10 Month Update

30 Dec


On December 1st Parker turned 10 months old! November was a fun month as we had my birthday to celebrate, his Aunt Jill’s birthday to celebrate, along with his first Thanksgiving.


One of his milestones I already blogged separately about – walking with his push toy.  He also added “kisses on command” to his repertoire. They are sloppy and open-mouthed, but yet you still can’t help to ask for them over and over. He also keeps his eyes open which is creepy and hilarious. I told him just to keep it up – he doesn’t need to find a girlfriend any time soon and kissing like this is definitely going to keep him single. Another new talent is giving a high five. If someone holds up their hand and asks him to give them a “high five” he will clap his hand on yours, which is pretty cute.


This boy is also obsessed with climbing. He has no fear. Stairs are his best friend – which is funny that he is so good at them because the only stairs we have at our house are our basement ones and since they are steep and not carpeted we never let him climb them so there have only been a couple times where he was around stairs and he couldn’t get enough. If Eric or I are on the floor he also prefers to crawl over our legs or body instead of around. If a toy or something is wedged up by the couch he will try and step on it so he can climb on the couch. I definitely have to keep my eyes open and ears alert at all times – which makes working from home rather difficult – but we manage.



A downer of a milestone is that we had our first cold. Luckily it wasn’t too bad. He had a stuffy nose that turned runny and a cough but he never actually acted sick (still ate and slept fine) or like anything was bothering him. So overall, not that bad of an experience, but you still feel bad when they are under the weather.


I mentioned last month how Parker loves electronics and on my iPhone and iPad I have several videos of Parker and he gets bouncing up and down excited when I show them to him. I feel like he realizes it’s himself – either that or he at least recognizes that it’s another baby, which is something else he gets excited about now when we’re out and about. He loves babbling to other babies he sees in public.


Before going down for a nap I always change his diaper and then we sit in the rocker and I read the same book (which is seen in a couple of the pictures in this post, like the one above). I love this book because besides the message – I love you because you’re you – it is a cardboard book which means Parker helps turning the pages without ripping them, yet it is still a decent length and is bigger than most cardboard books. He gets a huge grin when I start and sits peacefully through the whole thing and at the end I sit it to the side and rock him the rest of the way to sleep. I tried changing up the book once and it just threw everything off – so we keep with it!



As you can tell, he is a wild man – loves splashing, jumping and anything that gives him “butterflies.” He loves to be thrown in the air, flown all over the house, held upside-down, etc. Adrenaline junkie to say the least.



The one thing that was really helpful during Parker’s cold was the fact that he LOVES medicine. He gets really excited and a big smile when I bring the dispensor full of medicine. It’s like candy to him. He drinks it down easily and happily, which makes life a lot easier let me tell you – especially since this past month (which I’ll write more about in his 11 month post) he had an ear infection and fever that meant a rotation of tylenol and ibuprofen for several days in a row as well as amoxicillian in the morning and night. I can’t even imagine what kind of stress that would have caused if he would have fought me over taking it.


I always struggle coming up with dislikes because he just really is easy going. However he still doesn’t like diaper changes – or maybe it’s just the being forced to lay on his back on the changing table – either way that is still a fight pretty much every single time. I do have a handful of “toys” (i.e. comb, brush, wipes) that he doesn’t normally get that I’ll give him to help distract and that usually helps for a bit and sometimes singing to him works too, but overall he just does not like to be contained.



Having his first cold came with using what I call the “snot sucker,” although I believe the proper term is nasal syringe. It would take both Eric and I to hold him still so we could get the job done. We do have a Nose Frida, which when used works more efficiently than the regular bulb ones, however the Nose Frida doesn’t really fit up in his nose and so it was much harder to get him still long enough to use that so we stuck with the old school one.



Below are his stats:


Weight: 20 lbs (last month: 19lbs, 15 oz)

Height: 29″ long (last month: 28″)

Head: 18.25″ (last month: 18″)

Growing, growing, growing. I pretty much don’t buy any clothes under 12 months. All PJ’s are at least 18 months. Shoes are size 2 or 3 depending on brand. Still in size 3 diapers.


I mentioned in his 9 month post how my milk was starting to dry up and so he was getting half formula, half my milk. Well near the beginning of November my milk completely dried up and so now he is all formula. I’ll admit, I was a little sad since I was hoping to make it to a year, but luckily he had zero issues transferring to formula which made the process a lot easier. And now that it’s done I can also say I’m really loving not to have to pump multiple times a day! I still would if I could (and will again for any future babies) but the freedom is oh-so-nice.  As for solid food there hasn’t been much change since he still only has the one bottom lower tooth. People say he will still eat just fine and that he’ll gum it, but I admit I’m a wuss and get too nervous about choking so I stick to foods that I know he can mush up easily – like bananas, avocados, puffs, yogurt melts, eggs, etc. He still eats baby food too. I also still haven’t found anything he refuses so that’s a plus! He just likes food! I also dilute juice (we’ve tried apple and pear so far) in some water and he is a fan. However, I learned quick that apple juice makes for multiple not-nice diapers so I’m careful with that now!


And finally, diaper count and an outtake. The outtake is another example of non-toys I dug out of my stash to make him smile and sit still. I don’t think we’ve ever used the giant grill baster when cooking, but at least it’s getting some action now. The black and white photo makes me laugh only because I think it looks like he’s about to start “Tebowing.”





7 Responses to “10 Month Update”

  1. Melanie Dhaemers January 2, 2013 at 8:25 pm #

    Hello! I found your blog through pinterest and LOVE your monthly photos. I have recognized some locations on your blog and realized you also live in Indy. We live in Fishers and I have a 5 mo boy! I have questions about which program and type of camera you use for the monthly update. if you could please email me and let me know

    • Melissa January 2, 2013 at 9:04 pm #

      Small world! I grew up in northwest Indiana but moved here after college and I love it! I have a Nikon D3100 and I honestly just use some free apps on my iPad for editing because I download and store all my photos on my iPad currently. Our regular PC is way past it’s prime so I’ve just been doing it this way – hopefully we can get a Mac at some point! But anyways, I use an app called Snapseed for basic editing (lighting, cropping, etc) and then I use one called A+ Signature to write on the photos. I think I did pay like $1.99 to upgrade from the free version for the A+ Signature, but Snapseed is totally free. Hope this helps and congrats on your baby boy!

      • Melanie Dhaemers January 2, 2013 at 9:19 pm #

        It is a crazy small world! My husband also grew up in Northwest Indiana. He went to Valpo.
        I think I saw on a post you went to Depauw? Did you know Joe Nixon or Erin Greenlee? They are good friends of ours and live right down the street. Joe played basketball and Erin was in a sorority.
        Thanks for the editing info!! Gives me an excuse to take more pictures, like 1500 in 5 months is not enough?!?

      • Melissa January 2, 2013 at 9:54 pm #

        Yea, crazy! I grew up in LaPorte which is only like 30 min away from Valpo! And I knew of Erin Greenlee, but we weren’t in the same sorority. She was two years ahead of me, but only one year ahead of husband, Eric. I asked Eric if he knew Joe and he said they were in the same fraternity but that Joe was older so I don’t know if they ever actually lived in the house at the same time.

        And yes, I know it’s a good thing I actually like taking pictures since I take so many! I can’t believe I’m planning a first birthday party already – this year went so fast! Do you have a blog?

      • Melanie Dhaemers January 3, 2013 at 7:08 pm #

        Oh my goodness! That is so crazy! Indy is getting smaller and smaller!! Joe and Erin are actually getting ready to have their 2nd baby boy this weekend. So crazy!
        I dont have a blog 😦 It is something I have been wanting to do, but always have a reason not to. I think it would be so great looking back in a few years and reliving this time when Drew is so little. It is amazing how fast 5 months has already gone!
        1st birthday party!!! That is so exciting!! Do you have a theme or anything yet?? It is so hard to narrow it down with all of the great ideas out there!!

      • Melissa January 3, 2013 at 10:54 pm #

        Oh, how exciting! Congrats to them!

        Yes, blogging has it’s perks but then sometimes I start to feel guilty if I’m not blogging consistently or something and it will start to feel like a chore so I have to remind myself that ultimately I’m blogging for me so I try not to be too hard on myself when I get behind, haha. I do like being able to look back at all my posts and it will definitely help me fill out his baby book which is still on month 4 – whoops!

        We do have a theme for his party. We are going with “Where the Wild Things Are,” after the book. It was hard to think of something I liked for the middle of winter but this will have sort of a woodland feel so I think it works and some of the quotes from the book are really cute and something I can work into the decor. I also liked that Max, the main character, wore a crown so I ordered one off Etsy for Parker to wear as long as he’ll let us (hopefully at least while he eats his cake!) I ordered the invites off etsy too and hope to get them out next week and have asked a friend who has a little baking business on the side to do his smash cake and some of the dessert. Normally I’m the type who has to do everything on my own, which leads to me being really stressed out and frantic so I decided to try and delegate as much as I can so I can relax and enjoy his day – hopefully it works out that way anyway, haha!

  2. Melanie Dhaemers January 4, 2013 at 7:53 pm #

    At least you have a baby book! I need to really get on that. I know most people say there is a 4 month sleep regression, ours just started at 5 months. He is up so many times at night! I already forgot how hard it was in the beginning and it was not that long ago! I never believed other moms when they said you honestly forget how hard it was. I definitely understand it now!!
    His birthday sounds adorable! I love the crown idea! I hope he wears it. Great idea delegating! I am also the type who wants to do everything and then I never get to enjoy it because I get so crazy over it! Cant wait to see the blog post about it!

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