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You Spin Me Right ‘Round

9 Sep

You know how I’ve never done a nursery reveal? Yea, about that…I only had 2 DIY projects left to do before I was ready to consider the nursery finished and then Parker was born 10 days early and those projects got pushed WAY to the back burner. I’m really still wanting to do a nursery room rundown so I’ve decided it’s high time to get on these two projects already! So this weekend I finally tackled one of them – a pinwheel mobile for above his crib.


The funny thing about waiting to do this was that it actually only took me a couple hours to accomplish…oh well! I was inspired by these mobiles on Esty and while I think they are priced right (based on my experience of the work put in to making mine) I just didn’t want to spend that much on a mobile so I decided to try it myself. I used this pinwheel making tutorial and then just made up how to put the mobile together as I went.


So sorry, no real instructions since I was just trying to make one with as much material as I already had on hand and based on photos of other pinwheel mobiles I found on the web! I found the double-sided paper and brad’s at Michael’s, already had the yarn on hand and a friend had bought me the embroidery hoop when she was thrifting (for a mere .50!). So this project only cost me like $5 max. I also already had the hook I put on the ceiling to hang it.

Parker was transfixed on it when I set him in the crib for the first time and when I turn on the ceiling fan they slowly spin and are even more mesmerizing! Since making this I’ve been slowly plotting on how I can incorporate pinwheels in other aspects of my decor (without creating my own mini wind farm mind you). Fall pinwheel wreath, mini pinwheel cupcake toppers, pinwheel holiday ornaments…the list could go on! Move over buntings & chevron everything, pinwheels are the next big thing!


Here Comes the Bride!

21 Apr












Last Saturday was my sister-in-law’s bridal shower! She is getting married on June 22. It was hosted by myself and her Aunt Kris. We were quite a team! I handled all the decor, invitations and games while she handled the main course. She also had the collection of vintage dishes and silverware. The dessert was made by one of Jill’s good friends who bakes & decorates on the side. She is also decorating the cake for their wedding. It was lots of fun and Parker enjoyed wearing his “My Auntie Rocks” onesie while being the only male there. Can’t wait for the wedding!

Gender Reveal Photo Recap

10 Oct

Because pictures are worth a thousand words, I thought it would be better to share a few of my favorite photos instead of posting a lengthy, wordy blog about the day. I included my sources for inspiration at the bottom. And if you missed my earlier post that included a video of the reveal that can be seen here.

Dessert Bar


Team Boy or Team Girl?


Blue icing was stuffed in the middle


Blue Moon to represent Boy. Leinenkugel Berry Weiss to represent Girl.


Some of the guests showing off their guess


The box that hid the balloons (who knew the hot water heater box from May would come in handy?)


It's a Boy!


Floating Away


Eric & I with our excited parents and grandparents (or should I say excited soon-to-be grandparents & great-grandparents!)


Fun with Friends


Banjo is already such a proud big brother! (or incredibly scared because he can't figure out why the balloons keep following him)


Ready to test drive this parenting gig

Sources (If I found the idea online I included the link):
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip w/ pretzels & animal crackers
Baked Brie & Crackers: I mixed dried cranberries, honey & pecans. Poured it over the top & baked it for 20 min at 400 degrees
Cupcakes: “Fun in Da Middle” box mix (I found them at Kroger) w/ funfetti icing
Shortbread bottle & pacifier shape icing cookies: Made courtesy of Aunt Jill & Great Aunt Mary – sorry, secret family recipe
Lemon Bars: Krusteaz brand box mix from Kroger
Bunting: Self-made w/ extra scrapbook paper, yarn & sponge stamps I already had
Chalkboard Signs on Dessert Bar: $1 picture frames from the Dollar Store. Spray painted the glass with chalkboard paint & the frame with yellow spray paint. (I actually already had these on hand from something else & didn’t make them just for the party.)
Cupcakes Liners: A kit from Michael’s Craft Store
Mustache & Lips Gender Guess: It was a play on this idea
Balloon Box: Quilt was an heirloom passed down from Eric’s Aunt. Bought black posterboard, cut it in a heart & wrote “Boy or Girl” in chalk in front.
Balloons: Purchased at our local Factory Card & Party Outlet