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1 Year Photo Shoot

18 Feb

No, sorry, this isn’t the monthly rundown – still working on that puppy (and the 11 month one, haha). Jennifer Soots Photography, who did our newborn and 6 month shoot as well, came over a couple hours before Parker’s birthday party to take his pictures. We decided to have her come the day of the party so that she would be there to take pictures of the party and the cake smash as well. Even with all the chaos of trying to organize the pictures and the party at the same time I’m so glad we did it this way so that I didn’t have a camera attached to my face the entire day. Below are some of my favorites and I’ll have more included in the rundown post of the party. So happy with how they came out!


Fun Fact: Jennifer arrived to take pictures 15 minutes early and I still hadn’t done my make-up. So I rushed into the bathroom and tried to hurry to pull myself together. Well when I clamped my eyelash curler on my left eyelashes I somehow lost my grip and the eyelash curler flung out of my hands and landed on the floor. I bent down and picked it up and as I went to put it back on my eyelashes I realized there was a huge clump of eyelashes stuck to it. Eric was in the bathroom too and I turned to him all wide eyed and he was like, “are you ok? holy cow, half your eyelashes are gone!” I immediately turned to the mirror and yes, from the middle of my eyelid to the inner corner of my eye every single lash was gone. I was stunned. Stunned because I didn’t know what to do when I was supposed to be taking professional pictures at any minute and stunned at how this whole episode didn’t hurt – like at all. My eye never stung or got red or itchy or anything. If the eyelashes weren’t left on my curler I wouldn’t even have known it had happened. Apparently it was a clean pull – so weird. I went into my bathroom closet and of course I had like 5 pairs of fake eyelashes but zero glue. Luckily I don’t have super lush eyelashes to begin with so after I did my make-up it somehow wasn’t that noticeable (eyeliner really helped) and Jennier joked she would edit in eyelashes on any close up. I swear this would only happen to me!


If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

22 Dec












Last weekend we had our annual cookie baking extravaganza. Last year we decided to switch from cooking at Eric’s Aunt’s home to using a church kitchen. You see, this isn’t your average run-of-the-mill cookie baking – you may as well call us Betty Crocker. There is a system. Aunt Mary is the Head Elf who makes all the dough a day or two prior and is in charge of the oven and making sure we have no burnt cookies. Mammaw is on sugar cookie decorating duty. Eric’s mom is on detail duty (adding eyes and noses to the mice and swirled chocolate on toffee cookies) as well as keeping up with the cookie count, Jill keeps us organized and makes sure all dough balls are created equal before being baked – she has a keen eye for diameter, that girl. Myself, Casey and Eric’s dad fill in where needed and Eric always pops in halfway through to screw up our cookie count by “taste testing” and eating the supposed “broken” ones and just generally making a mess before he is kicked out. Last year we made 1,343 cookies. I unfortunately didn’t see the final count this year since we had to leave to see Santa but I’m pretty sure we were on par with last year. We also add a new cookie every year. It’s a crazy day, but it’s tradition and you can’t mess with tradition.

Pumpkin Patch

7 Nov


















I’ve had this saved as a draft for awhile now and realized I need to get on to posting since it’s been a month since we went! Our first trip to the pumpkin patch was pretty chilly, especially compared to when Eric and I went last year and it was almost 80 degrees! I definitely think next year will be more fun when Parker is more active and can participate in all the activities they had but I’m sure he enjoyed the people watching! He did love the mini pumpkin patch and kept grabbing as many as he could into his lap. Next year I also need to make time to eat the apple cider doughnuts they were selling – those sound pretty good right about now!

P’s 6 Month Pictures Part I

17 Aug

Yes, this is part I – meaning there will be additional “parts.” In this first set I included all of my favorite family pictures. Just like our newborn shoot all photos are courtesy of Jennifer Soots Photography. She’s so amazing and I am so thankful for her ability to capture us beautifully. If you live in the Indy area, I highly recommend! Plus you get SO many pictures, which is always a plus!

Also in case people are curious. Here is where our clothes are from. I spent WAY too much time coordinating these options so I may as well share!

On me:
Shirt: Francesa’s
Shorts: Francesa’s
Shoes: Pacific Sunwear
Necklace: I’ve had it forever and honestly can’t remember, sorry!

Shirt: Target
Shorts: H&M
Shoes: Not sure

Shirt: H&M
Shorts: H&M
Hat: Old Navy

Beach Baby

15 Jul









A couple weeks ago P and I headed to my parents 3 hours north while Eric attended a bachelor party in Chicago. My parents only live 15 minutes from Lake Michigan so a quick stop was a must. We went to the beach in New Buffalo, Michigan. It’s a cute little tourist town and I’ll have another post soon with something else we did there. We didn’t have our suits and the beach was packed but I just wanted him to experience sand between his toes. Mission accomplished.


Cock-a-doodle “I Do!” Part IV

3 Jul












Eric’s extended family is big. Not sure I’ve mentioned that before. But on his dad’s side he is 1 of 28 cousins. And those 28 cousins have already had a total of 18 offspring and not quite half of the 28 are even married yet…so yea big AND growing by the minute. And the best part is that even at that size everyone is really close to each other…no wait, actually the best part is that everyone loves to dance, yes that is definitely the best part. So it may have gotten a little crazy on the dance floor…wish I had pictures, but I was too busy dancing, duh! I’m sure the photographer ninja (Honey + Salt Studio) snapped some. Speaking of, you should visit her blog. She posted a sweet recap of her own and the pictures are amazing! Parker was in the nursery at the school being watched by his favorite babysitter but we did bring him out during Casey and his moms dance because they decided they wanted all mothers and sons to come out and dance along with them. So P and I got our first mother/son dance. It was quite fun, although kid needs to learn to lead a little better! I’m a little sad this wedding series must come to an end, but best wishes to Casey & Jill! Definitely an incredible day!


Part I, Part II, Part III

Cock-a-doodle “I Do!” Part III

2 Jul

It’s finally time for the reception details!! Go ahead and take a gander…














DIY is probably an understatement. For only having a 5 month engagement it’s pretty much amazing everything they accomplished – and accomplished with what honestly seemed like very little stress or last minute rushing. From all the tissue paper flower centerpieces, to the homemade jam wedding favors, to painting the tree for their fingerprint guest book, to BAKING THEIR OWN WEDDING CAKE (it took 48 eggs from my in-laws chickens and a close friend decorated) – I really mean they did it all. Oh yea, can’t forget my father-in-law also built the cake stand and the chicken coop card holder. And it is of course worth mentioning the bunting on the head table was made by me! I actually made it for Jill’s bridal shower I hosted but she saved it for the wedding too. They hired a caterer for the main meal of course (they aren’t completely crazy) and I really wish I got a picture of the food because they did a breakfast theme since it’s their favorite meal and it included a build-your-own Belgian waffle bar and breakfast burrito bar. There was also cheese, fruit, scones and quiches out the wazoo (we still have leftovers). The venue was in the dining hall of a private elementary school here in Indy. It actually is not for rent, but my mother-in-law works there and was able to make it happen. Eric said he is never drinking out of another glass other than the “hillbilly wine glass” that Jill made for all the bridal party. I’ll “cheers” to that! Only one more installment left (I know you’re sad) – the actual reception in action!

In case you missed Part I or Part II here you go!