27 Apr



Tuesday was Parker’s first playdate with a baby that he wasn’t related to. Griffin is around 6 weeks younger and was only an ounce smaller than Parker at birth so it’s crazy to see how much Parker has grown! Griffin and Parker both rock the same chicken legs and dark hair.

I grew up with Griffin’s mama, Chelsea. We went to all the same schools growing up and also cheered together in high school. Once graduating high school though we went our separate ways and lost touch as many people do. So now almost 10 years later we were finally able to reconnect over our cute little boys! We only live like 15 minutes from each other too so we hope to plan more playdates soon! The boys obviously did not do too much playing, just laying and us forcing them to look at each other, haha.


20120427-164722.jpgWe had a couple cranky spells as you can see from the picture, which just meant they were ready for some shut eye.


So we let them sleep as Chelsea and I caught up on old high school drama & gossip, haha. I mean playdates are as much for the babies as they are for the moms, right!?


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