If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

22 Dec












Last weekend we had our annual cookie baking extravaganza. Last year we decided to switch from cooking at Eric’s Aunt’s home to using a church kitchen. You see, this isn’t your average run-of-the-mill cookie baking – you may as well call us Betty Crocker. There is a system. Aunt Mary is the Head Elf who makes all the dough a day or two prior and is in charge of the oven and making sure we have no burnt cookies. Mammaw is on sugar cookie decorating duty. Eric’s mom is on detail duty (adding eyes and noses to the mice and swirled chocolate on toffee cookies) as well as keeping up with the cookie count, Jill keeps us organized and makes sure all dough balls are created equal before being baked – she has a keen eye for diameter, that girl. Myself, Casey and Eric’s dad fill in where needed and Eric always pops in halfway through to screw up our cookie count by “taste testing” and eating the supposed “broken” ones and just generally making a mess before he is kicked out. Last year we made 1,343 cookies. I unfortunately didn’t see the final count this year since we had to leave to see Santa but I’m pretty sure we were on par with last year. We also add a new cookie every year. It’s a crazy day, but it’s tradition and you can’t mess with tradition.


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