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Update in Video Form

22 Feb

P’s has added a lot of new accomplishments to his resume this month so rather than write about them I thought I would just show him in action! It’s much cuter that way! The first video is the longest at one minute and actually a bunch are even under 10 seconds – so don’t get too overwhelmed that you need to sit down and pop a bag of popcorn or anything in order to enjoy them all!

These first two videos are actually from the end of December. In the first, he got this toy for Christmas and within in a week he had it figured out! Still one of his favorites! In the second Parker is showing off how he can click his tongue. He thinks it’s so funny and does it all the time and is much quicker at it now than he was in this video too.

All of the next videos below are from this month. Parker received blocks for Christmas and for the longest time all he would do is knock down towers we would build or clap them together. Now he has started stacking! 3 is the highest we’ve gone so far before he gets too excited and knocks them down.

Two days after his first birthday Parker decided he was ready to start walking and he hasn’t stopped since. Little booger could have done it the day before for his birthday party – but I forgive him 🙂

Parker is obsessed with “lights” now and anytime I say the word “light” he immediately points up. So I had a little fun with him in this video even though he was cranky and ready for his nap!

For weeks I’ve been reading this book with animal noises and he would sit patiently and listen. One day the other week when I asked “What does a snake say” he randomly responded with a “hiss!” I don’t think I’ve been so excited. It’s always hard to tell if they are really paying attention when you’re trying to teach them something. Well since then we’ve added a few others and I finally got him focused enough to do a few in a row together (although you really have to listen for the snake sound as I’m talking over him a bit when he does it). We do need to work on differentiating the tiger and crocodile a little better though, haha.

Finally just this week he learned how to go from the sitting to standing position without pulling up on something. This has made him very happy because before anytime he was walking and would fall down he would start to cry/whine because he didnt want to crawl over to something else in order to get back up.

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching!!


Daddy is Funny!

14 Aug

There have been a few times Parker has been around non-American accents and he always ends up in a fit of giggles, so last night while eating dinner Eric started talking to Parker in a British accent and he pretty much thought it was the funniest thing ever! If we would have been at the Olympics I’m not sure this kid would have been able to handle himself!

Lil Bit of Laughter

25 Jun

Here is a cute video of Parker laughing. He is quite ticklish! It’s been fun finding the various ways to make this boy laugh. Such a great sound!

Banjo the Babysitter

14 Apr

Banjo gets it. Sometimes all you can do is sit there and let them cry it out.

Sure. Unsure.

12 Apr

Parker is sure/unsure about moms motorboat noises (and get your Wedding Crashers minds out of the gutter). I love all the new facial expressions he’s been giving me these days. Also I know this video is entirely too long for the same thing over and over…..but since I’m the momma I could obviously watch it for hours….and probably have.

A Couple New Videos

6 Apr