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Goodnight Too Soon

26 Jun


Goodnight too soon Goodnight too soon
Goodnight coming home sleeper with the cow jumping over the moon

Goodnight onesies and swaddles that no longer provide room
Goodnight first jeans Goodnight first holiday themes

Goodnight tops with funny words written and Goodnight warm wooly winter mittens

Goodnight PJs with a fox and Goodnight itty bitty socks

Goodnight unworn shoes and Goodnight baby blues

Goodnight handknit hats and Goodnight outfits with baseball bats

Goodnight stripes and plaids that made everyone gush

Goodnight snaps and buttons that caused a fuss and Goodnight size newborn that turned mama to mush

And Goodnight to the daddy whispering for her to “hush”

Goodnight as she reflects and stares Goodnight as she tucks and folds with care

Goodnight precious memories everywhere

Based on Goodnight Moon, I dedicate this to moms everywhere that can’t help but sigh at the realization their baby can no longer straighten their legs in their sleepers that just fit, like yesterday.