Memorial Weekend

29 May

Friday Night: Parker’s 1st wedding reception! Eric’s cousin got married earlier this month in the Dominican, but had a reception back home for family & friends.



Saturday: Race party! We’re lucky enough to live within walking distance to the Indy 500 so every year we host a party the night before the race. Parker of course had to dress in theme. The day was filled with BBQ’s, people watching, good drinks and country music!






Sunday: Indy 500! I went back and forth on whether I was going to go, but since they predicted it to be the hottest race ever I decided to stay behind and hang out with Parker and let Eric go to the race with his friends. Instead, Parker and I spent the day hanging in the shade & swinging in the hammock at Eric’s parents. Would you believe he hung out completely content (with one mini catnap) on this thing for 2 hours!? Yea, I think we need one at our house!




Monday: Baseball! Eric’s team had their second round sectional game and 10 run ruled them in order to make it to the sectional championship game. They 10 run ruled this team as well to win sectionals! So excited for Eric and his team. I’m sad I missed taking a pic of him getting the cooler of water dumped on him, but there’s always regionals…and semi-state and state, right!? 🙂






Today we vegged out and recovered from the busy weekend. I cleaned the house while Parker practiced his Calvin Klein underwear model look.


Hope everyone had a happy Memorial Day and we thank those that have given their lives and those that continue to fight for our freedom!


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