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Banjo the Babysitter

14 Apr

Banjo gets it. Sometimes all you can do is sit there and let them cry it out.


Birthday Tribute to Banjo

24 Jan

Today is your birthday! Can’t believe it was two years ago this March when I drove you as a little furball in a laundry basket home, just 6 weeks old. I would have never adopted you if it wasn’t for this girl and her want of a puppy and how cool we thought it would be to raise siblings that still get to hang out and play together. Eric and I already had Knuckles and had discussed another dog, but didn’t think anything would actually happen until we had another home with a bigger yard. But then Craigslist gave me the best thing it ever could – you!



A family had rescued a stray (your mama!) not knowing she was pregnant and after the birth of 11 puppies they put an ad on Craigslist selling you and your siblings for only $20 (don’t worry I would have paid more). Whomever wasn’t bought would be sent to the Humane Society. I have lots of love for the Humane Society and how they try their best to find homes for animals, however I’m glad you never had to make it to that step. Something you may not know is that I actually almost never had you. Even though I put my “claim” on you to the Craigslist lady, her husband accidentally promised you to someone else after me. The person he promised you to was a mother and her son with special needs. Apparently when they visited to pick out a puppy, they did some type of sensory test on each of the puppies and you were the only one that reacted in such a way that she thought you would be trainable as her sons special needs dog. The Craigslist lady felt horrible turning me down even though I claimed you first, but she couldn’t tell “no” to that little boy and I of course told her not to worry that it just wasn’t meant to be and that I hoped the puppy would help the little boy in ways he needed. But a couple days later the Craigslist lady called me back and said the boy’s doctor said he wasn’t doing well enough to incorporate a dog in his life at this time. It would just be too overwhelming and so you were mine if I still wanted you – and of course I did! Although, I still think about that boy sometimes and I hope he eventually got himself a puppy. All boys deserve a puppy to love – and get dirty with.


Also, I apologize for thinking you were part Australian Shepherd for the first few weeks we had you. That is until a stranger told Breena when she was walking Piper that our dogs were part Catahoula Leopard Dog. We definitely had to google the breed, never heard of it before, but lo and behold that is most definitely your heritage!


You are the most cuddly dog I have ever met. You love to have your face buried in the couch cushions, under covers, in our neck, anywhere you can fit your little snout. You have never heard of anything called “personal space,” but luckily most of the time that is ok by us.






You also have some serious hops. You have no fear when it comes to jumping and your favorite days are those spent at the pond where you can jump in over and over.



I can’t wait for you to no longer be the “baby” of the family and to help us welcome Parker to the world. How do I know you’re going to be a great big brother? Because these past two years you’ve let me do things to you like this without complaint (ok, without complaint as long as there was a treat involved)





I love you Banjo and I can’t wait to watch you snuggle with Parker – you’ll figure it out quickly that there is nothing better than the scent of fresh baby! Have a Happy Birthday buddy! Tonight you can sleep on our bed!


Storybook Shower

21 Nov

This past weekend my mom hosted my first shower. She invited family from our side as well as family friends and some of my friends that I grew up and went to school with. Since Eric and I were both English majors in college and since reading has always been a big part of my life my mom decided to make it a “storybook” theme. From the food to the decor she made sure everything tied together perfectly.

In lieu of a greeting card she asked guests to bring a children’s book. We’re so excited to see Parker’s book collection grow! Reading is very important to us and we can’t wait for all our future nights of storytime. Once I got home I loved going through each books and reading the sweet messages from everyone.

Parker made out with so many great and thoughtful gifts! When I got home and hung up all the clothes Eric was like, “seriously!?” – because I still have two more showers! One thing I know for sure is that Parker will never go naked! Maybe now is a good time to say if you are coming to one of my future showers – we are all set on newborn to 3 month sleepers, haha! But seriously, how come the smaller the clothes are the cuter they get?
The doll furniture my mom used as decor in this picture was mine when I was little. I don’t think we’ll be passing that down to Parker, but maybe there will be a female Mini Matto in the future I can give it to!

Thanks again to my mom for throwing such a perfect party. It was very much appreciated and I think everyone left with a smile and full stomach! We are grateful for everything we received and now all that is missing is the baby!
Newborn pictures of Eric and I
Another thank you to my car buddy for the weekend! He was such a great sport as I rocked out to country music and gabbed about life. Love you Banjo!

24 Weeks

27 Oct

If I owned photoshop I would have removed my right arm so Banjo looked like he actually cared more about my bump than snagging the stick – but hey, it was the only way I could figure out how to grab and hold his attention until the camera clicked. Taking this picture was no small feat. In fact, people may not realize but only a couple of my “bump pics” have been taken by someone other than myself. The majority of the time I drag out my tri-pod and put on the self timer. So you can see where having 10 seconds from once you push the button to run to your spot and get a dog to do what you want is so much easier said than done. Although funny enough the first couple of times I was trying to woo him, he happened to jump for the stick right as the shutter went off – talk about perfect timing!

Seriously, the boy has hops. Which is ironic considering our other dog is bigger and more athletic looking, yet is too scared to even consider letting all four paws off the ground at once. Eric and I talk all the time how excited we are for Parker to be raised with our two dogs. While there is definitely going to be a learning curve I know Knuckles & Banjo will turn into protective big brothers and will probably trade their cuddle time with us in order to be with their baby brother. Our biggest issues are going to be the dogs licking him to death and thinking the baby toys are dog toys – which I can’t blame them for that one – ever notice how baby toys are made with similar materials and the same annoying sounds?

But as an update to the pregnancy everything is great! In fact, besides no longer being able to see my toes  I pretty much feel like the same ‘ol non-pregnant Mel. I feel Parker do his water aerobics every day and that’s enough to keep me sane. I think he can already tell I’m the worrying type because sometimes I’ll start thinking it’s been too long since I’ve felt a movement and within seconds he’ll always kick as if to say, “don’t worry about me mom, I’m still here! Just taking a quick cat nap before tidying up the home!” At least that’s how I imagine he spends his time. After all, what mom doesn’t want a son that likes to clean their room?

Speaking of rooms. We haven’t done squat to the nursery since my paint job a few weeks back but we are in the middle of ordering carpet. I’m a wood floors person at heart, but sometimes you have to bite the bullet and be practical. Our master bedroom and the nursery are always the coldest rooms in the house. Since Parker will be born in February and since you can’t cover a baby with a million layers of blankets (like Eric and I do in our room to stay warm) we decided it was in his best interest to carpet his room – and ours while we’re at it – to hopefully help the temperature come winter. We also seal our windows, but if anyone has other ideas on keeping in the heat I’d be happy to hear them! More updates & pictures of the carpet after it happens!

Finally, Happy Halloween everyone!! Eric and I finally carved the pumpkins we picked a couple weeks ago. Eric free-handed it with a knife, while I tried to get fancy (read: lazy) and use the electric drill method. We don’t normally get any trick or treaters at our house – but that doesn’t mean we still don’t buy loads of candy 🙂


Past Bump Pics: 8wks, 12wks, 16wks, 18wks, 20wks, 21wks

Our Dogs Won’t Have a Hard Time Adjusting to a Newborn At All….

28 Sep

The past couple of weeks I kept my camera phone handy and snapped a pic whenever the dogs were in a cuddling mood.

At first I thought maybe they were merely trying to help keep the baby warm, but I’ve come to the conclusion they are just pathetic, attention-seeking hounds.

Lord, help us come February!

“Positive”-ly Happy

2 Aug

May 30th (Memorial Day) I took the test honestly not thinking or having any feeling that it was going to say positive. In fact, the only reason I took the test was because I was leaving for Italy four days later and figured in the slim-chance I was pregnant I wanted to know if it was ok for me to drink wine or not (priorities people!) So unfortunately during my first trip to Italy I was not able to drink wine – but I was definitely more than ok with my excuse!

I took the test in the evening after a weekend of hosting out-of-town friends and family for the Indy 500. I didn’t even tell Eric what I was in the bathroom doing because again, I really thought I wasn’t pregnant yet. Upon seeing the word “pregnant,” I squinted harder and held it closer to make sure the word “not” was really not there fading in the background. After staring in shock for a few moments I walked into our bedroom where Eric was turning down our covers and go, “Well, I guess you were right. I’m pregnant!” He immediately grabbed the test and looked at it like I had done then gave me a happy embrace, with a sarcastic, “I told you so!”

Flashback to why Eric had a  hunch I was pregnant when I did not:

So I’m a pretty even keeled person. I don’t really get bent out of shape about things or fly off my rocker. Eric and I are lucky to barely ever argue, or when we do it’s more of a discussion and then we move on. Friday night of Memorial Weekend, like I mentioned before, we had friends in town. My friend Angie, whom I’ve known since middle school, came to visit and so like school girls we decided to have a slumber party and kick Eric out of our bedroom. Eric and I had recently re-done a room in the basement to house all my craft/knitting supplies and I had bought a new futon cover so I warned Eric several times throughout the evening to please let someone else, anyone else besides him, to sleep on it. Because I knew if Eric slept on it then our dogs would sleep on it and I didn’t want dirty dog hair all over my new cover. Fast forward to the morning. I walk downstairs and see Eric and Knuckles curled up on said futon. Saying I was fuming was an understatement – especially since I exposed the Wrath of Mel in front of company. I sorta totally flipped out over a cheap IKEA futon cover because of a few measly hairs (well actually in my defense I was more upset that I had asked him to not sleep on it and he did, rather than the fact there was dog hair on it). So after my ranting and raving the only thing Eric could say was, “Are you pregnant or something?” – which by the way is not what you say to someone when they are upset whether you really think they are pregnant or not because that definitely did not make the situation better at the time. I of course told him “no” without even wondering if it was true and stormed back upstairs to cool off and eventually we got on with our day and our weekend, until Monday night when I took the test and found out that annoyingly enough maybe Eric did know what he was talking about.

Now at twelve weeks and some days along we’re excited to share this journey through our blog and photos and FINALLY tell friends and family the happy news. We of course couldn’t keep the news away from Knuckles & Banjo for more than 5 minutes and here are some photos to show how happy they were to find out they were becoming big brothers! (You can bet, this is just a taste of the cheesy photos to come the next 28wks)