7 Month Update

13 Sep


On September 1st Parker turned 7 months! 7 months just sounds so much older than 6 months! And what a busy, but fun month we had! I have to admit though, he isn’t even crawling and I already feel like he is into everything so it is going to be a whole new ball game once those arms and legs figure out how to get places!


Lots of great milestones to talk about this month! I already wrote about Parker’s first swim lessons so I won’t go into that again. So we’ll start with using a sippy cup!

Like I mentioned last month Parker is into cups and so I decided to buy him a sippy cup to see what he would do and wouldn’t you know it, he grabbed that thing and put it in his mouth and drank water like it was nothing – been doing it for years! He sometimes has trouble remembering to tip the cup once the water gets low and in the beginning he was making some pretty disgusted faces at the taste of water, but overall he seems to enjoy drinking this way.


Earlier in August, Eric and I had a wedding (in town) but didn’t want to have to worry about rushing home to put him to bed and so Eric’s parents said they would keep him for his first overnight. It was really strange being able to sleep in and I also think I slept more soundly not worrying about every little noise I heard! Parker was also a trooper and went to sleep around 9pm and woke up at 7:30am like a good boy for them. I told him he has to behave that way they will never think twice about wanting to keep him overnight! Not that they would think twice anyway, but it makes me feel better knowing we’re dropping him off and he won’t be too much of a handful.


Sounds/words were a big improvement this month. From imitating us when we blow raspberries to actually saying “mama,” he is very good at begin vocal. Now, I’m honestly not convinced he is associating the word “mama” with myself, however he does only say it when he is tired and cranky and wants something – which sort of make me believe maybe he really is trying to get my attention. I included a video below so you can see for yourself!

“Baba” is just his favorite word to babble and is definitely not at anything in particular. It actually sounds more like “blahblah” because he usually says it while sticking out his tongue. Also along the line of words is recognizing his name. When we say “Parker” he now perks up and turns to us. For the longest time Eric and I would repeat his name over and over and over and he would continue to ignore us so we’re glad it’s finally paid off in him paying attention!


Finally, while he can’t pull himself up to this position, he loves it when I stand him up in his playpen or the coffee table or the couch and let him hold onto the edge. He can stand on his own and usually just occupies his time by chewing on whatever it is he is holding onto for balance.


Parker takes his bath in a tub that sits on our kitchen sink. He is definitely big enough to use our actual tub but we currently don’t have a stopper so our tub cannot be used for a bath so I’ve just kept up doing it in the kitchen. The main reason we need to move him is because he does not keep his hands and arms inside the ride at all times. No, no, no. He tries and grab the sponges, the paper towels, the curtains on the window and mainly the kitchen faucet. In fact the knob to turn on the water is just a single lever you pull in and out and Parker has figured it out. It’s actually comical because he’ll notice he doesn’t hear the faucet on, reach over and turn the faucet on and then go back to splashing in the water. I will then turn the faucet off and almost immediately he’ll realize he doesn’t hear the water running anymore and will reach over a turn it on again and just go back to splashing. This happens only a dozen or so times each bath. Water conservation is not his strong point.


He has also realized that my glasses are not a part of my face. Especially in the mornings after getting out of his crib he zeros in on those babies and can whip them off faster then I have time to react. They of course go immediately into his mouth. Not sure what it is, but he would rather play with my glasses then anything else.


So bumpers. Much to my dismay I had to give in. I am definitely on the anti-bumper side of the fence however when Parker turned 5 months and started rolling over his sleep also started regressing. I figured it was a normal thing and that there was nothing that I could really do and they he would just “grow out of it.” Well so from 5 months to 6 months he would randomly wake up in the middle of the night several times per week and it would take me anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to get him back to sleep. Well finally my lack of sleep was getting to me and I had realized a couple times when I came into his room that once he was on his stomach he would scoot himself into the corner and would be repeatedly banging his head on the crib, which would cause him to wake up in distress. So I initially looked into the mesh bumpers and while they may help with not getting arms and legs caught in the rungs they would not provide any cushion from him bumping into the edges at night so I broke down and got an actual bumper (which if you are in the market for a cheap one, I really love this one I got. I bought the white and Parker loves how soft it is).


I figured at 6 months if he is old enough to use blankets and out of the high SIDS risk then he would probably be fine with bumpers. Plus, his arms are free in the night since we don’t swaddle anymore so I wasn’t worried about him pushing his face against the side and not being able to move. And now after a month of using them, buying those dang bumpers was the best decision ever because first night with them and he slept perfectly fine all through the night. Second night and every night since, same thing. So we’re happily back to our 9pm – 8am sleep schedule. Now I realize he prefers to sleep on his side or stomach and so now at least if he does somehow get himself up in the corner or along an edge he is leaning against softness and not the hard wood of the crib. I also feel like maybe he feels cozier not being able to see anything other than the inside of the crib. Who knows. Either way, he is sleeping all night, which means I am sleeping all night, so it’s a win/win for everyone. I still will be anti-bumper in the beginning for future kids, but once they start rolling over I’ll be whipping these babies out again.


I like to call it the “net pop,” while the official name is Fresh Food Feeder. But either way, it is a big hit with Parker. In the beginning of trying foods he wasn’t much of a fan of me feeding him with a spoon so I did it this way and I think the net pop taught him to open his mouth for food because now he eats off a spoon much better. The jucier the food the better for Parker. He loves watermelon, especially. I also did a mixture of avocado and tomatoes (baby guacamole!) that was a big hit too, as well as chunky sweet potatoes. It’s definitely messy and a pain to clean but it’s nice for him to feed himself while Eric and I eat dinner.


I honestly had a hard time trying to think of dislikes this month because the kid is just so darn happy all the time. But these are a few current things that upset him. Our vacuum is annoyingly loud. It wasn’t like that when we first bought it so not sure what happened, but either way now when I run it someone has to be holding Parker or he gets super pouty. So yes, I’ve successfully learned to vacuum one handed.


The “staying on back during diaper changes” is probably more of a dislike for me than him, but he does usually start to cry when I have to keep him from rolling over. The previous 30 second diaper change now takes a good 3 minutes. He’s so quick!


Growing boy! These stats were taken by me so could be off some. We won’t get another official doctor weigh-in until 9 months.

Weight: 17 lbs., 6 oz (last month: 16lbs, 5 oz)

Length: 28.5″ long (last month: 28″ long)

Head: 17.75″ (last month: 17.5″)


And now for the diaper count and a few outtakes. It’s hard to get good outtakes now that he moves – over half of my pictures when I upload them are one big blur. A few of the candids below are when I was trying to get him to calm down by letting him play with some toys. I would then take the toy away which would cause him to look at me and get excited – whatever works to get the shot! You can see what I have to deal with. One thing is for sure and that is for a future child, while I’ll still do monthly photo shoots, I am not going to do like 10 poses or whatever I’m doing now. I clearly didn’t think about how hard it would be to get all the same shots once he was older and mobile!



Someone thinks they are He-Man. No worries, no babies or lamps were injured. The lamp base is wedged between the rocker and wall so it wasn’t going anywhere. But he is obsessed with pulling the lamp! Makes him feel strong!



This is the holder for his comb and brush and on the bottom of the holder is a mirror. He likes looking at himself!

See you next month!!!


One Response to “7 Month Update”

  1. jayandjamielynn September 17, 2012 at 11:58 am #

    Awww, Happy 7 months, Parker! He is getting cuter every month! He reminds me so much of my Lucas. And bravo for sleeping through the night … my little one still wakes up to feed once a night 😦

    Ditto on the photo shoots for the second baby – these monthly updates are hard work! But they’ll be so fun to look at someday, you won’t regret doing them. 🙂

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