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Old Gold Weekend

13 Oct








Last weekend we headed to DePauw for Old Gold Weekend. Eric and I both graduated from DPU (Eric the year before I), but we actually didn’t know each other or date until post college. Very odd considering how small DePauw is, how many mutual friends we found out we shared and the fact that all that separated his fraternity from my sorority was a parking lot. We also attended many of the same semi-formals and formals, yet never had a conversation (that we can remember anyway, ha). I’ve also scoured all my college photos hoping to find him the background, but nope nothing! We both agree that really it’s the best of both worlds – we each had our own college experience, yet we both understand the DePauw dynamic and are able to listen and appreciate each others college stories easier since we “get it.” It’s also not like we have to pull each others arms and legs to attend alumni functions, since we’re both equally excited to reminisce and see old friends. This was actually the 3rd time Parker has been to DePauw (2nd time outside the womb) – but this was his first time at a football game and inside a fraternity. Don’t worry I did not let him crawl around on the fraternity floor…I mean I’m not a germphobe….but everyone has their limits!

*Parker’s hat was a sweet newborn gift from one of Eric’s college friends (pretty sure it’s from an Etsy shop, but I wouldn’t put it past Greg if he knew how to knit). They both played baseball together at DPU and the 7 on the paw was Eric’s number.


Weekend of Firsts

23 Jul

We attended a wedding in Erie, PA this past weekend (E was one of the groomsmen) and after going through all my photos I realized there were lots of “firsts” for Parker!

First long road trip! 8 hours both ways and not one crying fit!


First time meeting Lesley, Chantress & Emma (AKA Parker’s first girlfriend). On our way to Erie we stopped in Columbus, OH so I could catch up with these fine folks and introduce Parker. I went to college with Lesley, but didn’t get to know Chantress until last summer when we were both bridesmaids in Lesley’s wedding. A month after the wedding we both released the news that we were pregnant (meaning we were both keeping our pregnancy a secret at the wedding and dodging alcoholic drinks without being too suspicious, haha) and when we found out our due dates were only 5 days a part we became pregnancy pen pals. It was so nice to have someone to compare pregnancy notes with and I think the phrase “is this normal?” came up more times than I can count. Emma was born Feb 16th so they are only 2 weeks a part and we still keep in touch weekly with photo texts and milestones of our babies. I was so excited for Parker & Emma to meet. Isn’t she the cutest thing ever!?




First time staying in a hotel! If only a hand towel would wrap all the way around my waist, haha.


First time having a paid babysitter! We brought my 15 year old niece, Mikayla, along so she could watch Parker in the hotel so Eric and I could attend all the wedding festivities baby free. Best! Decision! Ever! She was so wonderful and I know Parker had lots of fun with her.


First time at the zoo! Erie, PA has a very nice zoo and someone even told me it is considered the first established zoo in the US. Don’t quote me on that, just what I heard! Either way the kangaroos were our favorite!






First carousel ride! This was located at the zoo Parker seemed to think it was fun!




And of course I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the real reason for our whole weekend – the wedding! Congrats Scott & Jennifer. We wish you a lifetime of happiness and we’re so glad we could be there to share your special day.



27 Apr



Tuesday was Parker’s first playdate with a baby that he wasn’t related to. Griffin is around 6 weeks younger and was only an ounce smaller than Parker at birth so it’s crazy to see how much Parker has grown! Griffin and Parker both rock the same chicken legs and dark hair.

I grew up with Griffin’s mama, Chelsea. We went to all the same schools growing up and also cheered together in high school. Once graduating high school though we went our separate ways and lost touch as many people do. So now almost 10 years later we were finally able to reconnect over our cute little boys! We only live like 15 minutes from each other too so we hope to plan more playdates soon! The boys obviously did not do too much playing, just laying and us forcing them to look at each other, haha.


20120427-164722.jpgWe had a couple cranky spells as you can see from the picture, which just meant they were ready for some shut eye.


So we let them sleep as Chelsea and I caught up on old high school drama & gossip, haha. I mean playdates are as much for the babies as they are for the moms, right!?

Beach Baby

23 Oct

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Arthur Film

Last weekend I traveled to Jacksonville, FL for a friend’s wedding. Eric had work obligations back home so I got to spend the weekend with Christiana and her boy, Daniel – who happens to be a photographer/videographer on the side – so thanks for some of these pictures!

 The weather was perfect. The wedding was perfect. I’m so glad I was able to attend! Plus, how cute are these two? Allison & Alex are about to embark on a 3 month honeymoon around the globe and I can’t wait to follow them on their journey through their blog. Hey, I may even have a baby to introduce to them by the time they get back!

Photo Courtesy of Annie Sturgis Photography

First night there we went to a fabulous dinner at Ragtime. I was introduced to this restaurant a year and a half ago and the meal I had then was so delish I had to get it again. If you’re ever in the area you have to try the shrimp n grits…it does not disappoint!

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Arthur Film

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Arthur Film
The next morning we all happened to wake up at 6:45 and so we decided to go to the beach and watch the sunrise. Totally worth it.

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Arthur Film

After a day of mani/pedis and relaxing on the beach it was time for the wedding. Which, sidenote: the nail salon had massage chairs and it was set on vibrate mode. After a few minutes of watching my belly move like a bowl full of jelly I kindly asked the tech to turn it off. I don’t know if shaken baby syndrome can happen inside the womb, but I decided not to take any chances!   

The baby app on my phone recently informed me that Parker would now be able to tell if I was being stationary or dancing. So you can bet I got my dance on. If this kid learns one thing from me, it’s that dancing at weddings is not a choice in this family- it’s an obligation. If you feel the music the moves will follow.

Christiana & Daniel


Lesley & Danielle loving on the bump

 This was definitely the perfect way to wrap up wedding season 2011. On an ironic note, the day I took down their wedding invitation from our fridge was the same day I received our first “save the date” for next year! Better teach Park some dance moves – and quick!

Gender Reveal Photo Recap

10 Oct

Because pictures are worth a thousand words, I thought it would be better to share a few of my favorite photos instead of posting a lengthy, wordy blog about the day. I included my sources for inspiration at the bottom. And if you missed my earlier post that included a video of the reveal that can be seen here.

Dessert Bar


Team Boy or Team Girl?


Blue icing was stuffed in the middle


Blue Moon to represent Boy. Leinenkugel Berry Weiss to represent Girl.


Some of the guests showing off their guess


The box that hid the balloons (who knew the hot water heater box from May would come in handy?)


It's a Boy!


Floating Away


Eric & I with our excited parents and grandparents (or should I say excited soon-to-be grandparents & great-grandparents!)


Fun with Friends


Banjo is already such a proud big brother! (or incredibly scared because he can't figure out why the balloons keep following him)


Ready to test drive this parenting gig

Sources (If I found the idea online I included the link):
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip w/ pretzels & animal crackers
Baked Brie & Crackers: I mixed dried cranberries, honey & pecans. Poured it over the top & baked it for 20 min at 400 degrees
Cupcakes: “Fun in Da Middle” box mix (I found them at Kroger) w/ funfetti icing
Shortbread bottle & pacifier shape icing cookies: Made courtesy of Aunt Jill & Great Aunt Mary – sorry, secret family recipe
Lemon Bars: Krusteaz brand box mix from Kroger
Bunting: Self-made w/ extra scrapbook paper, yarn & sponge stamps I already had
Chalkboard Signs on Dessert Bar: $1 picture frames from the Dollar Store. Spray painted the glass with chalkboard paint & the frame with yellow spray paint. (I actually already had these on hand from something else & didn’t make them just for the party.)
Cupcakes Liners: A kit from Michael’s Craft Store
Mustache & Lips Gender Guess: It was a play on this idea
Balloon Box: Quilt was an heirloom passed down from Eric’s Aunt. Bought black posterboard, cut it in a heart & wrote “Boy or Girl” in chalk in front.
Balloons: Purchased at our local Factory Card & Party Outlet

Onesie Funsie

6 Sep

There are so many onesie’s out there that make me smile or chuckle because they remind me of someone in my life. So I thought it would be fun to choose a few of my favorites and explain why they are a perfect onesie for that particular person. If you click on the picture it will take you to the site where the onesie can be found. 

Eric – AKA Dad

He already plays the blame game with the dogs, so baby needs to be prepared with a onesie in order to defend him/herself when he tries his crazy finger pointing anctics on them. I challenge our child to try and produce a smell worse than dad…I just don’t think it can be done.

Aunt Jill – Eric’s sister

Jill’s minor for her PhD is Food Studies. She is hardcore into gardening, raising chickens (for eggs), the local slow food movement and anything organic. She also has a blog that tracks everything! That makes this the perfect onesie for her little niece or nephew to wear while they help weed the garden (sorry baby, it’s always the job of the new person on the block, so you’re going to have to tough it out like I did).

Uncle Michael – my brother

My brother has been into music for as long as I can remember. From listening to it, producing it and writing it, he has had his hand in it all. I’m sure he’ll find a way to make a baby DJ out of his niece or nephew. Just remember Uncle Michael, no music with “parental advisory” on the label!

“Aunt” Christiana – this girl, AKA my BFF

There were so many angles I could have gone with in regards to a onesie that reminds me of Christiana, but I chose political. She majored in Political Science, worked on the Obama campaign and is very passionate about her viewpoints and the way the world turns. I can’t wait for her to talk to our baby about foreign policy, the state of the union and the importance of voting…mainly because it will be a great way to make a fussy newborn fall asleep….. (:

“Uncle” Adrian – a close college friend of Eric’s

If anyone was born and bred to be an Indy 500 lifer, Adrian is that guy. No one puts him in the corner on race day. So Memorial Weekend you can bet our little one will be sporting this onesie along with some baby jorts and a checkered bottle full of milk to chug at the finish line with the winner. It could be a big year if the kiddie pool is actually used for a kid for once.

“Aunt” Breena – one of my closest friends

Breena’s style is a mixture of hipster and vintage and she is very engaged in the arts & culture community. From finger painting masterpieces to hand puppet theatre to folk rock nursery rhyme sing-a-longs she will be the babysitter that makes sure our child has a hand & ear in the creative world all while having a rocking good time.

Badass Book Club – AKA “BBC” for the little one’s that need earmuffs

2 and a half years or…3 weddings, 2 babies plus one in the oven, couple new jobs and an engagement ago a group comprised of myself and almost a dozen others started a book club. Most of us were strangers to each other and we had no idea where it would lead or how it would work but we went with it and we’re still here and have become such close friends. I am certain that the 9ish meetings this baby will attend in womb will guarantee he or she will come out detesting the book Postcards, impatient for slow service and a highly vocal opinion on which celebrities should play certain characters in YA books turned movies.

Now I feel like shopping! Feel free to link up any fun onesie’s you have found in the comments section!

“Start Spreading the News…”

9 Aug

While Eric and I were both equally excited to tell our friends and family that we were expecting, we both had different ways of doing so. Really it comes down to the difference in a man’s personality verse a woman’s if you ask me. I pointed it out once how all he does is get to the point right away and not build up any excitement or surprise and he was basically like, “guys don’t talk to each other like that.” Therefore, all of Eric’s conversations would go as such:

Eric: Hey, by the way, Mel’s pregnant

Friend: That’s awesome. Congrats! [insert witty comment referring to Eric’s man parts working properly]

Eric: Yea, we’re pretty excited.

Friend: Was it planned?

Eric: Yea

Friend: Sweet. Let’s go drink a beer.

Eric: Sounds good. Mel can be the DD!

I, on the other hand, liked to make a comment out-of-the-blue that forced them to come to the realization on their own and being like, “Wait, what? You’re pregnant?!?” before jumping up and down, flapping their arms and getting all emotional like girls tend to do.

Example 1:

Scene: Seeing my mom as she arrived to the airport before our flight left for Italy.

Mom: You look like you’re losing weight.

Me: Well that’s weird because I should be gaining weight

Example 2:

Scene: Walking around the leaning tower of Pisa with my mother-in-law

Deb: I’ve seen so many cute things I want to buy while in Italy.

Me: So have you given any thought as to what souvenir you’re going to buy for your grandbaby?

But my favorite example has to be how I told my best friend, Christiana. I had ample time to plan this one. Christiana lives in Indianapolis and she knew that Eric and I were ready for a baby so it was hard to catch her off guard since usually her first question was always, “Are you pregnant yet?” Finally at one point I told her Eric and I weren’t going to start trying until after I got back from Italy so that I didn’t have to worry about morning sickness and I also told her that no matter what I wasn’t going to tell her if I was pregnant until I was 12wks along so she may as well stop asking. Honestly, I probably would have told Christiana much earlier than 12wks but during her break from teaching Christiana flew to her parents house in Connecticut for the summer and I knew it would be worth it to wait and tell her in person. So in late July Christiana finally returned from her trip and we planned a reunion dinner with our other close friends, Breena & Jessica. I had told Breena the news right when I got back from Italy and because Breena needs to work on her poker face Jessica knew as well. 🙂

Luckily, Christiana never questioned Breena or Jessica about the possibility of me being pregnant because in her head the earliest there would ever be news would be sometime in September since she didn’t think we were even trying for a baby until mid June.

So the plan. Since Breena already knew the news I roped her in on how I wanted to tell Christiana. Basically I was going to bring my camera to dinner (which is nothing new, I always have my camera on me) and I was going to say, “Say cheese!” and then take a pic of Breena and Jessica. I was then going to hand my camera over the Breena and ask her to take a pic of Christiana and I. Instead of saying, “Say cheese!” Breena was going to say, “Say Mel’s pregnant!” and then snap the pic and hopefully capture Christiana’s surprised expression. Besides forgetting to set my camera on an “action/sports setting” to deter blurriness – since obviously there was going to be much movement when she found out – the plan worked flawlessly.  Here is the plan in motion:

“Say cheese!”

“Say Mel’s pregnant!”

Post college I never thought Christiana and I would live in the same city again, but I am so extremely happy & blessed that she will be here for Eric & I’s new journey. She is going to be an amazing “aunt” that will not only make sure my child is never out of style but will also teach him/her how to properly make flash cards to help them study in school. Love you!