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Mini Matto 2.0

17 Feb


Yup, that’s right, Mini Matto 2.0 has been cooking and is due to arrive August 23rd – although truth-be-told I would be completely fine with a 10 day early arrival like Parker! Hopefully, you’ll now forgive me for why I’ve been such a bad blogger. You see besides the all the busy-ness that surrounds the holiday season and planning/executing Parker’s 1st Birthday and working, I’ve also been dealing with first trimester tiredness and sickness. Any spare time I used to have (behind baby and work) would go to blogging and taking/uploading pictures but laying on the couch eating toast and trying not to vomit took up that space instead – my apologies. Thankfully I’m starting to see the light at the end of that tunnel. I will also say I’m thankful that honestly, overall, this 1st trimester was better compared to my 1st trimester with Parker. I was really nervous going into it not knowing how in the world I was supposed to take care of Parker while feeling like crap, but thankfully as long as I ate every 2-3 hours then the worst of my sickness wouldn’t come until evening after Parker was in bed and Eric was home to help.

But the dress is back! I debated whether to wear the same dress or not but I thought it would be fun to really be able to compare this pregnancy to Parker’s. The only difference is all my backgrounds may not be the same like before. I’m trying to make the picture taking as easy and low stress as possible so I actually keep up with it (and setting up the camera outside, at the right time of day with lighting and weather was problematic at times). Also, with Parker it’s much easier if I just take it in the house – plus it’s freezing cold right now and will be stifling hot during my third trimester so I’d rather stay indoors! I’ll have to do another post with a rundown of all my pics from my pregnancy with Parker but right now I do feel like I’m showing about a week or two earlier than I did with him. So not a huge difference – but definitely some. I gained a total of 36 pounds with Parker so I’m interested to see what this one brings. One difference is my pre-pregnancy weight this time was 10 pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight with Parker so I’m not sure if that will make a difference in how much I gain in the end or not. So far I’ve gained like 6 pounds. Thankfully I really enjoyed being pregnant last time – so lets bring on the pounds!


So first, to clear the air, this baby was planned. Yes, we are those crazy people that actually decided to willingly do “2 under 2” because we’d much rather keep on rolling with the baby stage while we’re used to it instead of shelving it for awhile and coming back to it later. I would also like to use all my expensive baby items before they are outdated and/or recalled – haha. We also lucked out with Parker being a fabulous sleeper and overall good baby so I figured we better hurry and have number 2 in case he becomes a terror as a toddler and we change our minds. Of course I say my prayers daily that #2 is exactly like Parker and of course I also realize there is a fat chance of this and that we are probably going to get pay back for having an easy baby the first time – but I figure a little prayer never hurts.

I found out I was pregnant on December 17th, a few days before we left to go up to my parents for Christmas. I took the test while Eric was at work and immediately started scheming how I should tell him. I made this DIY Advent Calendar and so I thought it would be fun to put the test in one of the bags for him to open. The paper sacks I used on the advent calendar were all different sizes and it just so happened that the only bag left that the test would fit in was December 24th, Christmas Eve. We would get back to our house from my parents on Christmas Eve afternoon so I figured he would open it then before we left to go to spend Christmas Eve night with his extended family. So I took the test and put it in the bag. That night after Eric and I were already in bed my mind started racing and I started overanalyzing and basically became a crazy, worried pregnant lady. I all of the sudden got very nervous about holding onto this secret for almost a week. I couldn’t help but think, “what if something happened to Eric and he died never knowing he was going to be a dad again” and even “what if the world actually ends on the 21st?” So instead of completely hyperventilating I hopped out of bed and ran into the living room and took the test out of the bag and ran back into the room and woke Eric up and told him I had something to show him and I had to show him RIGHT. NOW. At this point it was still pitch black so I reached over to turn on my bedside light and handed him the test. I don’t even think he completely saw it before he goes “somehow, I knew that is what you were waking me up to show me.” So I very romantically told him I was afraid he was going to die and I would feel like a bad wife for not giving him the news to which he responded, “why do I have to be the one to die? Why couldn’t you be the one to die?” To which I responded, “Um, obviously if I died you would still more than likely find out that I was with child so it doesn’t matter if I’m the one to die.” After that sweet conversation we talked a litle bit about life with 2 (We need a bigger house! I need a mini van!) and went to sleep and kept our secret hidden all holiday season – which included me pouring a bottle of sparkling white grape juice into an empty wine bottle to fool all those we were celebrating New Year’s Eve with!


The timing of this pregnancy worked out to where I would be 11 weeks, 2 days at Parker’s 1st Birthday Party. Since all our closest friends and family would be attending we decided that would be a fun time to share our news. I definitely didn’t want to overshadow Parker’s day and be talking about #2 the entire party so we decided to wait until the end and have the last present Parker open be a gift from Eric and I and inside would be a shirt that says, “I’m the Big Brother.” The only downside with waiting until the end was that a few people did have to leave early – since obviously they didn’t know there was going to be a special surprise – so I felt bad that they were going to miss out. We had told Eric’s sister and her husband earlier in the week and so they were able to record the surprise for us and you can see the video below! I made sure to tell everyone before we opened it that it was a special gift from Eric and I to hopefully grab everyone’s attention in case they weren’t really paying attention (I mean watching other people open presents isn’t exactly the most exciting thing in the world – especially when Parker could really care less about what was going on). Needless to say everyone was surprised. In the video there is a good shot of Eric’s parents reaction. So much fun! Also, there is a mention of a vacation in the video. Eric’s mom was worried we would have to back out of our vacation this coming July to a beach in South Carolina but luckily we can still go – I’ll just be the 36 week preggo beach whale, don’t mind me!

And now here I am today – 13 weeks, 3 days and crossing my fingers for this morning sickness phase to officially end. Last week I had my second appointment with my OB. All went awesome!


Which timeout for a minute before I get back to my last appointment: at my first 9 week appointment I brought Parker (Eric wasn’t able to make it so it was just the two of us) and he was completely fine, even when I was sitting on the table waiting for the doc to come in, but out of nowhere he completely flipped out when the doctor had me lay down. He was in his stroller next to me – I could even hold his hand and the kid had cheerios – but he did not care. He did not like whatever it was the doc was doing to me and he was so scared and wouldn’t stop crying. I, of course, was slightly embarassed – like my OB must be thinking “you really want 2, eh?” – and I didn’t know what to do since Parker had never done anything like this before so I honestly didn’t know how to make it better except to pick him up but that obviously wasn’t an option. I was also a little sad because my OB then felt rushed and so I could barely see what was going on with the ultrasound and couldn’t hear the heartbeat at all over Parker’s cries so the moment I had built up of Parker and I looking lovingly at his little sister or brother was less than stellar to say the least! The sibling jealously begins! Luckily I did get a few picture print outs but for my 13 week appointment you can bet I left Parker with the grandparents!

So back to my 13 week appointment. I didn’t get another ultrasound (don’t get another one of those until around 20 weeks) but I did get to listen to the heartbeat and once he found it, it was an immediate relief for me to hear. The beginning stages of pregnancy are so nerve racking until you can rely on their little kicks to know everything is going ok. My OB even said, “Wow, this is one of the strongest heartbeats I’ve ever heard this early in a pregnancy – this is just great!” Which of course made me feel really good and reassured that everything is going as it should in there. Eric and I have decided (well actually I have decided and Eric is going along with it if it’s really what I want) to not find out the gender this pregnancy until delivery. Since this could be our last (we are going to have 2 before making the decision whether we want to go for 3) we may not have another chance to finding out this way and I really want to experience what it feels like to find out at birth. With our first pregnancy and everything seeming so overwhelming and new and surreal and unpredictable I just had to fill myself with all the knowledge and pre-planning I could with what was going on and that included knowing what we were having. The second time around I feel more at ease and am able to better wrap my head around what’s to come and so knowing the gender just isn’t something I feel the need to know. I also honestly would be equally as happy with a boy or a girl. Also, with Parker I had strong “boy feelings” and so I thought for sure I would have strong feelings one way or the other this time too, which would maybe make me want to find out early to prove myself right (or wrong) but I just really have no idea. All the major baby items we bought with Parker are gender neutral and with an August baby it’s going to be so hot the baby will only be in onesies anyway and Parker has plenty of gender neutral ones to get us through the beginning if it’s a girl so I’m not really worried about that stuff either. The only downside we’ve come across with not finding out early is then needing to be prepared with a boy and a girl name and so far that part is not going smoothly – haha. We have a middle name for a boy we like and a first name for a girl – so I guess we are getting there – but it’s definitely much harder than Parker!

Thanks for sticking around and hope to have more updates soon!


38 Weeks

31 Jan

And the weeks keep flying by! Everyone keeps asking if I’m at the point where I just want him out. While obviously, yes, I would love to meet the little guy face to face – I can’t say I’m to the point where I’m “so over” pregnancy and just want my body back. I mean, yea, I really miss being able to roll over in bed without feeling like I’m making a 5-point turn and I’m really getting to the point where my “business casual” clothes options for work are at a minimum. But, time keeps going so fast for me and I still feel like I have so much to do, that I can’t really say I’m ready for it to be over. Which it’s definitely good that I’ve enjoyed pregnancy, since I hope to be able to do it again. But never-the-less the hospital bag is finally packed and his clothes are washed. I wish I could say, “and the house is sparking clean,” however my nesting went a little too far when I decided to schedule someone to come in this week to rip up our carpet and redo the hardwood floors in the living room and hallways. So currently our kitchen looks like this:

And the nursery looks like this:

Therefore Parker really needs to ignore the light at the end of the tunnel and stay put for a couple more days until we can move the furniture back (and by “we” I mean Eric and his dad, don’t worry).

Now for this weeks photo I had to give a shout out to Super Bowl XLVI. Not only is everyone in Indy talking about it since it’s our first time hosting, but I specifically have been living and breathing this game ever since we got the bid over 3 years ago. I work here and so we’ve played an integral part in making sure it’s a success – because we definitely want it back! So here I am wearing my super scarf that was handmade by some super knitter. The first thing I thought about last May when I realized my due date was that I would have to pull my name from the volunteer list. And I have been told several times how cool it would be for me to have a “super baby.” Not sure how cool it would be for Eric to watch the big game in a hospital – however I can think of nothing I would rather focus on during contractions than that! I’m just so excited for Indy and have been absorbing every piece of media that expresses love for our city. I think we’re going to blow it out of the water and if the weather keeps up like it has been (ironically the day I took this pic in winter wear it was over 50 degrees!) then we definitely have nothing to worry about. And if Parker happens to be around come Super Bowl Sunday we luckily already have an outfit on hand, thanks to Eric’s aunt & cousins. And honestly if this boy is any kind of sports enthusiast like his father than I wouldn’t be surprised if he decided he darn well is going to be a part of the outside world for the big game.


The biggest thing I’ve learned in being involved with the Super Bowl is how it’s so much more than a game. Our city has really come together as a community and put so much effort in leaving a legacy, not only here in Indy but all around the country. We’re the first Super Bowl city to reach out beyond our borders doing good deeds and leaving a mark. I feel so lucky to be raising Parker in a city like this and so proud to work for a city like this. It’s been Hoosier Hospitality at its finest.

Touring the NFL Experience

Nothing could make me forget the first Super Bowl in Indy, however having a baby at the same time would definitely be icing on the cake Lombardi Trophy.

It’s game time people!

36 Weeks

19 Jan

First I have to point out that this is the first bump pic I had to take in under 50 degree weather. I never thought I would make it until mid January in Indiana with weather luck like that! I figured I would be freezing my bump and bum off by November for sure. And in case you were wondering it was 24 degrees when I took this picture, so officially cold! In fact, poor Knuckles was shaking because the last thing he wanted to do was sit his bare bottom in the snow.

Last weekend I spent all Sunday organizing the nursery. After my 4th and final shower I had lots of clothes to fold (that still need washed), gifts to sort and toys to put away. The dogs had zero interest in what I was doing and would hang out in the living room – that is until the slightest toy jangle would catch their ear and then they would storm in, ears perked and tails wagging. They cannot figure out why all these fluffy, noisy toys are making there way into our house and yet they don’t have permission to play. That’s why this week I had to get a picture of Knuckles with the squeaky baseball toy. I’m going to have a big challenge on my hands once I actually want the toys on the floor for Parker to play with. And an even bigger challenge when Parker thinks its hilarious to give the dogs his toys. Oh well, maybe i shouldn’t even try to contain them, shared slobber never hurt anyone right?

In baby news I thought I’d share a list of 10 things I’m grateful for at 36wks:

1. Sleeping peacefully through the night. That pregnancy pillow was worth every penny!
2. Still going to the bathroom the same number of times as pre-pregnancy (which I’m sure has also helped with #1)
3. No Braxton Hicks…or real contractions for that matter yet (I’m still content with him waiting another couple weeks!)
4. Visits to my chiropractor. Seriously this guy is a lifesaver!
5. No signs of stretch marks or swelling feet/fingers
6. A belly button that has decided to stay an innie
7. Finally picking a pediatrician
8. Sewing my own crib skirt (more on that during a nursery update soon)
9. Listening to Parker’s strong and steady heartbeat at my weekly doc appointment
10. Eric continuing to stay sane as he deals with my ever growing to-do list and compulsive baby clothes shopping

34 Weeks

5 Jan

Recently Eric mentioned how we have to make sure and read to Parker all the time. I was like “Duh! That’s only one of the things I’ve been looking forward to the most!” But I’m glad it will be something we can do as a family. A love of reading runs deep for us both. Both of us were English majors in college, Eric is currently a high school English teacher and I’m about to finish year 3 of being a part of a book club with some seriously awesome gals. So for my 34 wk picture I decided to include one of my favorite childhood stories, “The Giving Tree.” I can remember reading it vividly over and over starting in elementary school. I didn’t even have a copy at home, but anytime I was in a library or saw it at a bookstore or someone else’s house I couldn’t help but pick it up. Which, that’s what books should do to you. They should engulf you. As you can see in the picture, I made sure Parker had his very own copy from the beginning. If this guy is going to be spoiled, it’s going to be in the form of books. I may or may not have already purchased around a dozen of my favorites for the little dude. And you can bet your reading arse that Eric and I have been practicing our storytelling voices!

After all reading a book is the cheapest vacation one can take. Open a page and you’re instantly transported to another place. When I read I really invest my entire self to the storyline and characters. I’ve laughed out loud, cried so hard I couldn’t read the lines anymore, fell in love with imaginary people, gotten really angry with how an author decided to make it end, been extremely depressed the story is over..the list could go on and on.

So when it comes to traits I hope Parker gets from us, a love of reading is definitely at the top of the list. With only 5ish weeks left I’m about to prepare packing my hospital bag (doc told me yesterday from this point forward if i happen to go into labor there will be no trying to stop it!) and you can bet I will definitely make room for a couple of books. Gotta start the kid out on the right foot!

As for some quick baby stats. Everything is going run of the mill! No labor signs that I’m aware of (and I’m pretty sure I would be aware!) Parker has not dropped at all, although he is in the correct position – head down, facing my back. He’s clocking in at probably close to 5lbs. When we had our 20wk ultrasound Parker was in the 70th percentile for length and I’m taking bets this guy will be at least 21 inches long at birth because even though I have a longer torso he is constantly stuffing his little legs and feet up in my ribs -yea, it feels as awesome as it sounds! Plus I was 21.5 inches long as a newborn so I think he is going to be lanky like his mama. I’ve been extremely lucky in that I still sleep pretty good at night. I sometimes wake myself up so I can roll over to my other side, but that’s it. My pregnancy pillow has been a lifesaver and I was never hit with the “frequent urination” that so many pregnant women complain of, so I feel really blessed about that. I’m about to start a 3peat of baby showers, starting with one hosted by my BFF on Saturday, followed by one hosted by my work on Tuesday and then ending with one hosted by my sister-in-law next Saturday. After that we should finally be able to finish the nursery since we’ll officially know what else we need. I’m sure I’ll have pictures to share, I can’t wait!

32 Weeks

2 Jan

As I type this I’m actually 34 wks and a few days, however with the chaos of the holidays I never got around to posting this like a good blogger should – but at least I actually took the picture on time! And I’ll have a 34 wk update for you soon too!

Christmas was good to us. We got to spend time with both sides of the family and even squeezed in a little relaxing. Eric was a smart man and gave me an hour pre-natal massage gift certificate that I plan to cash in sometime soon. While I loved all my gifts, this one I definitely deem as “most needed.” My baby-related gift to Eric was the Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Diaper Bag.Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Diaper BagEric didn’t want to ever have to carry something “girly,” and not only does this thing seem super durable but it connects to the stroller handles for a hands-free, yet still easy access feature and has magnet closures on all the openings so you’re not having to deal with zippers, snaps or velcro when your hands are full. I’m excited to put this to use – probably even more so than Eric!

Another favorite gift for Parker we received was his baby book from my parents. I had found it on Etsy and had crossed my fingers it would make it’s way off our Christmas List and be wrapped under the tree.


I’ve already started filling out some of the pages about our pregnancy journey, but can’t wait to add all the details of his birth and monthly updates & milestone thereafter until his first birthday. You can also order additional pages to take the book up until he starts school which I will probably do.

Eric’s grandma also gave us this sweet ornament that she crafted with her sorority sisters. I of course love it especially because it’s knitted – and it will actually be an ornament Parker can help hang and play with since it’s soft!


Hard to believe we’ll have a crawling 10ish month old next year! Watching my younger nieces & nephews open their presents (and how they cannot hide their excitement) make us really look forward to watching our own child experience Christmas and all its traditions.

Hope everyone had their own Happy Holiday!

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13 Dec

Starting to wonder how 8 more weeks of baby will fit in here…


30 Weeks

7 Dec

To celebrate hitting the big 3-0 Eric and I decided to take Parker for some glamour shots 🙂 I had extra money in my flex account at work and if you don’t use it by the end of the year then you lose it so we decided to spend it on an extra ultrasound so we could check in on the little guy and see how he was developing. This was the first time we experienced an ultrasound in 3D/4D and it was totally not as creepy as I thought it might be. Luckily Parker finally full-on looks like a little chubby infant and not skeletor. We could even see a bit of hair on his head, along with his eyebrows and eyelashes. And yes, he is definitely still a he – although they didn’t show that part in 3D. Boy still gets some privacy!

I’m excited to compare the pics once he is out! They advise you to drink juice before your ultrasound because the sugar will wake up the baby and make them more active. Parker was moving about the whole time, although he kept being shy and hiding his face behind his hands. But it was fun to watch him open and close his mouth, stick out his tongue and suck on his fingers. At one point his foot was almost in his mouth!

Yes, his home is slowly getting smaller and smaller thanks to his growing body – which is why in some pictures his nose and forehead look a bit distorted – like he is leaning his face against a window! It was hard to get a perfect picture, but you definitely get a pretty good idea! Hard to believe that he is still going to double in size or more! Right now it is estimated that he is a little more than 3 pounds and the average baby is born around 7-8 pounds. They also recorded the whole session so we have it on DVD (if anyone wants to watch a private screening just let me know…Bueller?…..Bueller?….) and they recorded his heartbeat and put it in a little stuffed monkey for us to take home.

Then last night Eric and I attended Part I of our two-part Childbirth Prep class. Let’s just say it was kind of comedic because first of all we were rushing to get there since we were both coming from work and then once we arrived we realized we were the only couple who forgot to bring a pillow and blanket for “relaxation” time. So we discretely told the instructor in order to not draw attention to ourselves, but then right when the class started she goes ,”ok so I know one couple forgot their blanket and pillow, anyone else?” and everyone stared at us. It really made us feel like stellar parents right off the bat, haha. I promise we’ll be more prepared for you Parker! But the rest of the class was very informative even though Eric complained about having to sit on the floor with his back not leaning on anything while he gave me a massage. Um, really? Your back hurts!? No pity party from this girl. Lucky for him he gave a pretty good massage which will definitely come in handy once I go into labor! Can’t wait to see what next weeks class will bring!

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