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Weekend of Firsts

23 Jul

We attended a wedding in Erie, PA this past weekend (E was one of the groomsmen) and after going through all my photos I realized there were lots of “firsts” for Parker!

First long road trip! 8 hours both ways and not one crying fit!


First time meeting Lesley, Chantress & Emma (AKA Parker’s first girlfriend). On our way to Erie we stopped in Columbus, OH so I could catch up with these fine folks and introduce Parker. I went to college with Lesley, but didn’t get to know Chantress until last summer when we were both bridesmaids in Lesley’s wedding. A month after the wedding we both released the news that we were pregnant (meaning we were both keeping our pregnancy a secret at the wedding and dodging alcoholic drinks without being too suspicious, haha) and when we found out our due dates were only 5 days a part we became pregnancy pen pals. It was so nice to have someone to compare pregnancy notes with and I think the phrase “is this normal?” came up more times than I can count. Emma was born Feb 16th so they are only 2 weeks a part and we still keep in touch weekly with photo texts and milestones of our babies. I was so excited for Parker & Emma to meet. Isn’t she the cutest thing ever!?




First time staying in a hotel! If only a hand towel would wrap all the way around my waist, haha.


First time having a paid babysitter! We brought my 15 year old niece, Mikayla, along so she could watch Parker in the hotel so Eric and I could attend all the wedding festivities baby free. Best! Decision! Ever! She was so wonderful and I know Parker had lots of fun with her.


First time at the zoo! Erie, PA has a very nice zoo and someone even told me it is considered the first established zoo in the US. Don’t quote me on that, just what I heard! Either way the kangaroos were our favorite!






First carousel ride! This was located at the zoo Parker seemed to think it was fun!




And of course I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the real reason for our whole weekend – the wedding! Congrats Scott & Jennifer. We wish you a lifetime of happiness and we’re so glad we could be there to share your special day.