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20 Weeks & “Guess the Gender” Poll

26 Sep

Mini Matto is 50% cooked! Look how far we’ve come! Can’t believe we’re halfway to meeting the little guy or girl that’s been floating around and giving me chorus line kicks the past couple weeks. While the beginning seemed to go slow (w/ all the nauseousness & tiredness) the past couple of months have really flown by.  And between holidays, jobs, baby showers and nursery renovations keeping us busy it will be 2012 before we know it!

On Eric’s behalf I told him I would make it known that I made him pose like that. It is apparently against the manliness he usually likes to portray to the public eye. However, when I inquired what pose exactly a man and his pregnant wife could do that would exude a Chuck Norris like personna, the guy had nothing. So back to plastering his begrudging hands on my pertruding belly while lovingly gazing at our child we went. Plus, I was holding the chili that had been stewing in the crockpot all day hostage until he took the damn picture. Compromise bribery is the secret to every successful marriage.

TOMORROW! MORNING! we finally, officially, excitingly find out if we’ll have a son or daughter in our arms come February. We’re doing a little gender reveal get together on Saturday to share the news so we’re keeping mum until then. But in the meantime we would like to see what people think we’re having so I whipped up a handy dandy poll. I know what my hunch is, but I’m curious what others are thinking!?

Have a great week everyone! Positive thoughts that everything looks on track and healthy at the ultrasound!

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