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Father’s Day Recap

19 Jun





Happy 1st Father’s Day to the guy who works extra hard so I can have a job that keeps me at home, a guy that 4 and a half months later still can’t swaddle worth a darn but keeps on trying, a guy that passed on so many genetic features to P it can never be a question on whether it was the milkman and a guy who always puts family first. P and I love you so much and can’t wait for you to display these in your coach’s office at school.

Gift Links:
Handprint Baseball: Pinterest Inspired (special shout out to the Meijer parking lot where P was conveniently napping so I could get a good handprint. Awake babies don’t understand the concept of unclenched fingers!) Also I used a non-toxic ink pad that I first tested on myself to make sure it wiped off easily. Not only did I not want Eric to find the evidence but I didn’t really feel like P sucking on inky hands later, non-toxic or not. Baseball collector’s case from Kohl’s.
Picture: Frame from Target and while I’m sure there is a quote similar out there somewhere I just made it up on my own & photoshopped it on one of P’s newborn pics.
Card: created at treat.com. Awesome site I found that lets you personalize almost every card, will mail them for you (if needed) and honestly cheaper than going into a store. I bought 3 Father’s Day cards and all were 2.99 each!