1 Day Until Halloween

30 Oct










This was definitely the most difficult photo shoot thus far. First it was really windy. Normally you don’t have to worry about leaves blowing in your boat when you’re in the middle of the ocean, but there I was catching and sweeping them away left and right. Second, you’ll notice the flag moves locations. Someone who doesn’t quite grasp the word “no,” thought it was really fun to pull so I had to keep moving it to throw him off for a few pictures until he would find it again. I also thought he would love the hook, but I could not get him to hold it properly where it would cover his hand. In a couple photos I’m actually holding it in front of his hand while I take the picture at the same time. Oy….or I mean aarrrrrrrrrrr.

There was a silver lining. The one thing I didn’t think would work out was one of the only things that did. I honestly didn’t think he would keep the eye patch on, but oddly enough once I put it on he didn’t even touch it. It was like he was born to wear an eye patch. Hmm…maybe I should get that eye checked out!


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