3 Months

3 May



Tuesday (May 1st!) was Parker’s 3 month birthday! This was a big month for developmental growth. He follows sounds and faces all the time and you can tell his depth of vision is much better. Sometimes I’ll be across a room and I’ll see his eyes lock with mine. As for one milestone, we switched him from sleeping in our room to his own last weekend. So far, so good. The third night we switched from a swaddler to a sleep sack so his arms were free and he seems to like that much better. He has so much room in his crib that when he was swaddled he would dolphin kick and squirm and by morning be perpendicular to how he was when I laid him down! But now that his arms are free I notice he sleeps with them spread out on both sides, so obviously he didn’t like them being restrained. But overall we have an excellent little sleeper.


He still takes a late night bottle so doesn’t go down for the night until 11ish, but he’ll sleep usually until 7:30-8 and a lot of time once he wakes he’ll eat and go back to sleep for another hour or so. It’s been nice having time in the morning to pick up the house and now work. Pooping in the tub is kind of a joke of a milestone, but he didn’t do it until this past month so I thought it was something to highlight, haha. Luckily his baths are in the kitchen sink (and even on the side w/ the garbage disposal) so it was pretty easy cleanup!


Most of his 3 month “likes” revolve around sounds. We’re finally getting out some of the toys he received and his favorite is this little plastic monkey stroller toy that plays a tune and has a bright flashing red light on one side and a mirror on the other. He’ll be cranky and I just have to hit that button and he’s instantly mesmerized! Definitely going to be looking into purchasing more toys like that!


He also sleeps more soundly with an app I bought for our iPad. There are dozens of different sounds to choose from (even a mothers heartbeat!) and it can either be on a timer or stay on all night. His current favorite is one of the fan sounds. As for the “watching tv,” we don’t actually sit him in front of it, the tv will just be on and I’ll be trying to capture his attention on the floor and he’ll ignore me and start staring at the tv. He really likes Big Bang Theory…can’t say I blame him!


We also go to a couple of dad’s baseball games a week. Anything outside must be really calming to him because he almost always stays asleep the whole time. The baseball players parents always comment how they can’t believe how quiet he is. He just likes to take it all in, I guess! I may as well enjoy it now since next season he’ll be walking and probably not as fun to take, haha…..or at least I won’t be able to actually watch the game!


Not too many new or earth shattering dislikes this month. One consistency is he seems to like girls more. I’m sure it has to do with our higher voices but I find it quite amusing that as soon as Eric hands him to me when he can’t get him to calm down he instantly stops crying – Eric finds it less than amusing. Same thing with Eric’s dad. Boy just likes his women!


He also isn’t the biggest fan of tummy time. He can only take like 2 minutes and then he is over it. He has started to raise on his arms though and hold his chest up too, but it’s just not something he likes to do. He would rather work on his neck muscles by me sitting him on my lap or in the Bumbo.


We didn’t have a doctor’s appointment this month so all the stats were taken by me. I’m pretty sure my scale is off compared to the doctors since I have him not even gaining an entire pound compared to last month but at least we have an idea. I also totally put down a sheet of wax paper so I could mark the top of his head and heel to see how long he is and I even took my tape measure from my sewing kit to measure his head. Little guy is still getting long! He has pants size 3-6 months that he’s been wearing since 2 months and a few 6 month size onesies that fit length wise too.


Weight: 12 lbs, 6 oz (11 lbs, 15 oz at 2 months)
Length: 25.75″ long (25″ long at 2 months)
Head: 16″ (15.75″ at 2 months)

As for food he is still exclusively drinking breast milk. Since the beginning of April he has no longer nursed though. Everything is pumped and bottle-fed. I did that since I thought I would be going back to work, but even though I’m home now I’m still glad with that decision. I really like having a little more freedom from having to be the only one that can feed him and it’s given Eric and I date nights that can be longer than a couple of hours.


Of course it is time consuming to have to pump and feed, but I have a system going now so it’s not too bad, plus I’m lucky and have an overproduction of milk so I’ve been able to freeze so much extra! We’re on the brink of needing to buy a separate freezer actually because the one in our kitchen almost has no room for food now! So that way if for some reason my production slows down or I’m just ready to be done pumping or Eric and I want to leave him for an extended time (like a mini vaca or something) then he’ll still have breast milk to drink. Right now I think I have enough saved up to last him almost 3 weeks. He is up to 4 oz per feeding, sometimes a little more for his last bottle before bed and usually drinks every 2.5 hours during the day, so 6-7 bottles total in a 24 hour period.


Well there ya have it! That’s what we’ve been up to! Below is the diaper count update along with some out takes from the photo shoot. Such a funny little dude! And it keeps getting better every day!








3 Responses to “3 Months”

  1. Donna Pavey Imer May 4, 2012 at 8:26 am #

    When Parker smiles, I see some of his Great Grandma Wanda in his eyes. 🙂


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