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Saturday Ramblings

24 Mar

1. If girls get dresses and skirts as the ultimate “cute factor,” I’m claiming overalls for boys. I mean does it get cuter than this? Even if the bib kept hiking into his chin and mouth all day, I’m pretty sure he had never felt manlier. He kept asking to go chop wood and even offered to change my oil. Such a sweet little guy to help his momma like that.



2. In “unmanly” news I got him to fall asleep by playing the soothing voice of Vince Gill. Don’t be ashamed Parker, it happens to the best of us.


3. I’m really starting to regret learning that “lapneck trick” I wrote about earlier this week. It’s like I could hear Parker’s thought process, “So now that I know I can let it rip without worrying mom is going to get poop in my face I’m going to really show her what I’m made of.” I’ve had to use the trick no less than 4 times since learning of the tactic last Sunday. I actually don’t mind the clean up part…it’s the part that means I have to do laundry again that gets me.


4. Baseball season for Coach Dad is officially in session and Parker and I couldn’t have been more proud to attend his debut as head coach. Parker got all decked out and was completely content the entire 4 hours we were there (it was a scrimmage and it was rather long). Can’t wait for the first official game this coming week!


5. I always considered myself a pretty good multi-tasker but then last week I figured out how to bottle feed Parker while pumping (both sides, no less) and checking/responding to email on the iPad all at the same time and was like, “No Melissa, you are actually a multi-tasking master.”


6. Until having a kid I also didn’t realize how good I am at making up songs. They may not make sense or be a vocal dream, but they damn well rhyme every time.


7. Doctors say they don’t know why exactly newborns like to smile when they are drunk with sleep, but I think it’s to make those middle of the night awakenings completely worth it.


8. Later this afternoon Eric is taking charge of Parker (All! By! Himself! for the first time) so momma can go see the Hunger Games. This will undoubtably be the best “me time” I’ll have all maternity leave. Katniss I’m coming!!!! But I’ll sure miss those baby blues while I’m gone..