New Chapter

18 Apr

Today was supposed to be my first day back to my 40hr-away-from-home job that I’ve had for the past (almost) five years. But early last week a new opportunity came up that would allow me to work from home full time. Eric and I still weighed the pros and cons even though it was pretty clear what was best for our family. I loved my old job. It was the first (and only) job I had since graduating college. Up until finding this new job I fully intended on returning no matter how hard it was going to be because we need two incomes. We could get by on one but it would definitely add stress and we do hope to move to a bigger house sometime in the near future. We also like to be able to add to our savings each month and we plan to start a college fund for Parker. Prior to looking for a new job Eric and I started looking up day care and realized how much a trustworthy, clean, friendly place would cost. Basically it would pretty much eat up almost all of my paycheck. So I decided to explore other options because why work just so I could pay someone else to watch my child?

And I just feel so incredibly lucky to have found this new job in a relatively short amount of time (especially considering the job market). The new job is even doing something similar to what I was already doing – working in Member Services and it is very flexible schedule wise. Basically it’s answering member emails and each week I have a minimum quota I have to reach. But the more I answer the more I get paid. So it’s just kind of up to me and my weekly schedule on how much and hard I want to work. I can also work on emails 24/7 so that opens up my evenings and weekends when Eric is around to get more done. The other nice part is that since Eric is home over the summer I could take my laptop to a coffee shop a couple full or partial days a week and really get some solid work in if needed.

And besides the obvious plus of not missing a moment with Parker I am really happy to be able to keep my resume fresh and have a career too. Once our kids are school age I definitely plan on working outside the home again so it was important to me to not lose any professional skills that I’ve gained.

But it’s still weird for me to think that I’m not going back to my old job. It was like the end of college when I realized I wouldn’t have any more tests to study for or classes to attend. “Now what am I going to do with all my free time!?!” I kept wondering.

Well I think that’s pretty obvious in this scenario. And I think he is pretty excited too.



7 Responses to “New Chapter”

  1. Lindsay April 19, 2012 at 7:39 am #

    Happy for you!

  2. kyle April 19, 2012 at 9:36 am #

    so exciting! great decision!!

  3. sally paxson April 19, 2012 at 3:18 pm #

    congratulations, melissa! I told your mom i was sure the Indianapolis area would be her new home! She wants so much to see parker all the time!


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