On this Episode of Cribs….

29 Apr


Last night was Parker’s first night sleeping in the crib in his nursery. Thus far he had been in a pack n play in our room. But for all of April he had been sleeping through the night (about 10:30ish until somewhere in the 6-8am range) and so we decided it was time. Plus that baby is a LOUD sleeper! Even though he slept through the night I can’t tell you how many times I was still waking up thinking he was about to wake up and be hungry based on all his grunts and groans. Plus there had been a few times when Eric got ready for work around 6am that had woken him up or Knuckles shaking causing his dog tags to jangle. Parker’s room is right next door to ours so honestly we don’t even need a baby monitor because I would definitely hear him cry, but we have one so I used it anyway so I could see him and just turned the volume down. Because no point in still hearing every little grunt and groan.

We were out and about last night so he didn’t take his last feeding until midnight. After that I swaddled him and laid him down. Eric and I went to bed and watched the monitor for a little bit. Saturday night movie, yay! After being asleep for only like 20 minutes he let out a series of sneezes and so when I looked at the screen Parker had started dolphin kicking his swaddled legs and trying to roll back and forth and we could tell his eyes were open, but he wasn’t crying so we left him. We then realized his Giraffe Sound Machine had timed out and so Eric snuck in his room and turned it back on and he was asleep again in a few minutes. He then stayed asleep until he cried out around 5am. I went in and he again was trying to break out of his “straight jacket.” He seemed more uncomfortable than hungry so I gave him his pacifier and that worked for a few minutes and then he was angry again so I ended up picking him up and putting him back in his bed in our room and he went back to sleep instantly and actually is just now waking up as I type this (about 10:30am). I’m sure any parenting book would advise you not to move them back in your room but I need my sleep and Parker is such a great sleeper, which I think helps him to be such a happy baby during the day that I didn’t want to compromise that. So we’ll try again tonight and hope he’ll stay asleep longer. A couple things I think will help is getting a white noise machine, or downloading an app on my iPad, that will stay on all night and not be on a timer. Another thing is maybe turning our heat up a bit. All the body heat when we shared a room made the temperature much warmer. I noticed when I went in his room at 5am it felt a little cool. And finally I think he needs a bigger swaddler. I think it’s getting to the point where he’s having a hard time stretching his legs and so that makes him uncomfortable. So trial and error that’s all you can do!


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