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P’s New Feat!

28 Nov

We bought Parker a walking push toy a couple of months ago but all he did at the time was play with the musical panel on the front. He would try to pull up on it but would put too much weight in his arms and the toy would fling forward like an impromptu ab roller. Well a few weeks ago he figured out how to push it while walking on his knees and then last week he finally figured out how to balance himself and is able to push it around while walking! It is so funny. He doesn’t really bend his knees so we joke he looks like an old man pushing his walker. It is now one of his favorite activities – except when he comes in contact with a wall because we are still working on turns. He has one direction down and that is straight!

ps. I know, I know I owe everyone a 9 month post seeing that he will be 10 months on Saturday! Pictures are all sitting there in a draft patiently waiting to be written about and I just haven’t given myself time. It’s coming, I promise!