3 Days Until Halloween

28 Oct













I purchased this costume right after Halloween last year on a final clearance rack for $5. I was super excited because I found it not too long after we found out Eric got the head baseball coaching job and their mascot is the bulldogs. Due to an unseasonably warm baseball season he only wore it a couple times and so I figured we would give it one last run today before it gets packed away.

During our walk to the park I started envisioning the different photo set-ups I could do and I thought it would be cute to get a picture of him with a squirrel. Now mind you it’s not like I thought a squirrel would meander up to us and be all, “hey, I have a idea, how about I climb into your kids lap and let him grab my fur while you snap some pics..because you know, I’m a squirrel and he’s a dog and dogs chase squirrels…it would be hilarious!” I mean, first that would be freakishly AWESOME but all I really wanted was one of Park crawling in the leaves with a squirrel anywhere within the frame of the picture. 20 yards away searching for nuts, climbing a tree, I didn’t care – just thought it would be cute to look like he was chasing a squirrel. Unfortunately there must have been a squirrel town hall meeting because they were none-to-be-found. Oh well, lucky for me my little bulldog was satisfied with just fetching sticks.


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