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More Gender Reveal Fun

7 Oct

My sister-in-law, Jill, couldn’t make it to our gender reveal. So I told her we would tell her the gender early if she agreed to make cookies for the party. Nothing wrong with a good food bribe! She happily agreed. Since I was doing a “balloon theme” reveal for everyone else, I wanted to do something similar for her. After browsing the web I found the idea of putting blue or pink confetti inside a dark balloon.

 Once the balloon is popped, the confetti will shower down revealing the gender. Well showering is not a strong enough word. It was more like blasted

In fact, the confetti shot out so fast and far that it took Jill a minute before she could find a piece to see what it looked like! Either way, it was a lot of fun & I know Parker can’t wait to meet his Aunt Jill!

And a special thanks to the lady at the party store who after hearing my idea definitely thought I was a crazy pregnant lady (which ironically is the same look Eric gave me when I told him what we were doing). In fact her exact words I believe were, “You want me to put what, where?” But she humored me anyway – again, much like Eric!

 And in case you were wondering, her cookies were adorable and delicious…just like any proper cookie should be. Way worth telling her our secret a few days early 🙂


Onesie Funsie

6 Sep

There are so many onesie’s out there that make me smile or chuckle because they remind me of someone in my life. So I thought it would be fun to choose a few of my favorites and explain why they are a perfect onesie for that particular person. If you click on the picture it will take you to the site where the onesie can be found. 

Eric – AKA Dad

He already plays the blame game with the dogs, so baby needs to be prepared with a onesie in order to defend him/herself when he tries his crazy finger pointing anctics on them. I challenge our child to try and produce a smell worse than dad…I just don’t think it can be done.

Aunt Jill – Eric’s sister

Jill’s minor for her PhD is Food Studies. She is hardcore into gardening, raising chickens (for eggs), the local slow food movement and anything organic. She also has a blog that tracks everything! That makes this the perfect onesie for her little niece or nephew to wear while they help weed the garden (sorry baby, it’s always the job of the new person on the block, so you’re going to have to tough it out like I did).

Uncle Michael – my brother

My brother has been into music for as long as I can remember. From listening to it, producing it and writing it, he has had his hand in it all. I’m sure he’ll find a way to make a baby DJ out of his niece or nephew. Just remember Uncle Michael, no music with “parental advisory” on the label!

“Aunt” Christiana – this girl, AKA my BFF

There were so many angles I could have gone with in regards to a onesie that reminds me of Christiana, but I chose political. She majored in Political Science, worked on the Obama campaign and is very passionate about her viewpoints and the way the world turns. I can’t wait for her to talk to our baby about foreign policy, the state of the union and the importance of voting…mainly because it will be a great way to make a fussy newborn fall asleep….. (:

“Uncle” Adrian – a close college friend of Eric’s

If anyone was born and bred to be an Indy 500 lifer, Adrian is that guy. No one puts him in the corner on race day. So Memorial Weekend you can bet our little one will be sporting this onesie along with some baby jorts and a checkered bottle full of milk to chug at the finish line with the winner. It could be a big year if the kiddie pool is actually used for a kid for once.

“Aunt” Breena – one of my closest friends

Breena’s style is a mixture of hipster and vintage and she is very engaged in the arts & culture community. From finger painting masterpieces to hand puppet theatre to folk rock nursery rhyme sing-a-longs she will be the babysitter that makes sure our child has a hand & ear in the creative world all while having a rocking good time.

Badass Book Club – AKA “BBC” for the little one’s that need earmuffs

2 and a half years or…3 weddings, 2 babies plus one in the oven, couple new jobs and an engagement ago a group comprised of myself and almost a dozen others started a book club. Most of us were strangers to each other and we had no idea where it would lead or how it would work but we went with it and we’re still here and have become such close friends. I am certain that the 9ish meetings this baby will attend in womb will guarantee he or she will come out detesting the book Postcards, impatient for slow service and a highly vocal opinion on which celebrities should play certain characters in YA books turned movies.

Now I feel like shopping! Feel free to link up any fun onesie’s you have found in the comments section!