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Water Bug

31 Aug









Parker completed his first series of swim lessons this week! Like I assumed, he loved it. As soon as we’d get in the water he would start splashing. No tears or fits once. When holding him on his belly to chase after toys he would kick like a champ. He didn’t mind water in his face or ears at all. The only thing we didn’t participate in was the underwater dunking. Neither of us were ready. The instructor said when you blow in their face it should cause them to close their eyes and hold their breath long enough for a quick dunk, but every time I blew in his face the opposite would happen and his mouth and eyes would get big and open. So we’ll wait on that. He was also too little to understand the concept of blowing bubbles in the water, but he liked it when I did! Since it is practically September I think we’re going to wait until spring to start up again since he won’t be swimming anytime soon and since he seems (at least for now) to not have a fear of water. We’ll just keep practicing during bath time and hopefully next spring we’ll be ready for dunking. Just keep swimming….just keep swimming….


P’s 6 Month Pictures Part III

29 Aug

For the third and final installment of Parker’s pictures we had him wear one of Eric’s outfits from when he was a baby. It’s a little plaid jumper (romper? not sure of the difference) and it fit him perfectly for these shots. I included a couple photos first of when Eric wore it. The first is a family portrait when he was around 5 months and the second during the Christmas season when he would have been around 8 months. In the second picture I think him and P especially resemble each other. I wasn’t able to find any pictures of him by himself, but at least you get the idea! I’m so glad Eric’s mom saved it and that Parker got to wear it too. Not sure if it will still fit once Christmas comes, but if it does you can bet we’ll have him wear it again…maybe to see Santa for the first time!



and now P’s pictures!
In case you missed the others:
Part I, Part II

P’s 6 Month Pictures Part II

19 Aug

A few more pictures from our 6 month session with Jennifer Soots Photography! Some of my favorites are the close-ups of him on the quilt and the funny fact about that is I was just changing his diaper in between takes when she decided to snap a few. Enjoy! I have one more set to share!

P’s 6 Month Pictures Part I

17 Aug

Yes, this is part I – meaning there will be additional “parts.” In this first set I included all of my favorite family pictures. Just like our newborn shoot all photos are courtesy of Jennifer Soots Photography. She’s so amazing and I am so thankful for her ability to capture us beautifully. If you live in the Indy area, I highly recommend! Plus you get SO many pictures, which is always a plus!

Also in case people are curious. Here is where our clothes are from. I spent WAY too much time coordinating these options so I may as well share!

On me:
Shirt: Francesa’s
Shorts: Francesa’s
Shoes: Pacific Sunwear
Necklace: I’ve had it forever and honestly can’t remember, sorry!

Shirt: Target
Shorts: H&M
Shoes: Not sure

Shirt: H&M
Shorts: H&M
Hat: Old Navy

Daddy is Funny!

14 Aug

There have been a few times Parker has been around non-American accents and he always ends up in a fit of giggles, so last night while eating dinner Eric started talking to Parker in a British accent and he pretty much thought it was the funniest thing ever! If we would have been at the Olympics I’m not sure this kid would have been able to handle himself!

Definition of Summer

12 Aug















You guys, I took 100 pictures of my child eating his first slice of watermelon. But the good news is I was able to whittle it down to these photos…..not sure what I’m going to do with them yet, but they definitely need to be on display every summer – they just make me happy. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a love so pure as Parker’s new-found-love for watermelon. Head over heels that kid. Can’t say I blame him. I also think I may have ruined him from ever eating vegetables. I mean how are you supposed to give a kid some broccoli after knowing there is something as sweet as watermelon?

I also learned a couple things.

1. Banjo does not like watermelon. Took a lick and walked away.

2. Knuckles likes watermelon. Picked up, carried into the middle of yard and ate it like a proper gentleman leaving the rind behind.

3. Baby does not like it when you take away his watermelon. Not even when he drops it and you’re just checking it for dirt.


6 Month Update

8 Aug


I don’t even know how to start this post. I mean 6 months! Half of a year! Before we know it we’ll be blowing out candles…I guess I need to get on planning that big first birthday party (who are we kidding, anyone that knows me, knows ideas have been long in the works!) By the way close family & friends it will be Saturday, February 2nd so mark your calendars!


In a way it was actually kind of hard to think of milestones this month…not because he isn’t changing, but just because this month seemed to be more of an enhancement of previous milestones rather than completely new ones. But we did accomplish a biggie! Sitting up! It’s so fun to be able to just plop him down now and have him see the world from this angle. He is much happier and content for longer periods of time and will reach and grab/drag toys around him and actually play! I use my maternity pillow as a ring of cushion around him in case he topples – still a little wobbly – but he gets better balancing on that bottom every day!


And now that he can sit up I’ve started putting him in the front seat of grocery carts. I received a grocery cart cover from a friend and use it when I know I’ll be shopping for a longer time or if the cart looks especially gross. But more than germ protection the thing I like about the cover is it has loops so I can attach his stroller toys. It’s so nice to not have to worry about a carseat or stroller or baby-wearing (my back really thanks me) and every other tactic I tried to comfortably shop prior.

I also noticed when changing his diaper that he has a faint little mole on his upper thigh – his first beauty mark! I don’t think moles are that exciting, haha, but it will interesting to see as he gets older where they pop up and they are great identification characteristics. I immediately imagined Parker being kidnapped or lost and telling the police officer, “he has a mole on his upper right thigh…look for that mole!” I know, I’m weird…but parenting makes you crazy so I’ve learned.

Finally we’ve entered the “teething stage.” Now he doesn’t have any teeth that have popped up, but according to our pediatrician all signs point to any day now. He has the constant slobbers, bulging gums, he tugs at his ears sometimes (no fevers or anything luckily but I’ve heard new teeth can cause the strangest systems) and his sleep has regressed some. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Month 7 came with the milestone “first tooth!”

On to some likes! Oh the power of Raffi. Even if you think you don’t know who Raffi is, you do. When Parker received this CD from his Aunt Jill I didn’t think I had heard of him, but once I played the songs I knew close to half of them. I honestly thought Parker was too little to really have a preference for music, but oh no, how wrong I was. The majority of the time Parker is an awesome car buddy. He usually sleeps and if he is awake he entertains himself in the mirror back there or jabbers to himself. However, there have been a handful of times when he is hungry or in a cranky mood and no matter how much I try to talk to him or sing to him or turn up my own music (usually country) it doesn’t work. Enter Raffi. EVERY SINGLE TIME he has been upset in the car I turn Raffi up loud and proud and not only do the tears stop, but he’ll actually start smiling. I mean this guy has a 100% winning steak with Park. It’s kind of comical how well it works – although I will mention Parker is particular about which songs. His favorite is the one about the duck with the feather on his back….you know, the duck that led the others to go “quack, quack, quack!” See I told you, you know Raffi!

Parker’s other new-found like is feeding himself. Even though it’s quicker and cleaner to feed him myself I feel like I’m doing him a disservice by not letting him feed himself if that’s what he wants to do – afterall it’s not like I’m going to be feeding him the rest of his life. He usually takes the spoon (which I preload with whatever food he is eating) and will stick it in his mouth and then continue to suck the life out of the spoon until I take it from him and put more food on it. He’s not quite ready to try and scoop out the food himself, but I’m sure that day will come soon.

Now some dislikes, started with a big one! Oh poor baby and his night terrors. Luckily there have only been a couple of incidents. Usually if Parker wakes up after putting him down for the night he’ll start slightly whining or even just talking to himself and that’s why I knew when a night terror happened for the first time that it had to be something completely different. Without warning he just started screaming in a scared, not hurt, way. I rushed into his nursery and picked him up and he still wouldn’t calm down and he wouldn’t open his eyes. He had tears coming down his face but otherwise it seemed like he was still asleep. I had heard you aren’t supposed to wake up people when they are having one so instead I just sat and held him and rocked him until he eventually calmed down (the whole ordeal probably only lasted a few minutes even though it seemed a lot longer at the time). I then looked it up online and all the symptoms definitely rang true of night terrors, although his age is a little on the young side from when they normally happen. But I read that they usually happen when a child is extremely tired and within an hour to an hour and a half after going to sleep. Both were true in Parker’s case that night, he woke up almost an hour on the dot from when we put him down. Luckily it hasn’t happened again in a couple weeks now so we’ve just been trying to make sure to put him down before he seems overly tired. Another thing we noticed with his sleep is that there have been a couple times when he’s freaked out when he wakes up and doesn’t see anyone and isn’t in a familar location. I’ve read seperation anxiety is usually a trait that begins to show around this age so I’m guessing it has to do with that.

The falling over has to do with him still being wobbly when sitting up. He always has a person or pillows to catch him (ok, there have been a couple slight head banging on the floor incidents but he was fine & over it in a couple seconds, he has a big hard head like dad) but he still gets angry since he hasn’t figured out how to get in the sitting position by himself. Once he falls over he is stuck until someone sits him back up!

And finally the “whale voice” probably needs a little explanation. One day I was trying to make Parker laugh when he was cranky and so Eric and I started to talk to him in the whale voice that Dori does in finding Nemo (you know, what I’m talking about). Anyway, even though we found it hysterical Parker would gets the biggest pouty lip quiver and his eyes started filling with tears. Even when in a non-cranky mood he still isn’t much of a fan. We think he’s just sad he can’t speak whale yet.

Alright, last month all stats were taken by me, but we officially have some doctor taken stats for you!

Weight: 16 lbs, 5 oz; 25th percentile (14 lbs, 2 oz last month)

Length: 27.5″ long; 75th percentile (27″ last month)

Head: 17.5″; 75th percentile (17″ last month)

So either my scale was off when I weighed him or he gain over 2 pounds in one month! Which, he definitely has filled out so it wouldn’t surprise me. It’s funny how proud you feel too when you go the doctor and see that he has been growing just as he should be. Also, he received shots again at this appointment and the kid must be taking training tactics from Chuck Norris because he literally made one little squeak of a cry after the two shots then immediately grabbed the paper on the table and ripped it incredible hulk style as if to say “nobody messes with me and gets away with it!”

Below is the diaper count along with a couple extras!

On average we’ve been using around 250 per month which is one bulk box of diapers that we buy off Amazon. Still the cheapest I’ve found (in the Pampers Swaddlers brand) and free shipping!

Inappropriate monkey handling. Boys will be boys!



Happy 6 months Parker! You’re one cuddly, cute character and I look forward to waking up each morning to see your smiling face!