Poopy Post

6 Jun



Last week at P’s four month appointment the ped said based on his weight he should be eating around 30 oz a day. We quickly did the math and realized he was only eating 20-24 oz. We had been feeding him 4 oz a bottle, which was working fine when he slept less at night but now that he routinely sleeps in 10hr stretches he was only getting 5-6 bottles for every 24 hour period. So for a few feedings I gave him a bottle with 8 oz to see how much he would consume and he routinely ate 6 oz so that is what we’re doing now, which gives him 30-36 oz a day total. The plus side is this has stretched his time between feedings to 3hrs (we were doing more like 2-2.5) and his fussiness has gone down now that his tummy is fuller. The downside is that where he was only pooping once every few days (since his tummy was digesting everything) we’re now back up to several poops a day – hence this onesie from Aunt Jill was the perfect outfit for today. Now Eric and I are back to arguing on whose turn it is to change his diaper. So! Much! Fun!

Bet you didn’t realize you’d be reading that much about poop today! You’re welcome.


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