocolate Wasted Cake recipe that I found via pinterest. It was fun to make and seriously SO GOOD! Thankfully there were leftovers that I may have eaten for lunch today.


More present opening at his parents that night! Beer, blankets and boat shoes. What more could a guy ask for?


Happy Birthday babe! Hope your day was everything you could have hoped and that your birthday wishes come true. Love you!


Happy Birthday E

22 Apr



I couldn’t have found a better sidekick to spend the rest of my days with. Parker is one lucky little kid to have a dad like you and I love watching the two of you together. I know I’m going to be in trouble one day when he’s old enough to start pulling pranks on me that you told him to do. I cherish my moments so much with him now because i know it’s only time before you are his favorite. But that’s ok with me, if I had to choose anyone for him to look up to it would obviously be you.

You’re a wonderful husband too. Putting up with me trying a new recipe every night for dinner not knowing how it will taste, recording way too many reality shows and as of recently only showering every 3 (maybe 4) days. But most importantly, realizing how much being a stay-at-home mom meant to me. I don’t even think I ever asked, you just knew. Knew I wanted to be home & knew you wanted me home too, for Parker. And for that I’m forever thankful and lucky.

Have the Happiest of Birthdays! So glad it fell on a Sunday so we can spend all day together.

Love you!


Here Comes the Bride!

21 Apr












Last Saturday was my sister-in-law’s bridal shower! She is getting married on June 22. It was hosted by myself and her Aunt Kris. We were quite a team! I handled all the decor, invitations and games while she handled the main course. She also had the collection of vintage dishes and silverware. The dessert was made by one of Jill’s good friends who bakes & decorates on the side. She is also decorating the cake for their wedding. It was lots of fun and Parker enjoyed wearing his “My Auntie Rocks” onesie while being the only male there. Can’t wait for the wedding!

New Chapter

18 Apr

Today was supposed to be my first day back to my 40hr-away-from-home job that I’ve had for the past (almost) five years. But early last week a new opportunity came up that would allow me to work from home full time. Eric and I still weighed the pros and cons even though it was pretty clear what was best for our family. I loved my old job. It was the first (and only) job I had since graduating college. Up until finding this new job I fully intended on returning no matter how hard it was going to be because we need two incomes. We could get by on one but it would definitely add stress and we do hope to move to a bigger house sometime in the near future. We also like to be able to add to our savings each month and we plan to start a college fund for Parker. Prior to looking for a new job Eric and I started looking up day care and realized how much a trustworthy, clean, friendly place would cost. Basically it would pretty much eat up almost all of my paycheck. So I decided to explore other options because why work just so I could pay someone else to watch my child?

And I just feel so incredibly lucky to have found this new job in a relatively short amount of time (especially considering the job market). The new job is even doing something similar to what I was already doing – working in Member Services and it is very flexible schedule wise. Basically it’s answering member emails and each week I have a minimum quota I have to reach. But the more I answer the more I get paid. So it’s just kind of up to me and my weekly schedule on how much and hard I want to work. I can also work on emails 24/7 so that opens up my evenings and weekends when Eric is around to get more done. The other nice part is that since Eric is home over the summer I could take my laptop to a coffee shop a couple full or partial days a week and really get some solid work in if needed.

And besides the obvious plus of not missing a moment with Parker I am really happy to be able to keep my resume fresh and have a career too. Once our kids are school age I definitely plan on working outside the home again so it was important to me to not lose any professional skills that I’ve gained.

But it’s still weird for me to think that I’m not going back to my old job. It was like the end of college when I realized I wouldn’t have any more tests to study for or classes to attend. “Now what am I going to do with all my free time!?!” I kept wondering.

Well I think that’s pretty obvious in this scenario. And I think he is pretty excited too.


Rinse and Repeat

16 Apr

Babies and schedules, schedules and babies. That’s the number one tip I think every new parent hears. “Get your baby on a schedule and parenting will be much easier!” Well here is a peek inside the daily Mattingly schedule via a little montage of photos. It starts with playtime…..














Once he wakes up it’s time to eat and then the cycle repeats. It’s funny how something so repetitive doesn’t get old….at least after 10 weeks it hasn’t….check back with me in another 10 🙂