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13 Dec

Starting to wonder how 8 more weeks of baby will fit in here…



30 Weeks

7 Dec

To celebrate hitting the big 3-0 Eric and I decided to take Parker for some glamour shots 🙂 I had extra money in my flex account at work and if you don’t use it by the end of the year then you lose it so we decided to spend it on an extra ultrasound so we could check in on the little guy and see how he was developing. This was the first time we experienced an ultrasound in 3D/4D and it was totally not as creepy as I thought it might be. Luckily Parker finally full-on looks like a little chubby infant and not skeletor. We could even see a bit of hair on his head, along with his eyebrows and eyelashes. And yes, he is definitely still a he – although they didn’t show that part in 3D. Boy still gets some privacy!

I’m excited to compare the pics once he is out! They advise you to drink juice before your ultrasound because the sugar will wake up the baby and make them more active. Parker was moving about the whole time, although he kept being shy and hiding his face behind his hands. But it was fun to watch him open and close his mouth, stick out his tongue and suck on his fingers. At one point his foot was almost in his mouth!

Yes, his home is slowly getting smaller and smaller thanks to his growing body – which is why in some pictures his nose and forehead look a bit distorted – like he is leaning his face against a window! It was hard to get a perfect picture, but you definitely get a pretty good idea! Hard to believe that he is still going to double in size or more! Right now it is estimated that he is a little more than 3 pounds and the average baby is born around 7-8 pounds. They also recorded the whole session so we have it on DVD (if anyone wants to watch a private screening just let me know…Bueller?…..Bueller?….) and they recorded his heartbeat and put it in a little stuffed monkey for us to take home.

Then last night Eric and I attended Part I of our two-part Childbirth Prep class. Let’s just say it was kind of comedic because first of all we were rushing to get there since we were both coming from work and then once we arrived we realized we were the only couple who forgot to bring a pillow and blanket for “relaxation” time. So we discretely told the instructor in order to not draw attention to ourselves, but then right when the class started she goes ,”ok so I know one couple forgot their blanket and pillow, anyone else?” and everyone stared at us. It really made us feel like stellar parents right off the bat, haha. I promise we’ll be more prepared for you Parker! But the rest of the class was very informative even though Eric complained about having to sit on the floor with his back not leaning on anything while he gave me a massage. Um, really? Your back hurts!? No pity party from this girl. Lucky for him he gave a pretty good massage which will definitely come in handy once I go into labor! Can’t wait to see what next weeks class will bring!

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27 Weeks

12 Nov

27 weeks and I’m definitely feeling it in my lower back. I find myself constantly stretching and leaning and twisting and rubbing and doing anything I can to keep limber. Besides being a common side effect of pregnancy, I knew I would especially have issues since I’ve had lower back pain since high school (thank you eight years of cheerleading). So now I look forward to my bi-weekly appointments with my chiropractor just as much as my monthly appointments with my baby doc – which after my appointment this coming Friday I will begin seeing him bi-weekly too!

Can’t believe I’m officially in the third trimester! How did I get here so fast? Not that I’m complaining. Time, you can go as quick as you want right now as long as you promise me to come to a grinding halt once Parker gets here. I read an inspiring blog post last week that gave me the advice to tell the doctor after your baby is born and in your arms you would like to delay all the immediate post procedures (considering your baby seems healthy of course) and take one hour of time with just you, your baby and your husband. No doctors, no nurses, no visitors. Just you three enjoying each other in your babies first hour of life. While I’m sure it would drive all our visitors in the waiting room crazy, I love the idea. I think it’s the perfect way to slide into parenthood and let the present you were just gifted sink in before sharing it with anyone else. Afterall, I want to be the first to count his finger and toes. I want to be the first to nuzzle his cheeks and watch Eric hold his son for the first time.  I don’t want to pass him on to others too quickly until Eric and I have pointed out to each other features of his that are undeniably our own.  I want to soak in that moment as Parker stares back at us realizing we are the ones he had been hearing in womb for the past 9 months. After what will probably be hours of rushing and pushing and breathing and not feeling in control, I want those 60 minutes to let us, as parents, relax and finally be the family we had so eagerly been waiting to be.

So Parker, that means your first hour of life you can’t just lay there and cry. Because I may not know what to do quite yet. Deal? Deal.

And after that…after that glorious “golden hour,” I fully expect to be bombarded with friends and family fighting over who gets to hold him first all the while wishing him a very Happy Birthday.

It will be a blessed day indeed.

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A Conversation About Exciting Matto Family News

21 Sep

Time: Friday, September, 16

Begin scene:

8:52 AM: Mel – Someone tweeted me the article announcing your coaching position while driving to work. I may or may not have teared up – so excited it made the news! Also it’s in today’s paper. Must buy & save 🙂 Love you!

8:54 AM: Eric – Haha…thanks babe! I saw it this morning when I got into work, I knew they put out a press release, but I didn’t know it was gonna be in the Indy Star or on the DePauw site! Love you babe!

 8:57 AM: Mel – Yea, damn you, beating me out! It’s my goal to make it on the depauw.edu site before I die. The least they could have done was added: Eric lives with his wife, Melissa (class of ’07) in Indianapolis, IN at the bottom. I mean seriously…I had to be so close to being mentioned. Haha.

8:59 AM: Eric – I know, I’m feeling pretty good about life right now!

9:10 AM: Mel – Also I’ve been feeling the baby kick quite a bit this morning so I think he/she is pretty pumped too. We might have to read the article out loud later. That would be a good storytime.

9:25 AM: Eric – We will definitely read that article to him/her! We want Mini Matto to know what kinda world he/she is coming into!

9:37 AM: Mel – Will Brownsburg play against Speedway in baseball? (sidenote: I coach cheerleading at Speedway, which was also where Eric went to high school)

10:46 AM: Eric – Yes, we play them early in the year..at Speedway this year

10:48 AM: Mel – Man, gold or purple? Which color do I wear to that game? 🙂

11:10 AM: Eric – You can wear a Brownsburg shirt with gold Speedway pants!

11:12 AM: Mel – That sounds hot

11:16 AM: Eric – Or you can wear a Speedway shirt with a Brownsburg baby bjorn!

11:22 AM: Mel – I can’t believe you just used the word baby bjorn appropriately in a sentence. Have you been reading the baby books?

11:23 AM: Eric – Haha…looked it up on google…boom!

11:28 AM: Mel – I have a feeling google is going to be your best friend once the baby is born and you have to watch him/her by yourself. I bet you can youtube how to change a diaper.

End Scene. Curtain drops.

Congrats Dinner at Eric's Parents

16 Weeks

26 Aug

Here I am at 16 weeks! Took this photo this morning as soon as I woke up (hence the side pony & unwashed face not looking at the camera) so that’s definitely an accurate representation of what the belly is looking like these days since I hadn’t even eaten breakfast yet. Speaking of eating, I’m now hungry ALL. THE. TIME. And speaking of hungry, I’m going to go raid the fridge as soon as I’m done writing so I can feed this little tyke before heading off to work. Recently all I’ve wanted for breakfast is Lucky Charms – I can’t remember prior to this week the last time I had Lucky Charms, but they are “magically delicious” indeed.

According to the app on my phone our baby is supposed to have a growth spurt sometime between 16 and 18wks old so I should start to gain anywhere from .5 to a full pound per week! I have been feeling the ligament stretching on the sides of my belly that my doc warned me about so I definitely ran to the store arms flailing to buy some heavy duty cocoa butter. Weight gain doesn’t bother me that much because it’s expected, and while hard work to get it off, it can be done. Stretch marks however haunt me because I’m afraid once they are there it’s like a tattoo you decided to get one night in Panama City Beach after too many margaritas – that baby ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

Hope ya’ll have a fabulous weekend, only a week and a half  left until we find out if what I’m carrying will pee standing up or sitting down 🙂 Eeeee, can’t wait!

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A Few Thoughts from Dad

21 Aug

Well, I guess my wife was right in the fact that I am 1/2 as responsible for the reason behind this blog so I better get my sorry butt in line and start posting.  Unfortunately, I can’t use the patented ‘I hate writing excuse’ since we both received English degrees from the same university…I knew that would come back to haunt me somehow, someday!

I was thinking about how I would introduce myself to the blogosphere, more importantly this specific realm, and I thought what better way than to attack a few of the emotions that I am harboring through this process.  You hear so much about how a woman feels through her pregnancy…don’t get me wrong, I am not downplaying the severity of hormonal changes and a life form growing inside of you….I am simply saying that my mind is racing, too.

I am a 27-year-old kid and now I get to have a kid myself.  Everytime we drive by a Toys-R-Us or a Chuck E. Cheese I quietly think to myself how awesome it is going to be to get to go to those places again.  Disney World…book it!  Playground…done!  Playdates…we will tear those things up.  Playdates will never be the same.  Having a kid may not be all Sand Castles and Awesomeness all the time, but that doesn’t mean me and my offspring can’t rock out those times when they roll around!

Do you know the feeling you get right after you walk out of an important job interview?  You think, man I wish I would have said that different, or why in the hell did I wear that stupid tie.  You analyze every little question to the very microscopic depth of its meaning to the point that not one single answer you gave sounds remotely close to being right.  The tension, that terror is what I go through everyday of this pregnancy.  Did we do everything right?  Is Mel eating the right foods?  Should I have taken more vitamins as a kid?  Do you think that 20th shot on my 21st birthday will stunt his/her growth?  Will they ever make ‘Alf:  The Movie’ and do you think they just made “Saved by the Bell: The College Years” so Kelly and Zach would get married?  I don’t care whether we have a healthy baby boy or a healthy baby girl, I just pray we have a healthy baby!

That’s right, fear.  I think if any dad says he wasn’t a tad afraid of the road ahead then I think they are kidding you.  There are no parental roadmaps and I will always have a little fear about making the right decision for my child, but thankfully I have an amazing family to show me a few detours and shortcuts to help me along the way.

Well, of course!  I can’t wait till February, but I will enjoy the ride to get there.  I have never been huge on picking out room decorations, clothes, or window treatments, but suddenly it doesn’t sound all that bad…don’t tell my wife I said that!

“Start Spreading the News…”

9 Aug

While Eric and I were both equally excited to tell our friends and family that we were expecting, we both had different ways of doing so. Really it comes down to the difference in a man’s personality verse a woman’s if you ask me. I pointed it out once how all he does is get to the point right away and not build up any excitement or surprise and he was basically like, “guys don’t talk to each other like that.” Therefore, all of Eric’s conversations would go as such:

Eric: Hey, by the way, Mel’s pregnant

Friend: That’s awesome. Congrats! [insert witty comment referring to Eric’s man parts working properly]

Eric: Yea, we’re pretty excited.

Friend: Was it planned?

Eric: Yea

Friend: Sweet. Let’s go drink a beer.

Eric: Sounds good. Mel can be the DD!

I, on the other hand, liked to make a comment out-of-the-blue that forced them to come to the realization on their own and being like, “Wait, what? You’re pregnant?!?” before jumping up and down, flapping their arms and getting all emotional like girls tend to do.

Example 1:

Scene: Seeing my mom as she arrived to the airport before our flight left for Italy.

Mom: You look like you’re losing weight.

Me: Well that’s weird because I should be gaining weight

Example 2:

Scene: Walking around the leaning tower of Pisa with my mother-in-law

Deb: I’ve seen so many cute things I want to buy while in Italy.

Me: So have you given any thought as to what souvenir you’re going to buy for your grandbaby?

But my favorite example has to be how I told my best friend, Christiana. I had ample time to plan this one. Christiana lives in Indianapolis and she knew that Eric and I were ready for a baby so it was hard to catch her off guard since usually her first question was always, “Are you pregnant yet?” Finally at one point I told her Eric and I weren’t going to start trying until after I got back from Italy so that I didn’t have to worry about morning sickness and I also told her that no matter what I wasn’t going to tell her if I was pregnant until I was 12wks along so she may as well stop asking. Honestly, I probably would have told Christiana much earlier than 12wks but during her break from teaching Christiana flew to her parents house in Connecticut for the summer and I knew it would be worth it to wait and tell her in person. So in late July Christiana finally returned from her trip and we planned a reunion dinner with our other close friends, Breena & Jessica. I had told Breena the news right when I got back from Italy and because Breena needs to work on her poker face Jessica knew as well. 🙂

Luckily, Christiana never questioned Breena or Jessica about the possibility of me being pregnant because in her head the earliest there would ever be news would be sometime in September since she didn’t think we were even trying for a baby until mid June.

So the plan. Since Breena already knew the news I roped her in on how I wanted to tell Christiana. Basically I was going to bring my camera to dinner (which is nothing new, I always have my camera on me) and I was going to say, “Say cheese!” and then take a pic of Breena and Jessica. I was then going to hand my camera over the Breena and ask her to take a pic of Christiana and I. Instead of saying, “Say cheese!” Breena was going to say, “Say Mel’s pregnant!” and then snap the pic and hopefully capture Christiana’s surprised expression. Besides forgetting to set my camera on an “action/sports setting” to deter blurriness – since obviously there was going to be much movement when she found out – the plan worked flawlessly.  Here is the plan in motion:

“Say cheese!”

“Say Mel’s pregnant!”

Post college I never thought Christiana and I would live in the same city again, but I am so extremely happy & blessed that she will be here for Eric & I’s new journey. She is going to be an amazing “aunt” that will not only make sure my child is never out of style but will also teach him/her how to properly make flash cards to help them study in school. Love you!