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2 Month Update

3 Apr



Oh baby, two months! And what a month we had. The biggest change from month one has been watching his personality unfold and realize the world around him. We got out of the house several times each week (thank you unusually warm weather!) and would go for walks, shopping or to daddy’s baseball games.



To explain a couple of the dislikes. Parker loves car rides….except there have been several times when I hit red lights and he’ll wake up and start crying until I start moving again. Also Parker may not have personally told me he dislikes baby acne and cradle cap, but I’m sure he would if he could!

20120403-224331.jpg His “real” smiles became more prevalent each day and now he smiles several times a day. This past week he also discovered his voice can be used for more than crying! He will hold his own little conversations with me and he gets so excited and animated when he does this I really wish I knew what he thinks he is saying!



His sleeping is getting better and better, the month started out with 4-5 hours being his long stretch during the night and we’re now up to 6-7 hours! And he’ll even eat after that stretch and go back to sleep for another 2-3 hours. I’ve never felt overly behind on sleep and I’m so appreciative of that because I’m someone who doesn’t run well when I’m short on my z’s.

Parker once again got a clean bill of health at the doctor. His stats are below and he’s definitely a growing boy!
Weight: 11 lbs, 13 oz; 40th percentile (up from 9 lbs, 2 oz at 1 month)
Length: 25 inches; 98th percentile (up from 21.5″ at 1 month)
Head: 15.75″; 75th percentile (up from 15″ at 1 month)


I was so nervous for his shots but he ended up crying when we undressed him because he was cold and I think he was so distracted from crying about that he didn’t really pay attention to the shots. We’re giving him infants Tylenol to ward off any potential fever from the shots and so far so good. He has had a couple cranky spells this evening, but overall he’s doing better than I thought.


Since birth Parker has favored laying on the right side of his head and because of that his head is a bit flat on that side. The doc said it’s common and nothing to be too concerned about but we do need to keep an eye on it as he grows to make sure favoring that side doesn’t cause a kink in his neck that prevents him from looking forward easily.


Parker wears a lot of 3 month clothes because he is so dang long! He is still pretty narrow though with not a lot of extra chub. His hair, as you can see, is still as thick as ever although if you look at the roots you can tell its growing in lighter brown. I’m still interested to see if he’ll go blonde or stay brunette like dad. His eyes are most definitely staying blue!


And now our monthly update on diaper count. We are up to a total of 587 diapers!


People always comment how photogenic Parker is…well let me tell you that in order to get the pictures just for this post I had to take 200 shots! Baby photography is not as easy as it may look. But taking that many pictures did provide me with another round of great outtakes to conclude this post. Enjoy!

Chillin’ like a villain:


“Socked” monkey:



And I think we’re done for the day:


Good night!