Old Gold Weekend

13 Oct








Last weekend we headed to DePauw for Old Gold Weekend. Eric and I both graduated from DPU (Eric the year before I), but we actually didn’t know each other or date until post college. Very odd considering how small DePauw is, how many mutual friends we found out we shared and the fact that all that separated his fraternity from my sorority was a parking lot. We also attended many of the same semi-formals and formals, yet never had a conversation (that we can remember anyway, ha). I’ve also scoured all my college photos hoping to find him the background, but nope nothing! We both agree that really it’s the best of both worlds – we each had our own college experience, yet we both understand the DePauw dynamic and are able to listen and appreciate each others college stories easier since we “get it.” It’s also not like we have to pull each others arms and legs to attend alumni functions, since we’re both equally excited to reminisce and see old friends. This was actually the 3rd time Parker has been to DePauw (2nd time outside the womb) – but this was his first time at a football game and inside a fraternity. Don’t worry I did not let him crawl around on the fraternity floor…I mean I’m not a germphobe….but everyone has their limits!

*Parker’s hat was a sweet newborn gift from one of Eric’s college friends (pretty sure it’s from an Etsy shop, but I wouldn’t put it past Greg if he knew how to knit). They both played baseball together at DPU and the 7 on the paw was Eric’s number.


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