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9 Month Update

30 Nov

Yes, I know, this picture below is actually the one I decided to go with. That is because I only got 2 of him on his back and the first was most definitely not usable. He just wanted nothing to do with this part of the shoot and so I made plans to just try again the next day and then never did so I’m going with it. Keeping it real, if you will!
First my apologies with being so late with this post – you know since he turns 10 months tomorrow! Time just kept getting away with me. I had grand plans on getting this post out within a day or two of him turning 9 months, but then his 9 month well visit (which was supposed to be the day after he turned 9 months) ended up being re-scheduled for mid November because our pediatricians’ wife had their baby two months early (back in September) and our appointment happen to fall on the babies release date from the hospital. And then once we had his appointment (and therefore his growth stats) Thanksgiving and other busy-ness came along and this just kept going on the back burner.
Anyways, enough with the excuses – we finally have a tooth! Yay! A little white bud finally sprouted on his bottom left gum. Unfortunately the way his mouth is, it is impossible to ever see it and I still haven’t gotten a great picture of it. But hopefully more teeth will follow soon! Parker really likes repeating things we do. I blow a raspberry, he blows a raspberry. I say “mama,” he says “mama.” I say “dada,” he says “dada” – you get the idea. He also like to mimic people when they cough. The sharing “like” is mainly of one thing and that is his pacifier. We have this game we play in the morning where I steal his pacifier and put the plastic end in my mouth (with the nipple facing out) and he’ll either reach with his mouth and grab it or use his hands and grab it and put the rubber end in his mouth. He will then take it out of his mouth and put it in my face for me to grab with my mouth again. Perhaps not the most sanitary game but we are so over germ sharing and slobber at this point. Sometimes when I’m rocking him to sleep out of no where in a dreamy state he will also grab his pacifier out of his mouth and try to put it in mine – cuteness!
He has learned the pincer grip to pick up objects. The main point of this is to pick up and feed himself food. He has the picking up part great but the making it into his mouth part is only so/so. Usually he lets go too soon and whatever he is holding falls to the floor or he likes to just pick up his food and play with it – how come anything non-food related always goes directly in the mouth while actual food does not? We will never know. It’s also been funny how he has been able to crawl everywhere and pull himself up for a while now, but the whole going from standing back to sitting took longer to master. In the beginning he would basically have to fall to get back down. He just couldn’t figure out how to sit back down with grace. But then slowly he learned how to squat and now he’s quick to get in whatever position is needed. But it’s really neat to watch him realize “cause and effect.” He knows if he sits down too fast he will lose balance and fall, so he is always careful and methodical about making sure he is safely on the ground before completely letting go with his hands whatever he has been holding onto.
All of his likes are pretty self-explanatory. It shouldn’t be any surprise that he loves standing and crawling since they are new to his repertoire. Like a lot of babies he really loves playing with paper (anything crinkly) and has a love for our cell phones, remote controls, i-pad, keyboard, mouse etc. Since I work from home I always have my laptop out, but now that he crawls and pulls up I have to keep it at a safe distance because as soon as his hands are within reach they slam down on the keys – usually hitting some combination of keys that of course shuts down and/or freezes everything. He is also fascinated with our regular ol’ broom. Nothing special about this, he just really likes watching me sweep. And then one day when he was sitting in his high chair I handed it to him and it occupied him for a good while. Now I use that trick when I need to wash dishes or cook in the kitchen without too much interruption. I mean a baby that likes to clean? He definitely didn’t get that from me, but I’ll take it!
You may have seen his amber teething necklace in some previous pictures. I saw this necklace everywhere online from other mommy bloggers I follow and so once he started teething and I realized how costly medicine is (given the amount you have to give them) as well as the fact I just felt weird “drugging him” so often with said medicine, I thought I would give this a try. For those that don’t know, it is not a necklace that babies chew on – which has been an assumption from several people when I say “teething necklace.” The necklace is made of amber stone. Amber is known for its medical/healing properties when worn. It is supposed to reduce inflammation and therefore symptoms related to teething. He usually has it on at all times except when he sleeps and bathes. Because of how often I had seen it used on other blogs I thought it was a pretty common thing. Yet, once I got it and he wore it out in public I realized most of the general population has absolutely no idea what it is or why I would put a necklace on a baby. They also second-guess his gender a lot and assume “he” must be a “she.” But oh well. So far we have had zero fevers, zero over cranky-ness, zero ear aches and few sleep issues from teething so I’ll take people thinking he is a hippie chick. I bought my necklace from the OneAlaskanMama shop on Etsy if you are interested.
One of the few things that is guaranteed to make him cry is to open the door with him right there and then close it without letting him go outside. He gets so devastated when he can’t be outside – he just loves it. Which makes me question what this winter will be like! We open and close our door a lot since we have two dogs to let out to go to the bathroom so it’s not really something I can get around not having to do! He will be in the living room and I’ll open the door and it just breaks my heart to watch him crawl with all his energy and might thinking, “maybe this time, I’ll get there before she shuts the door,” just for me to shut the door before he gets there – his pouty face is the worst. That’s what we get for living in cold winter Indiana!
Overall his sleep was very good this month. He is still on a 7pm – 7am schedule, with two naps – on at 9am and one at 1pm. At night he falls asleep in the rock n’ play while eating his last bottle. After he finishes we pick him up (asleep) and move him into his crib. For his naps I darken the room, read him a book and then rock him to sleep. I really see what people mean about having a schedule. Since the timing is so predictable for him now, it usually only takes 5-10 minutes of rocking and he is out. I then lay him in his crib and creep out. Which makes me think. You know what would be funny? A video montage showing footage of parents sneaking out of their kids nursery (or maybe there already is one somewhere? If you know of one please let me know). I mean there have been times after I lay him down that he starts to stir and I know if he sees me all bets are off so I drop to the floor so fast you would think I’m in the middle of a convenience store robbery. I’ve memorized every floor creek and groan and have perfected the army crawl. Seriously, sometimes I’m on the floor thinking, “I wonder if there are other people out there doing this right now- please tell me I’m not the only weirdo that worms across their kids floor,” as well as “I really wish I had my cell phone right now so I could text Eric in the other room to look at the baby monitor and let me know if he looks asleep yet.” Funny stuff!
As for eating, it is pretty much the same ‘ol. I have added puffs and yogurt melts – he loves the melts and will tolerate the puffs. We have started to incorporate formula with the breast milk now. I know I mentioned last month that my supply suddenly dwindled (which I thought was just because I came down with a cold – come to find out I made the connection it was actually because my wonderful “monthly visitor” returned) and so I was using my frozen stash as well as the little bit that I was pumping. Well we finished the frozen stash and right before he turned 9 months we started doing all bottles with half my milk and half formula. I was really nervous about that first bottle I will admit. Not because I have anything against formula – I don’t at all. It’s just we’ve had zero issues for almost 9 months with breast milk and it is what he was used to so I was just hoping that 1) the taste wasn’t so different he would refuse it and 2) that it wouldn’t bother his stomach or anything. I’ve heard of some babies having to try several formulas before finding one that fits.
To my surprise he actually didn’t even flinch. It was like it was the same thing he’d always been drinking. I had a couple different kinds of formulas from free samples I had received and even when I switched those out he still didn’t seem to mind so that was reassuring! But I have to admit, even though I was really hoping to be able to transition him straight from my milk to cow milk without doing any formula, it is so nice to not be pumping as much. Holy cow, that takes a lot of time and a lot of dish washing. Wouldn’t change it for anything – but not really missing it now that it’s dwindling! The one thing I was naive about was how expensive formula is. I mean I knew the price tag from seeing it when I was buying other baby items, but what I didn’t realize was how fast you go through a canister. I don’t know why, but I just assumed one canister lasted a couple of weeks – a month maybe? Yes, I’m sure lots of you are laughing out there at me because those things, as you know, only last a few days and that’s with me supplementing half the bottle with my milk! So I feel very lucky (as does my wallet) that I was able to make it as long as I did with nursing.
Here are his stats:

Weight: 19 lbs, 15 oz – 50th percentile (last month: 19 lbs, 8 oz)

Length: 29″ – 68th percentile (last month: 29″ as well – but it was me who measured him last month compared to the doc so one of us could have been off)

Head: 18″ – 60th percentile (last month: 18″)

Clothing wise he is still in anywhere from 12-24 months for pajamas – seriously depends on the brand. Size 3 diapers. Shirts (that are not a onesie) he can still wear as small as 6 months, but mainly 9 months. Pants he is pretty much 12-18 months. Size 2 shoe. Onesie he usually needs at least 12-18 month, sometimes bigger if I want him to be able to wear it longer.

This was such a fun month. Parker really celebrated fall by going outside a lot, going to the pumpkin patch and having his first Halloween. Below is the diaper count as well as two photos that explain how I was able to get him to smile for this months photos. Any of him in the chair I got him to smile by poking him in the belly with a new package of black-out blinds that we have yet to hang. On the floor I got him to pay attention by sweeping his feet with the broom. I’m really happy his 10 month birthday falls on a Saturday so I can have Eric help me with the “making him smile” job, while I work on snapping pictures like a maniac. Trying to do both can be hard – not to mention making sure he doesn’t lunge off the chair or something.
Seeing he is 10 months tomorrow hopefully I see you again soon – fingers crossed I get my act together quicker this month!