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Cock-a-doodle “I Do!”

29 Jun


Eric’s sister, Jill, got married last Friday and I took more pictures than would be legal in one post so I’m splitting them up! Today’s post includes pictures from the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.












The dinner was at Creation Cafe in downtown Indy, which overlooks the canal and has great views of the beautiful skyline as you can see. I’m still dreaming about the tilapia and beer float they served. Yes, beer (as in the kind that includes alcohol and not root). Everything went seamlessly, except for the fact that Parker may already be turning into a mini wino! Kid can’t keep his hands off anything in a cold glass! The next installment will be of the ceremony so stay tuned for more! Also the title of the post will make more sense once I do the post of the reception details…in case you were wondering!


Goodnight Too Soon

26 Jun


Goodnight too soon Goodnight too soon
Goodnight coming home sleeper with the cow jumping over the moon

Goodnight onesies and swaddles that no longer provide room
Goodnight first jeans Goodnight first holiday themes

Goodnight tops with funny words written and Goodnight warm wooly winter mittens

Goodnight PJs with a fox and Goodnight itty bitty socks

Goodnight unworn shoes and Goodnight baby blues

Goodnight handknit hats and Goodnight outfits with baseball bats

Goodnight stripes and plaids that made everyone gush

Goodnight snaps and buttons that caused a fuss and Goodnight size newborn that turned mama to mush

And Goodnight to the daddy whispering for her to “hush”

Goodnight as she reflects and stares Goodnight as she tucks and folds with care

Goodnight precious memories everywhere

Based on Goodnight Moon, I dedicate this to moms everywhere that can’t help but sigh at the realization their baby can no longer straighten their legs in their sleepers that just fit, like yesterday.

Lil Bit of Laughter

25 Jun

Here is a cute video of Parker laughing. He is quite ticklish! It’s been fun finding the various ways to make this boy laugh. Such a great sound!

Bubble Experiment

23 Jun








Bought bubbles thinking Parker would find them highly enjoyable to watch. I was wrong. Apparently nothing is as interesting as running your fingers through the grass. Duly noted.

Father’s Day Recap

19 Jun





Happy 1st Father’s Day to the guy who works extra hard so I can have a job that keeps me at home, a guy that 4 and a half months later still can’t swaddle worth a darn but keeps on trying, a guy that passed on so many genetic features to P it can never be a question on whether it was the milkman and a guy who always puts family first. P and I love you so much and can’t wait for you to display these in your coach’s office at school.

Gift Links:
Handprint Baseball: Pinterest Inspired (special shout out to the Meijer parking lot where P was conveniently napping so I could get a good handprint. Awake babies don’t understand the concept of unclenched fingers!) Also I used a non-toxic ink pad that I first tested on myself to make sure it wiped off easily. Not only did I not want Eric to find the evidence but I didn’t really feel like P sucking on inky hands later, non-toxic or not. Baseball collector’s case from Kohl’s.
Picture: Frame from Target and while I’m sure there is a quote similar out there somewhere I just made it up on my own & photoshopped it on one of P’s newborn pics.
Card: created at Awesome site I found that lets you personalize almost every card, will mail them for you (if needed) and honestly cheaper than going into a store. I bought 3 Father’s Day cards and all were 2.99 each!

Mr. Sassy Pants

16 Jun




Ladies & Gents….we have a rice cereal drop out on our hands!

But I’m ok with that. We’ve decided to wait until he’s closer to 6 months and then take the baby led weaning approach. Trial & error…it’s what parenting is all about!

Summer in the City

12 Jun









This summer our parks department has put together a great calendar of summer events. This is the first summer since moving here 4 years ago they have done this and I’m so excited! Last Thursday we went to an evening concert in the park (Parker’s first concert!) and today we (along with Aunt Jill) went to the first of their Kids Koncert series. Island Breeze was playing caribbean themed music and at one point they even had the limbo going on for the kids (maybe next year Park!) The weather was perfect and Parker, as you can see, really enjoyed it. Music and being outside are two of his favorite things so put them together and you have one happy camper. Can’t wait to attend the next one!

PS. Yes, P’s balding is turning a little Donald Trump-esque as you can see in the last pic!