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10 Month Update

30 Dec


On December 1st Parker turned 10 months old! November was a fun month as we had my birthday to celebrate, his Aunt Jill’s birthday to celebrate, along with his first Thanksgiving.


One of his milestones I already blogged separately about – walking with his push toy.  He also added “kisses on command” to his repertoire. They are sloppy and open-mouthed, but yet you still can’t help to ask for them over and over. He also keeps his eyes open which is creepy and hilarious. I told him just to keep it up – he doesn’t need to find a girlfriend any time soon and kissing like this is definitely going to keep him single. Another new talent is giving a high five. If someone holds up their hand and asks him to give them a “high five” he will clap his hand on yours, which is pretty cute.


This boy is also obsessed with climbing. He has no fear. Stairs are his best friend – which is funny that he is so good at them because the only stairs we have at our house are our basement ones and since they are steep and not carpeted we never let him climb them so there have only been a couple times where he was around stairs and he couldn’t get enough. If Eric or I are on the floor he also prefers to crawl over our legs or body instead of around. If a toy or something is wedged up by the couch he will try and step on it so he can climb on the couch. I definitely have to keep my eyes open and ears alert at all times – which makes working from home rather difficult – but we manage.



A downer of a milestone is that we had our first cold. Luckily it wasn’t too bad. He had a stuffy nose that turned runny and a cough but he never actually acted sick (still ate and slept fine) or like anything was bothering him. So overall, not that bad of an experience, but you still feel bad when they are under the weather.


I mentioned last month how Parker loves electronics and on my iPhone and iPad I have several videos of Parker and he gets bouncing up and down excited when I show them to him. I feel like he realizes it’s himself – either that or he at least recognizes that it’s another baby, which is something else he gets excited about now when we’re out and about. He loves babbling to other babies he sees in public.


Before going down for a nap I always change his diaper and then we sit in the rocker and I read the same book (which is seen in a couple of the pictures in this post, like the one above). I love this book because besides the message – I love you because you’re you – it is a cardboard book which means Parker helps turning the pages without ripping them, yet it is still a decent length and is bigger than most cardboard books. He gets a huge grin when I start and sits peacefully through the whole thing and at the end I sit it to the side and rock him the rest of the way to sleep. I tried changing up the book once and it just threw everything off – so we keep with it!



As you can tell, he is a wild man – loves splashing, jumping and anything that gives him “butterflies.” He loves to be thrown in the air, flown all over the house, held upside-down, etc. Adrenaline junkie to say the least.



The one thing that was really helpful during Parker’s cold was the fact that he LOVES medicine. He gets really excited and a big smile when I bring the dispensor full of medicine. It’s like candy to him. He drinks it down easily and happily, which makes life a lot easier let me tell you – especially since this past month (which I’ll write more about in his 11 month post) he had an ear infection and fever that meant a rotation of tylenol and ibuprofen for several days in a row as well as amoxicillian in the morning and night. I can’t even imagine what kind of stress that would have caused if he would have fought me over taking it.


I always struggle coming up with dislikes because he just really is easy going. However he still doesn’t like diaper changes – or maybe it’s just the being forced to lay on his back on the changing table – either way that is still a fight pretty much every single time. I do have a handful of “toys” (i.e. comb, brush, wipes) that he doesn’t normally get that I’ll give him to help distract and that usually helps for a bit and sometimes singing to him works too, but overall he just does not like to be contained.



Having his first cold came with using what I call the “snot sucker,” although I believe the proper term is nasal syringe. It would take both Eric and I to hold him still so we could get the job done. We do have a Nose Frida, which when used works more efficiently than the regular bulb ones, however the Nose Frida doesn’t really fit up in his nose and so it was much harder to get him still long enough to use that so we stuck with the old school one.



Below are his stats:


Weight: 20 lbs (last month: 19lbs, 15 oz)

Height: 29″ long (last month: 28″)

Head: 18.25″ (last month: 18″)

Growing, growing, growing. I pretty much don’t buy any clothes under 12 months. All PJ’s are at least 18 months. Shoes are size 2 or 3 depending on brand. Still in size 3 diapers.


I mentioned in his 9 month post how my milk was starting to dry up and so he was getting half formula, half my milk. Well near the beginning of November my milk completely dried up and so now he is all formula. I’ll admit, I was a little sad since I was hoping to make it to a year, but luckily he had zero issues transferring to formula which made the process a lot easier. And now that it’s done I can also say I’m really loving not to have to pump multiple times a day! I still would if I could (and will again for any future babies) but the freedom is oh-so-nice.  As for solid food there hasn’t been much change since he still only has the one bottom lower tooth. People say he will still eat just fine and that he’ll gum it, but I admit I’m a wuss and get too nervous about choking so I stick to foods that I know he can mush up easily – like bananas, avocados, puffs, yogurt melts, eggs, etc. He still eats baby food too. I also still haven’t found anything he refuses so that’s a plus! He just likes food! I also dilute juice (we’ve tried apple and pear so far) in some water and he is a fan. However, I learned quick that apple juice makes for multiple not-nice diapers so I’m careful with that now!


And finally, diaper count and an outtake. The outtake is another example of non-toys I dug out of my stash to make him smile and sit still. I don’t think we’ve ever used the giant grill baster when cooking, but at least it’s getting some action now. The black and white photo makes me laugh only because I think it looks like he’s about to start “Tebowing.”





9 Month Update

30 Nov

Yes, I know, this picture below is actually the one I decided to go with. That is because I only got 2 of him on his back and the first was most definitely not usable. He just wanted nothing to do with this part of the shoot and so I made plans to just try again the next day and then never did so I’m going with it. Keeping it real, if you will!
First my apologies with being so late with this post – you know since he turns 10 months tomorrow! Time just kept getting away with me. I had grand plans on getting this post out within a day or two of him turning 9 months, but then his 9 month well visit (which was supposed to be the day after he turned 9 months) ended up being re-scheduled for mid November because our pediatricians’ wife had their baby two months early (back in September) and our appointment happen to fall on the babies release date from the hospital. And then once we had his appointment (and therefore his growth stats) Thanksgiving and other busy-ness came along and this just kept going on the back burner.
Anyways, enough with the excuses – we finally have a tooth! Yay! A little white bud finally sprouted on his bottom left gum. Unfortunately the way his mouth is, it is impossible to ever see it and I still haven’t gotten a great picture of it. But hopefully more teeth will follow soon! Parker really likes repeating things we do. I blow a raspberry, he blows a raspberry. I say “mama,” he says “mama.” I say “dada,” he says “dada” – you get the idea. He also like to mimic people when they cough. The sharing “like” is mainly of one thing and that is his pacifier. We have this game we play in the morning where I steal his pacifier and put the plastic end in my mouth (with the nipple facing out) and he’ll either reach with his mouth and grab it or use his hands and grab it and put the rubber end in his mouth. He will then take it out of his mouth and put it in my face for me to grab with my mouth again. Perhaps not the most sanitary game but we are so over germ sharing and slobber at this point. Sometimes when I’m rocking him to sleep out of no where in a dreamy state he will also grab his pacifier out of his mouth and try to put it in mine – cuteness!
He has learned the pincer grip to pick up objects. The main point of this is to pick up and feed himself food. He has the picking up part great but the making it into his mouth part is only so/so. Usually he lets go too soon and whatever he is holding falls to the floor or he likes to just pick up his food and play with it – how come anything non-food related always goes directly in the mouth while actual food does not? We will never know. It’s also been funny how he has been able to crawl everywhere and pull himself up for a while now, but the whole going from standing back to sitting took longer to master. In the beginning he would basically have to fall to get back down. He just couldn’t figure out how to sit back down with grace. But then slowly he learned how to squat and now he’s quick to get in whatever position is needed. But it’s really neat to watch him realize “cause and effect.” He knows if he sits down too fast he will lose balance and fall, so he is always careful and methodical about making sure he is safely on the ground before completely letting go with his hands whatever he has been holding onto.
All of his likes are pretty self-explanatory. It shouldn’t be any surprise that he loves standing and crawling since they are new to his repertoire. Like a lot of babies he really loves playing with paper (anything crinkly) and has a love for our cell phones, remote controls, i-pad, keyboard, mouse etc. Since I work from home I always have my laptop out, but now that he crawls and pulls up I have to keep it at a safe distance because as soon as his hands are within reach they slam down on the keys – usually hitting some combination of keys that of course shuts down and/or freezes everything. He is also fascinated with our regular ol’ broom. Nothing special about this, he just really likes watching me sweep. And then one day when he was sitting in his high chair I handed it to him and it occupied him for a good while. Now I use that trick when I need to wash dishes or cook in the kitchen without too much interruption. I mean a baby that likes to clean? He definitely didn’t get that from me, but I’ll take it!
You may have seen his amber teething necklace in some previous pictures. I saw this necklace everywhere online from other mommy bloggers I follow and so once he started teething and I realized how costly medicine is (given the amount you have to give them) as well as the fact I just felt weird “drugging him” so often with said medicine, I thought I would give this a try. For those that don’t know, it is not a necklace that babies chew on – which has been an assumption from several people when I say “teething necklace.” The necklace is made of amber stone. Amber is known for its medical/healing properties when worn. It is supposed to reduce inflammation and therefore symptoms related to teething. He usually has it on at all times except when he sleeps and bathes. Because of how often I had seen it used on other blogs I thought it was a pretty common thing. Yet, once I got it and he wore it out in public I realized most of the general population has absolutely no idea what it is or why I would put a necklace on a baby. They also second-guess his gender a lot and assume “he” must be a “she.” But oh well. So far we have had zero fevers, zero over cranky-ness, zero ear aches and few sleep issues from teething so I’ll take people thinking he is a hippie chick. I bought my necklace from the OneAlaskanMama shop on Etsy if you are interested.
One of the few things that is guaranteed to make him cry is to open the door with him right there and then close it without letting him go outside. He gets so devastated when he can’t be outside – he just loves it. Which makes me question what this winter will be like! We open and close our door a lot since we have two dogs to let out to go to the bathroom so it’s not really something I can get around not having to do! He will be in the living room and I’ll open the door and it just breaks my heart to watch him crawl with all his energy and might thinking, “maybe this time, I’ll get there before she shuts the door,” just for me to shut the door before he gets there – his pouty face is the worst. That’s what we get for living in cold winter Indiana!
Overall his sleep was very good this month. He is still on a 7pm – 7am schedule, with two naps – on at 9am and one at 1pm. At night he falls asleep in the rock n’ play while eating his last bottle. After he finishes we pick him up (asleep) and move him into his crib. For his naps I darken the room, read him a book and then rock him to sleep. I really see what people mean about having a schedule. Since the timing is so predictable for him now, it usually only takes 5-10 minutes of rocking and he is out. I then lay him in his crib and creep out. Which makes me think. You know what would be funny? A video montage showing footage of parents sneaking out of their kids nursery (or maybe there already is one somewhere? If you know of one please let me know). I mean there have been times after I lay him down that he starts to stir and I know if he sees me all bets are off so I drop to the floor so fast you would think I’m in the middle of a convenience store robbery. I’ve memorized every floor creek and groan and have perfected the army crawl. Seriously, sometimes I’m on the floor thinking, “I wonder if there are other people out there doing this right now- please tell me I’m not the only weirdo that worms across their kids floor,” as well as “I really wish I had my cell phone right now so I could text Eric in the other room to look at the baby monitor and let me know if he looks asleep yet.” Funny stuff!
As for eating, it is pretty much the same ‘ol. I have added puffs and yogurt melts – he loves the melts and will tolerate the puffs. We have started to incorporate formula with the breast milk now. I know I mentioned last month that my supply suddenly dwindled (which I thought was just because I came down with a cold – come to find out I made the connection it was actually because my wonderful “monthly visitor” returned) and so I was using my frozen stash as well as the little bit that I was pumping. Well we finished the frozen stash and right before he turned 9 months we started doing all bottles with half my milk and half formula. I was really nervous about that first bottle I will admit. Not because I have anything against formula – I don’t at all. It’s just we’ve had zero issues for almost 9 months with breast milk and it is what he was used to so I was just hoping that 1) the taste wasn’t so different he would refuse it and 2) that it wouldn’t bother his stomach or anything. I’ve heard of some babies having to try several formulas before finding one that fits.
To my surprise he actually didn’t even flinch. It was like it was the same thing he’d always been drinking. I had a couple different kinds of formulas from free samples I had received and even when I switched those out he still didn’t seem to mind so that was reassuring! But I have to admit, even though I was really hoping to be able to transition him straight from my milk to cow milk without doing any formula, it is so nice to not be pumping as much. Holy cow, that takes a lot of time and a lot of dish washing. Wouldn’t change it for anything – but not really missing it now that it’s dwindling! The one thing I was naive about was how expensive formula is. I mean I knew the price tag from seeing it when I was buying other baby items, but what I didn’t realize was how fast you go through a canister. I don’t know why, but I just assumed one canister lasted a couple of weeks – a month maybe? Yes, I’m sure lots of you are laughing out there at me because those things, as you know, only last a few days and that’s with me supplementing half the bottle with my milk! So I feel very lucky (as does my wallet) that I was able to make it as long as I did with nursing.
Here are his stats:

Weight: 19 lbs, 15 oz – 50th percentile (last month: 19 lbs, 8 oz)

Length: 29″ – 68th percentile (last month: 29″ as well – but it was me who measured him last month compared to the doc so one of us could have been off)

Head: 18″ – 60th percentile (last month: 18″)

Clothing wise he is still in anywhere from 12-24 months for pajamas – seriously depends on the brand. Size 3 diapers. Shirts (that are not a onesie) he can still wear as small as 6 months, but mainly 9 months. Pants he is pretty much 12-18 months. Size 2 shoe. Onesie he usually needs at least 12-18 month, sometimes bigger if I want him to be able to wear it longer.

This was such a fun month. Parker really celebrated fall by going outside a lot, going to the pumpkin patch and having his first Halloween. Below is the diaper count as well as two photos that explain how I was able to get him to smile for this months photos. Any of him in the chair I got him to smile by poking him in the belly with a new package of black-out blinds that we have yet to hang. On the floor I got him to pay attention by sweeping his feet with the broom. I’m really happy his 10 month birthday falls on a Saturday so I can have Eric help me with the “making him smile” job, while I work on snapping pictures like a maniac. Trying to do both can be hard – not to mention making sure he doesn’t lunge off the chair or something.
Seeing he is 10 months tomorrow hopefully I see you again soon – fingers crossed I get my act together quicker this month!

8 Month Update

16 Oct


On October 1st Parker turned 8 months old. From month 7 to month 8 he had many physical developmental strides…the biggest of which was crawling! We had to create an area in our basement we call “babyland” to contain him while I do work. Within a few days time he learned to first transition from laying down to sitting up to getting in the crawling position. Once he mastered that he almost immediately figured out how to pull up and was doing so continuously in his pack n play and crib. A few days later he started crawling and then right after that he was scaling the crib to get to whichever side he prefered (I call him my spider monkey) and he started bending over to pick up toys off the ground while one hand was still holding onto something for support – CRAZY!


I couldn’t believe how quick it all happened. Now when we hold his hands and walk forward he will also take steps with us instead of us just dragging his feet along. Then one day he was supposed to be napping but instead was standing in his crib and he started jumping up and down on the mattress (like he was so proud at how defiant he was being) and so I took out my camera and started recording. In the middle of recording he started waving! At first I thought it was a fluke but then the more I waved back at him the more he would do it again.


I included the video below. Sorry, it’s a little lengthy – I just got a excited since he hadn’t done it before and I caught it on video! He isn’t a pro at waving yet, in fact most of the time he does it randomly when he feels like it and not so much when prompted.

All these new skills unfortunately caused a regression in sleep. As soon as he would start to toss and turn he would sit up and then stand up and then be stuck (he’s not too graceful when it comes to sitting back down) and then start to cry. Before he was good at putting himself back to sleep since he would still be laying down. It was definitely frustrating since we were used to having such a good little sleeper. The bad night time sleep then transitioned to bad naps as well. Finally it got to the point where both naps were only 15-30 minutes long and I decided something needed to be done.


I did some online and book research and decided to try to be more strict with his schedule and to put him to bed earlier. He was going to bed anytime between 8 and 9 and I changed it so he now goes to bed between 7 and 7:30 and then naps at 9am and 1pm. Honestly, I was surprised at how fast this schedule worked with his sleep cycle better. I thought babies would just get used to whatever time schedule you put them on, but apparently they have a mind of their own and don’t really care what schedule works better with your schedule 🙂


So as soon as I implemented this new schedule he started sleeping all through the night again for 12 hours straight (7pm-7am) and each nap is now 1-2 hours long. So much better! For now (in case people are curious) at night he falls asleep while drinking his bottle and then I put him in his crib and for his naps I rock him to sleep (which takes only 10 minutes tops) and then move him to his crib. I used to be able to get him to fall asleep on his own in the crib, but now that he can sit up that doesn’t work. I know there will come a time when I need to just let him fall asleep on his own again, but for now this is quick and works and he stays asleep once he falls asleep.


The hardest part is Eric and I getting used to him going to bed so early. We are always on the go and would just take Parker with us wherever, but now we really can’t make dinner plans unless it’s the senior citizen special at 5pm! But that’s ok because it’s much better for my sanity now that he is sleeping more scheduled.


We still have no teeth! This kid almost needs his first haircut, yet still doesn’t have a single tooth. He is a great eater and so I’m ready for him to get some teeth so we can try more solid foods. I do a mixture of making my own and buying pre-made. He doesn’t refuse anything – but he is least excited about green vegetables – green beans in particular. Like most babies, he loves fruit and he loves sweet potatoes and squash. He now gets squealy and excited as soon as he sees I have taken out his spoon to be fed – he loves eating!


This past month was also the first month I was more scheduled with feeding him 3 “meals” a day. Before it was kinda hit or miss how often I would feed him solids, but we have a legit breakfast, lunch and dinner now. Because of this he ended up dropping a bottle. He now drinks 4 (8) oz bottles a day. He still drinks solely breastmilk that I pump. I caught a cold near the end of September though and just like that my milk production dipped dramatically and so now I pump less than he eats and have to supplement with some of our frozen milk as well. Not sure how long the frozen will last! :/


But with all this eating he is definitely a growing boy! Won’t get another official doctor weigh-in until next month, but based on my calculations this is where he stands (although I will admit when I weighed him he had just had a bottle and I think needed a diaper change, so it could be a little inflated, haha):

Weight: 19 lbs, 8 oz (last month 17 lbs, 6 oz)
Length: 29″ (last month 28.5″)
Head: 18″ (last month 17.75″)

He is in size 12-18 months for pajamas and pants and can fit in a wide variety for shirts (6 month and 9 months are the norm, though). He wears size 3 diapers and size 2 or 3 shoe, depending. We are in the market for a convertible car seat now because I’m starting to have to squish him into his infant seat – he’s just too long!


Parker’s temperment is super laid back. He loves to people watch and is very curious. He is slow to upset and loves to be tossed up in the air and zoomed around our house like an airplane. He doesn’t show much, if any, separation anxiety. He will go to anyone and smile for anyone – which makes me really happy to see him make some strangers day when he easily gives them his huge grin. His favorite thing to do is just be out and about. He gets bored at home and so I try to leave the house at least once a day, whether for a walk or go grocery shopping or whatever. I have also joined a couple local mom groups so he can be around other babies every once in awhile – and so I can make some mom friends too! Can’t believe we are close to reaching the point where he has been outside my womb longer than he was in! Happy 8 months Parker!!


And now for the regularly scheduled programming of his diaper count and outtakes. This photo shoot actually took 2 days because Parker was just too much on the go and I didn’t want to make him to do too much because as you can see in his “dislike” picture, he doesn’t like to be told to sit still! We also took a lot of photo shoot timeouts to pull everything off the bookshelf multiple times.


This picture below cracks me up. I was setting up for his “stats” picture and was trying to adjust my camera for the lighting when he popped his head up and gave me a cute smile.


Here is what our day-to-day looks like in his nursery. Pull the books off, I put them back on, he pulls them off again.


That’s it! See you next month!

7 Month Update

13 Sep


On September 1st Parker turned 7 months! 7 months just sounds so much older than 6 months! And what a busy, but fun month we had! I have to admit though, he isn’t even crawling and I already feel like he is into everything so it is going to be a whole new ball game once those arms and legs figure out how to get places!


Lots of great milestones to talk about this month! I already wrote about Parker’s first swim lessons so I won’t go into that again. So we’ll start with using a sippy cup!

Like I mentioned last month Parker is into cups and so I decided to buy him a sippy cup to see what he would do and wouldn’t you know it, he grabbed that thing and put it in his mouth and drank water like it was nothing – been doing it for years! He sometimes has trouble remembering to tip the cup once the water gets low and in the beginning he was making some pretty disgusted faces at the taste of water, but overall he seems to enjoy drinking this way.


Earlier in August, Eric and I had a wedding (in town) but didn’t want to have to worry about rushing home to put him to bed and so Eric’s parents said they would keep him for his first overnight. It was really strange being able to sleep in and I also think I slept more soundly not worrying about every little noise I heard! Parker was also a trooper and went to sleep around 9pm and woke up at 7:30am like a good boy for them. I told him he has to behave that way they will never think twice about wanting to keep him overnight! Not that they would think twice anyway, but it makes me feel better knowing we’re dropping him off and he won’t be too much of a handful.


Sounds/words were a big improvement this month. From imitating us when we blow raspberries to actually saying “mama,” he is very good at begin vocal. Now, I’m honestly not convinced he is associating the word “mama” with myself, however he does only say it when he is tired and cranky and wants something – which sort of make me believe maybe he really is trying to get my attention. I included a video below so you can see for yourself!

“Baba” is just his favorite word to babble and is definitely not at anything in particular. It actually sounds more like “blahblah” because he usually says it while sticking out his tongue. Also along the line of words is recognizing his name. When we say “Parker” he now perks up and turns to us. For the longest time Eric and I would repeat his name over and over and over and he would continue to ignore us so we’re glad it’s finally paid off in him paying attention!


Finally, while he can’t pull himself up to this position, he loves it when I stand him up in his playpen or the coffee table or the couch and let him hold onto the edge. He can stand on his own and usually just occupies his time by chewing on whatever it is he is holding onto for balance.


Parker takes his bath in a tub that sits on our kitchen sink. He is definitely big enough to use our actual tub but we currently don’t have a stopper so our tub cannot be used for a bath so I’ve just kept up doing it in the kitchen. The main reason we need to move him is because he does not keep his hands and arms inside the ride at all times. No, no, no. He tries and grab the sponges, the paper towels, the curtains on the window and mainly the kitchen faucet. In fact the knob to turn on the water is just a single lever you pull in and out and Parker has figured it out. It’s actually comical because he’ll notice he doesn’t hear the faucet on, reach over and turn the faucet on and then go back to splashing in the water. I will then turn the faucet off and almost immediately he’ll realize he doesn’t hear the water running anymore and will reach over a turn it on again and just go back to splashing. This happens only a dozen or so times each bath. Water conservation is not his strong point.


He has also realized that my glasses are not a part of my face. Especially in the mornings after getting out of his crib he zeros in on those babies and can whip them off faster then I have time to react. They of course go immediately into his mouth. Not sure what it is, but he would rather play with my glasses then anything else.


So bumpers. Much to my dismay I had to give in. I am definitely on the anti-bumper side of the fence however when Parker turned 5 months and started rolling over his sleep also started regressing. I figured it was a normal thing and that there was nothing that I could really do and they he would just “grow out of it.” Well so from 5 months to 6 months he would randomly wake up in the middle of the night several times per week and it would take me anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to get him back to sleep. Well finally my lack of sleep was getting to me and I had realized a couple times when I came into his room that once he was on his stomach he would scoot himself into the corner and would be repeatedly banging his head on the crib, which would cause him to wake up in distress. So I initially looked into the mesh bumpers and while they may help with not getting arms and legs caught in the rungs they would not provide any cushion from him bumping into the edges at night so I broke down and got an actual bumper (which if you are in the market for a cheap one, I really love this one I got. I bought the white and Parker loves how soft it is).


I figured at 6 months if he is old enough to use blankets and out of the high SIDS risk then he would probably be fine with bumpers. Plus, his arms are free in the night since we don’t swaddle anymore so I wasn’t worried about him pushing his face against the side and not being able to move. And now after a month of using them, buying those dang bumpers was the best decision ever because first night with them and he slept perfectly fine all through the night. Second night and every night since, same thing. So we’re happily back to our 9pm – 8am sleep schedule. Now I realize he prefers to sleep on his side or stomach and so now at least if he does somehow get himself up in the corner or along an edge he is leaning against softness and not the hard wood of the crib. I also feel like maybe he feels cozier not being able to see anything other than the inside of the crib. Who knows. Either way, he is sleeping all night, which means I am sleeping all night, so it’s a win/win for everyone. I still will be anti-bumper in the beginning for future kids, but once they start rolling over I’ll be whipping these babies out again.


I like to call it the “net pop,” while the official name is Fresh Food Feeder. But either way, it is a big hit with Parker. In the beginning of trying foods he wasn’t much of a fan of me feeding him with a spoon so I did it this way and I think the net pop taught him to open his mouth for food because now he eats off a spoon much better. The jucier the food the better for Parker. He loves watermelon, especially. I also did a mixture of avocado and tomatoes (baby guacamole!) that was a big hit too, as well as chunky sweet potatoes. It’s definitely messy and a pain to clean but it’s nice for him to feed himself while Eric and I eat dinner.


I honestly had a hard time trying to think of dislikes this month because the kid is just so darn happy all the time. But these are a few current things that upset him. Our vacuum is annoyingly loud. It wasn’t like that when we first bought it so not sure what happened, but either way now when I run it someone has to be holding Parker or he gets super pouty. So yes, I’ve successfully learned to vacuum one handed.


The “staying on back during diaper changes” is probably more of a dislike for me than him, but he does usually start to cry when I have to keep him from rolling over. The previous 30 second diaper change now takes a good 3 minutes. He’s so quick!


Growing boy! These stats were taken by me so could be off some. We won’t get another official doctor weigh-in until 9 months.

Weight: 17 lbs., 6 oz (last month: 16lbs, 5 oz)

Length: 28.5″ long (last month: 28″ long)

Head: 17.75″ (last month: 17.5″)


And now for the diaper count and a few outtakes. It’s hard to get good outtakes now that he moves – over half of my pictures when I upload them are one big blur. A few of the candids below are when I was trying to get him to calm down by letting him play with some toys. I would then take the toy away which would cause him to look at me and get excited – whatever works to get the shot! You can see what I have to deal with. One thing is for sure and that is for a future child, while I’ll still do monthly photo shoots, I am not going to do like 10 poses or whatever I’m doing now. I clearly didn’t think about how hard it would be to get all the same shots once he was older and mobile!



Someone thinks they are He-Man. No worries, no babies or lamps were injured. The lamp base is wedged between the rocker and wall so it wasn’t going anywhere. But he is obsessed with pulling the lamp! Makes him feel strong!



This is the holder for his comb and brush and on the bottom of the holder is a mirror. He likes looking at himself!

See you next month!!!

6 Month Update

8 Aug


I don’t even know how to start this post. I mean 6 months! Half of a year! Before we know it we’ll be blowing out candles…I guess I need to get on planning that big first birthday party (who are we kidding, anyone that knows me, knows ideas have been long in the works!) By the way close family & friends it will be Saturday, February 2nd so mark your calendars!


In a way it was actually kind of hard to think of milestones this month…not because he isn’t changing, but just because this month seemed to be more of an enhancement of previous milestones rather than completely new ones. But we did accomplish a biggie! Sitting up! It’s so fun to be able to just plop him down now and have him see the world from this angle. He is much happier and content for longer periods of time and will reach and grab/drag toys around him and actually play! I use my maternity pillow as a ring of cushion around him in case he topples – still a little wobbly – but he gets better balancing on that bottom every day!


And now that he can sit up I’ve started putting him in the front seat of grocery carts. I received a grocery cart cover from a friend and use it when I know I’ll be shopping for a longer time or if the cart looks especially gross. But more than germ protection the thing I like about the cover is it has loops so I can attach his stroller toys. It’s so nice to not have to worry about a carseat or stroller or baby-wearing (my back really thanks me) and every other tactic I tried to comfortably shop prior.

I also noticed when changing his diaper that he has a faint little mole on his upper thigh – his first beauty mark! I don’t think moles are that exciting, haha, but it will interesting to see as he gets older where they pop up and they are great identification characteristics. I immediately imagined Parker being kidnapped or lost and telling the police officer, “he has a mole on his upper right thigh…look for that mole!” I know, I’m weird…but parenting makes you crazy so I’ve learned.

Finally we’ve entered the “teething stage.” Now he doesn’t have any teeth that have popped up, but according to our pediatrician all signs point to any day now. He has the constant slobbers, bulging gums, he tugs at his ears sometimes (no fevers or anything luckily but I’ve heard new teeth can cause the strangest systems) and his sleep has regressed some. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Month 7 came with the milestone “first tooth!”

On to some likes! Oh the power of Raffi. Even if you think you don’t know who Raffi is, you do. When Parker received this CD from his Aunt Jill I didn’t think I had heard of him, but once I played the songs I knew close to half of them. I honestly thought Parker was too little to really have a preference for music, but oh no, how wrong I was. The majority of the time Parker is an awesome car buddy. He usually sleeps and if he is awake he entertains himself in the mirror back there or jabbers to himself. However, there have been a handful of times when he is hungry or in a cranky mood and no matter how much I try to talk to him or sing to him or turn up my own music (usually country) it doesn’t work. Enter Raffi. EVERY SINGLE TIME he has been upset in the car I turn Raffi up loud and proud and not only do the tears stop, but he’ll actually start smiling. I mean this guy has a 100% winning steak with Park. It’s kind of comical how well it works – although I will mention Parker is particular about which songs. His favorite is the one about the duck with the feather on his back….you know, the duck that led the others to go “quack, quack, quack!” See I told you, you know Raffi!

Parker’s other new-found like is feeding himself. Even though it’s quicker and cleaner to feed him myself I feel like I’m doing him a disservice by not letting him feed himself if that’s what he wants to do – afterall it’s not like I’m going to be feeding him the rest of his life. He usually takes the spoon (which I preload with whatever food he is eating) and will stick it in his mouth and then continue to suck the life out of the spoon until I take it from him and put more food on it. He’s not quite ready to try and scoop out the food himself, but I’m sure that day will come soon.

Now some dislikes, started with a big one! Oh poor baby and his night terrors. Luckily there have only been a couple of incidents. Usually if Parker wakes up after putting him down for the night he’ll start slightly whining or even just talking to himself and that’s why I knew when a night terror happened for the first time that it had to be something completely different. Without warning he just started screaming in a scared, not hurt, way. I rushed into his nursery and picked him up and he still wouldn’t calm down and he wouldn’t open his eyes. He had tears coming down his face but otherwise it seemed like he was still asleep. I had heard you aren’t supposed to wake up people when they are having one so instead I just sat and held him and rocked him until he eventually calmed down (the whole ordeal probably only lasted a few minutes even though it seemed a lot longer at the time). I then looked it up online and all the symptoms definitely rang true of night terrors, although his age is a little on the young side from when they normally happen. But I read that they usually happen when a child is extremely tired and within an hour to an hour and a half after going to sleep. Both were true in Parker’s case that night, he woke up almost an hour on the dot from when we put him down. Luckily it hasn’t happened again in a couple weeks now so we’ve just been trying to make sure to put him down before he seems overly tired. Another thing we noticed with his sleep is that there have been a couple times when he’s freaked out when he wakes up and doesn’t see anyone and isn’t in a familar location. I’ve read seperation anxiety is usually a trait that begins to show around this age so I’m guessing it has to do with that.

The falling over has to do with him still being wobbly when sitting up. He always has a person or pillows to catch him (ok, there have been a couple slight head banging on the floor incidents but he was fine & over it in a couple seconds, he has a big hard head like dad) but he still gets angry since he hasn’t figured out how to get in the sitting position by himself. Once he falls over he is stuck until someone sits him back up!

And finally the “whale voice” probably needs a little explanation. One day I was trying to make Parker laugh when he was cranky and so Eric and I started to talk to him in the whale voice that Dori does in finding Nemo (you know, what I’m talking about). Anyway, even though we found it hysterical Parker would gets the biggest pouty lip quiver and his eyes started filling with tears. Even when in a non-cranky mood he still isn’t much of a fan. We think he’s just sad he can’t speak whale yet.

Alright, last month all stats were taken by me, but we officially have some doctor taken stats for you!

Weight: 16 lbs, 5 oz; 25th percentile (14 lbs, 2 oz last month)

Length: 27.5″ long; 75th percentile (27″ last month)

Head: 17.5″; 75th percentile (17″ last month)

So either my scale was off when I weighed him or he gain over 2 pounds in one month! Which, he definitely has filled out so it wouldn’t surprise me. It’s funny how proud you feel too when you go the doctor and see that he has been growing just as he should be. Also, he received shots again at this appointment and the kid must be taking training tactics from Chuck Norris because he literally made one little squeak of a cry after the two shots then immediately grabbed the paper on the table and ripped it incredible hulk style as if to say “nobody messes with me and gets away with it!”

Below is the diaper count along with a couple extras!

On average we’ve been using around 250 per month which is one bulk box of diapers that we buy off Amazon. Still the cheapest I’ve found (in the Pampers Swaddlers brand) and free shipping!

Inappropriate monkey handling. Boys will be boys!



Happy 6 months Parker! You’re one cuddly, cute character and I look forward to waking up each morning to see your smiling face!

5 Month Update!

7 Jul


Man oh man, the months keep on flying by! Sorry for the delay in posting this but between being at my parents on his 5 month birthday (which I have so many photos from I still need to share) and then celebrating the 4th and our 3rd wedding anniversary it just took me awhile to get all these photos edited and this post written. I did manage to take the pictures on his birthday though.

This kid continues to impress me! This past month he really upped his interactive skills. If something is in front of him, he reaches for it. He rolls over onto his belly in a blink of an eye. He makes diaper changes quite challenging with his kicks, twists and turns. And he loves hearing his voice. In fact, I think this month’s photo shoot took double the time one normally does because I kept having to deal with things like this:

I also had to rewrite the 5 Month sign several times since his hands were like a magnet to that chalkboard! I’m sure it’s just a small sign of the difficulties to comes with these photo shoots. I’m going to have to learn how to take better action shots or everything will just be blurry!

We’ve found his favorite thing to reach for is our drinks. So now we have an empty solo cup and an unused cup from a frozen yogurt shop that entertain him for quite some time. We borrowed a jumperoo from a friend and he goes in it several times daily – not because I’m needing to occupy him- but because he really loves the thing. He practically flys out he bounces so hard and he just gives continuous smiles & laughs. However, excessive bouncing and poop make the messiest diapers I ever have seen I must say.

We tried to start him on rice cereal, but he would have no part of it. I then read that rice cereal is really more of a filler anyway and doesn’t have that much nutritional value so since he was sleeping through the night and not having constant hunger problems I decided to stop trying to feed it to him and move on to 1st foods. We tried the Gerber Organic Sweet Potatoes and the Earth’s Best Choice Organic Bananas and Earth’s Best Choice Organic Peas. I tried bananas first and the two times I tried it he didn’t finish it before he was crying and upset. But I was also trying to feed him in his high chair, which he is still a little small for since he can’t sit up on his own, so I think a part of it was that he was uncomfortable. A friend recommended feeding him in his tub (naked, which makes clean up much easier!) and once I started that he ate the sweet potatoes and peas no problem. So I’m going to try bananas again since I really think it might have been his eating conditions more than the taste.

In the mornings I now wake up to him talking to himself instead of crying. It’s nice to be able to slowly get out of bed and make his bottle compared to the rush I was in before when he was screaming for his milk. It’s really cute to listen to over the monitor and I really wish I knew what he was talking about! It’s also been fun how Knuckles and Banjo used to just be background to Parker, but now he watches them as they move around and he sticks out his hand so they can lick him or so he can pet grab their fur. It’s cute how gentle the dogs are and I can’t wait for this relationship to grow as he gets older.

Now the spitting and blowing bubbles when angry is probably more of a dislike for mom and dad but Parker sure likes to do it. Although I suppose I would prefer this over him screaming. But when he’s fighting sleep he really likes to express his discomfort by babbling and spitting bubbles instead of crying. He has also started throwing in a rapid fire fake cough. Not sure why it only comes out when upset, but he does it pretty consistently now.

Now that he is rolling over we are also trying to transition out of the swaddle. Besides cutting him cold turkey, I’m trying to slowly cut his addiction….and no I have yet to find an SA Meeting (ya know, Swaddlers Anonymous). Right now we have him sleeping with just his right arm out and so far he still sleeps the same (from about 10-8) so hopefully soon we can try to take the other arm out as well.

Speaking of rolling over, while he likes the motion of rolling from his back to his belly he does not like to be on his belly really once he is there. He usually starts face planting and inch worming and whining so we flip him back over just for him to flip himself over again!

One thing to remember is that last months stats were taken by the doctor while these were taken by me since he didn’t have an appointment this month. The length & head should be pretty accurate but the weight could be off.
Weight: 14 lbs, 2 oz (13 lbs, 8 oz last month)
Length: 27″ (26.25″ last month)
Head: 17″ (16.75″ last month)
Since they aren’t the doctor’s stats I don’t know his percentages but I think he is still low on the weight, high on the length and pretty average on head.

Eating: besides the few meals a week mentioned above, he is still only drinking breast milk. He drinks 5-6 bottles a day (every 3 hrs during the day) and 6 oz at a time. I think he about ready to drink more again as he has been sucking them down fast and becoming upset when they are gone! Which we also switched to level 2 nipples so I think that assists in him drinking faster.

Clothes: I changed the words to Goodnight Moon in this post to express how sad it was packing away all his too small clothes. I had stacked up quite the pile and decided it was time to say goodbye (for now at least!) I used vacuum packs and those things really work! I had never used them before and couldn’t believe that huge pile of clothes fit in only one and a half bags. And they easily stored at the top of his closet. He wears 6-9 month size onesies and one piece outfits on average. But if it is individual shirt or shorts he can still fit in 3 months. He is also now in size 2 diapers.

Well that wraps up this month! Thanks for reading. Crossing my fingers he learns to sit up on his own this month before we take his professional 6 month shoot (I also hope this 100 degree weather stops before then too!) Now for where we are on our diaper count and a couple out takes.

Caught him mid sneeze!

I thought this picture was cute. It’s like he is in deep thought!

Until next time!

4 mo, 3 mo, 2 mo, 1 mo

4 Month Update

5 Jun


4 months, say it ain’t so! Sorry it took me so long to get this posted. All the photos were actually taken on his 4 month birthday, it just took me awhile to upload, edit and write the post. Now that I’m working from home anytime I have free time away from Parker I feel like it should be spent working, so writing longer blog posts hasn’t been in the stars lately!

This has been a fun month for milestones, especially with the laughing! It’s still hard to get him going, but once someone does it’s music to your ears. I caught a video I’ll have to upload at a later time. It’s very squealy and adorable. He is also so so close to rolling over. He has rolled once from back to stomach and a couple times from stomach to back, but both appeared to be completely unintentional so I’m not going to count it as a milestone yet. He does, however, roll onto his side all the time! His play mat is his favorite pastime. Now that his arms can reach the hanging toys and his hand/eye coordination is advanced enough to actually grab and try to put them in his mouth he is obsessed. He will spend an hour just kicking, grabbing and talking to himself. Which is nice for me since I’ll set my laptop on the floor and do some work while he entertains himself.

As you can see many of his likes revolve around playing. Tickling him is one way I’ve figured out how to make him laugh! Over Memorial weekend he experienced Eric’s parents hammock for the first time and swayed for 2 hours (nap included). Kid just loves the outdoors! I’ve introduced you all to Burgie before and you can see the monkey feet in action in his milestone photo above. Busts out that move constantly!

I’m sad the “dislike” photo is a little blurry, but I love the pout so I had to use it. Most of his dislikes are pretty self-explanatory. “Foul ball” is a reminder of an event earlier in May when we were at one of Eric’s games and someone was standing in front of us (P was on my lap) talking and so I couldn’t see the game and before I could do anything when people yelled “heads up!” a foul ball came down and knocked my sunglasses clear off my face and smashed into the bleachers. Besides the bridge of my nose hurting from where my glasses were pushed, I was fine. And while the ball didn’t hit Parker all the commotion really freaked him out and he started crying uncontrollably for what seemed like a lifetime but was probably only 5 minutes. It wasn’t until offering a bottle didn’t make him stop crying that I started to worry that maybe he did somehow get hit, but we looked him over and he was fine and once he finally stopped crying he was back to being smiley per usual. I think he was just worried about his mama! But needless to say, next season when he can walk I’m buying the kid a helmet!

The “foul ball incident” is also one example of him not liking an overabundance of attention. But there have been other times too when there is a big group of people all fawning over him at once (which, I mean, I can’t blame them!) and he starts in on the lip pout and gets a a scared look and starts to cry. But after about 10 seconds of worry, he is a happy camper and lets anyone hold him – which is a plus for me! Unfortunately, I have been finding hairs in the bath and in his bassinet and in his little hairbrush 😦 I hope it doesn’t thin out too much, but little guy is going through a bit of a balding phase. His hair is also getting so much lighter…might have a blonde baby afterall!

This Month’s Stats:

Weight: 13lb, 8oz, 20th percentile (last month: 12lb, 6oz – although remember last months weight was taken at home on my scale since no doc app’t & this month is the doctors)

Height: 26.25″, 85th percentile (last month: 25.75″)

Head: 16.75″, 60th percentile (last month: 16″)

Doctor was happy on all counts with his growth. I will admit the heighth measurement is what I measured him at and not the doctor. I swear they measure him so fast they don’t really get an accurate length. They measured him at 25″, which is what they measured him at his last 2 month appointment too! Now I know this kid has grown in 2 months. Plus, when I did it on my own at 3 months I measured 25.75″. I mean I realize scales can be different, but a tape measure is a tape measure and I do the same thing they do at home. I rip off a piece of wax paper, put him on it and mark with a pen the top of his head and then stretch out his leg and make a mark at his heel, take him off and then measure. I think the difference is just me taking my time and them hurrying to write something down. Anyways, thats why I’m going by my measurement and not theirs.

Feeding: Boy is still exclusively eating breastmilk. I pump everything and bottle feed and that seems to be working out fine. Also in case anyone is interested, we use Dr. Brown’s bottles and they are AMAZING! Yes, you have to wash more parts than normal bottles & yes, they are a little more expensive but he rarely has any issues with gas and doesn’t spit up that much – and if he does it’s hardly anything so it’s totally worth it. And if he does need to burp, its not until the bottle is empty. When we tried a different bottle first I felt like I had to stop feeding him multiple times to burp before he would continue eating.

Clothing: I feel like he outgrew everything this past month! He now wears mainly 6-9 month onesies, sleepers and pants. However, he is still narrow so if its not a one-piece or pants then he fits really well into 3 month shirts and shorts.

Sleeping: Thankfully he is still improving on his sleep every month. We are now consistently sleeping from about 10pm-8am. I always try to start his bedtime routine (bath, book, bottle, bed) around 9pm no matter when he ate last and that seems to be working. I also swaddle him even if he is still alert and just put him in his crib and from there I’ll usually rub his head or put my hand on his tummy to rock him until he is pretty much passed out before I leave the room. I’m hoping this is a good transition for sleep training. Honestly he has always kind of slept better on his own than in someones arms so I’m hoping to keep it up! Although the Ped did tell us that while swaddling him now is completely fine, if we start seeing that he is rolling himself over while swaddling then we are going to have to move to sleepsacks or something with his arms out. So I hope when that happens we don’t start in with sleep issues. Time will tell!

Our monthly diaper count!

No outtakes this month, however I did catch a series of shots of him rolling over from his tummy to back. Again, this is not an intentional roll over. This is Parker’s big head leaning too far over and being too heavy to keep him balanced, haha. He was pretty surprised when it happened. He’s like, “What was that!?”

Also the video is a little long, but I did catch another accidental roll over on video:


Thanks for sticking it out on a long post!

Past months can be found here: 3 mo, 2 mo, 1 mo