5 Month Update!

7 Jul


Man oh man, the months keep on flying by! Sorry for the delay in posting this but between being at my parents on his 5 month birthday (which I have so many photos from I still need to share) and then celebrating the 4th and our 3rd wedding anniversary it just took me awhile to get all these photos edited and this post written. I did manage to take the pictures on his birthday though.

This kid continues to impress me! This past month he really upped his interactive skills. If something is in front of him, he reaches for it. He rolls over onto his belly in a blink of an eye. He makes diaper changes quite challenging with his kicks, twists and turns. And he loves hearing his voice. In fact, I think this month’s photo shoot took double the time one normally does because I kept having to deal with things like this:

I also had to rewrite the 5 Month sign several times since his hands were like a magnet to that chalkboard! I’m sure it’s just a small sign of the difficulties to comes with these photo shoots. I’m going to have to learn how to take better action shots or everything will just be blurry!

We’ve found his favorite thing to reach for is our drinks. So now we have an empty solo cup and an unused cup from a frozen yogurt shop that entertain him for quite some time. We borrowed a jumperoo from a friend and he goes in it several times daily – not because I’m needing to occupy him- but because he really loves the thing. He practically flys out he bounces so hard and he just gives continuous smiles & laughs. However, excessive bouncing and poop make the messiest diapers I ever have seen I must say.

We tried to start him on rice cereal, but he would have no part of it. I then read that rice cereal is really more of a filler anyway and doesn’t have that much nutritional value so since he was sleeping through the night and not having constant hunger problems I decided to stop trying to feed it to him and move on to 1st foods. We tried the Gerber Organic Sweet Potatoes and the Earth’s Best Choice Organic Bananas and Earth’s Best Choice Organic Peas. I tried bananas first and the two times I tried it he didn’t finish it before he was crying and upset. But I was also trying to feed him in his high chair, which he is still a little small for since he can’t sit up on his own, so I think a part of it was that he was uncomfortable. A friend recommended feeding him in his tub (naked, which makes clean up much easier!) and once I started that he ate the sweet potatoes and peas no problem. So I’m going to try bananas again since I really think it might have been his eating conditions more than the taste.

In the mornings I now wake up to him talking to himself instead of crying. It’s nice to be able to slowly get out of bed and make his bottle compared to the rush I was in before when he was screaming for his milk. It’s really cute to listen to over the monitor and I really wish I knew what he was talking about! It’s also been fun how Knuckles and Banjo used to just be background to Parker, but now he watches them as they move around and he sticks out his hand so they can lick him or so he can pet grab their fur. It’s cute how gentle the dogs are and I can’t wait for this relationship to grow as he gets older.

Now the spitting and blowing bubbles when angry is probably more of a dislike for mom and dad but Parker sure likes to do it. Although I suppose I would prefer this over him screaming. But when he’s fighting sleep he really likes to express his discomfort by babbling and spitting bubbles instead of crying. He has also started throwing in a rapid fire fake cough. Not sure why it only comes out when upset, but he does it pretty consistently now.

Now that he is rolling over we are also trying to transition out of the swaddle. Besides cutting him cold turkey, I’m trying to slowly cut his addiction….and no I have yet to find an SA Meeting (ya know, Swaddlers Anonymous). Right now we have him sleeping with just his right arm out and so far he still sleeps the same (from about 10-8) so hopefully soon we can try to take the other arm out as well.

Speaking of rolling over, while he likes the motion of rolling from his back to his belly he does not like to be on his belly really once he is there. He usually starts face planting and inch worming and whining so we flip him back over just for him to flip himself over again!

One thing to remember is that last months stats were taken by the doctor while these were taken by me since he didn’t have an appointment this month. The length & head should be pretty accurate but the weight could be off.
Weight: 14 lbs, 2 oz (13 lbs, 8 oz last month)
Length: 27″ (26.25″ last month)
Head: 17″ (16.75″ last month)
Since they aren’t the doctor’s stats I don’t know his percentages but I think he is still low on the weight, high on the length and pretty average on head.

Eating: besides the few meals a week mentioned above, he is still only drinking breast milk. He drinks 5-6 bottles a day (every 3 hrs during the day) and 6 oz at a time. I think he about ready to drink more again as he has been sucking them down fast and becoming upset when they are gone! Which we also switched to level 2 nipples so I think that assists in him drinking faster.

Clothes: I changed the words to Goodnight Moon in this post to express how sad it was packing away all his too small clothes. I had stacked up quite the pile and decided it was time to say goodbye (for now at least!) I used vacuum packs and those things really work! I had never used them before and couldn’t believe that huge pile of clothes fit in only one and a half bags. And they easily stored at the top of his closet. He wears 6-9 month size onesies and one piece outfits on average. But if it is individual shirt or shorts he can still fit in 3 months. He is also now in size 2 diapers.

Well that wraps up this month! Thanks for reading. Crossing my fingers he learns to sit up on his own this month before we take his professional 6 month shoot (I also hope this 100 degree weather stops before then too!) Now for where we are on our diaper count and a couple out takes.

Caught him mid sneeze!

I thought this picture was cute. It’s like he is in deep thought!

Until next time!

4 mo, 3 mo, 2 mo, 1 mo


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