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Nursery Progress Part II

3 Dec

Hello friends! Sorry it’s been awhile since an update. But I have lots to share this week! I wanted this post to go up this past week but with the dreary weather and the fact that it’s dark when I wake up and dark by the time I’m home from work I wasn’t able to get great pictures of the nursery until today. But starting Thanksgiving weekend we really started to get things together for the nursery. When I left you last all we had done was painted. Well with the help of Brothers Floor Covering (a local store here in Indy – great people!) we now have nice new carpet in the nursery and in our master bedroom!

I thought I would miss the hardwood, but the carpet really makes the rooms feel larger, brighter and warmer. We also put up new trim, crown moulding and a ceiling fan with light (the latter thanks to my dad and father-in-law for their electrical know-how!) While the room already had a light switch that was connected to an outlet there wasn’t an overhead light so Eric had some fun crawling through our attic with our dads giving out the instructions. So this is what the nursery looks like now as you enter from the hallway.

The big baby gift from my parents was our crib. I had searched and searched (and searched!) online and in stores before finally finding what I wanted – well let’s be honest I found plenty I liked right away but they were always upwards of $800 or more! Originally I wanted a birch or similar light-wood crib, but after spying this navy crib from Walmart.com (for only $200!) I changed my mind.

What sold me was the fact that it transitions to a toddler bed so if our second child is a girl then we could just buy another crib since Parker would need a toddler bed anyway. Or I recently saw this nursery concept on one of my favorite blogs and think you could also totally pull off a navy, coral and white nursery for a girl too.  I did a bunch of online research about the brand and thanks to my friend who loaned me her Baby Bargains book I saw that they gave the brand a good rating and even said they had never had any kind of safety recall – always a plus!

As you saw in the earlier picture we also have a dresser/changing table. This used to be in my Mamaw’s house and has been stored in my parents basement for the past five years since she passed away. I knew I wanted a mid century style dresser and had been stalking Craigslist for several months when I remembered my Mamaw’s old furniture. Since it had been awhile since seeing it (and since the last time I saw it I was probably in high school and had zero interest in furniture) I couldn’t remember what it looked like. So the next time I visited my parents I went downstairs and checked it out and immediately knew it was the one.

Not only was it better than anything else I had seen, but it was my Mamaw’s so that made it extra special. And hey, being free isn’t so bad either! I had considered refurbishing it and giving it a two-toned look, but because the condition of the dresser was so great and because my mom still has a matching tall dresser I decided I didn’t want to change it. And lets face it, I’m already running out of time with too many other projects to complete! My favorite part of the dresser is when you open the side doors – look at all that storage! I’m not positive this will stay the dresser’s final resting place in the nursery, but for now we’re going to see how it works.

So there you have it, that’s our nursery update! We hope to be 90% done or more by the end of December. Next weekend we are making a trip to IKEA. I plan on buying a bunch of frames for my gallery wall above the crib, a lamp or two, a bookshelf, some storage baskets and possibly a rocker/glider or armchair if they have one I like that’s comfortable and the right color. I’m sure we’ll find plenty of other things too but those are our biggie items we’ll be on the lookout for. So happy with how it’s coming along!

Have a goodnight everyone!


24 Weeks

27 Oct

If I owned photoshop I would have removed my right arm so Banjo looked like he actually cared more about my bump than snagging the stick – but hey, it was the only way I could figure out how to grab and hold his attention until the camera clicked. Taking this picture was no small feat. In fact, people may not realize but only a couple of my “bump pics” have been taken by someone other than myself. The majority of the time I drag out my tri-pod and put on the self timer. So you can see where having 10 seconds from once you push the button to run to your spot and get a dog to do what you want is so much easier said than done. Although funny enough the first couple of times I was trying to woo him, he happened to jump for the stick right as the shutter went off – talk about perfect timing!

Seriously, the boy has hops. Which is ironic considering our other dog is bigger and more athletic looking, yet is too scared to even consider letting all four paws off the ground at once. Eric and I talk all the time how excited we are for Parker to be raised with our two dogs. While there is definitely going to be a learning curve I know Knuckles & Banjo will turn into protective big brothers and will probably trade their cuddle time with us in order to be with their baby brother. Our biggest issues are going to be the dogs licking him to death and thinking the baby toys are dog toys – which I can’t blame them for that one – ever notice how baby toys are made with similar materials and the same annoying sounds?

But as an update to the pregnancy everything is great! In fact, besides no longer being able to see my toes  I pretty much feel like the same ‘ol non-pregnant Mel. I feel Parker do his water aerobics every day and that’s enough to keep me sane. I think he can already tell I’m the worrying type because sometimes I’ll start thinking it’s been too long since I’ve felt a movement and within seconds he’ll always kick as if to say, “don’t worry about me mom, I’m still here! Just taking a quick cat nap before tidying up the home!” At least that’s how I imagine he spends his time. After all, what mom doesn’t want a son that likes to clean their room?

Speaking of rooms. We haven’t done squat to the nursery since my paint job a few weeks back but we are in the middle of ordering carpet. I’m a wood floors person at heart, but sometimes you have to bite the bullet and be practical. Our master bedroom and the nursery are always the coldest rooms in the house. Since Parker will be born in February and since you can’t cover a baby with a million layers of blankets (like Eric and I do in our room to stay warm) we decided it was in his best interest to carpet his room – and ours while we’re at it – to hopefully help the temperature come winter. We also seal our windows, but if anyone has other ideas on keeping in the heat I’d be happy to hear them! More updates & pictures of the carpet after it happens!

Finally, Happy Halloween everyone!! Eric and I finally carved the pumpkins we picked a couple weeks ago. Eric free-handed it with a knife, while I tried to get fancy (read: lazy) and use the electric drill method. We don’t normally get any trick or treaters at our house – but that doesn’t mean we still don’t buy loads of candy 🙂


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Nursery Inspiration & Progress

12 Sep

Eric and I have a 3-bedroom house. Pre-baby we used the rooms as our master bedroom, a guest bedroom and an office. Now that Mini Matto is on the way we are changing the guest bedroom to the nursery and the office is now a combo office/guest bedroom. It’s a little tight in there, but we don’t have overnight guests that often so we figured the baby should get the bigger room. Plus, from what I hear, babies come with lots of stuff.

So when browsing for nursery ideas where do you think I turned? Pinterest, you say? Oh, but of course! Pinterest is my go-to for all things time consuming. Luckily I did have a few ideas up my sleeve before going online otherwise I would have been a bit overwhelmed with it all.

While I want people to be able to tell it’s a boys or girls room I want it to whisper “boy” or “girl” more than shout it. So things like the paint color, bedding and furniture I wanted to be gender neutral. One, I thought that was a good idea in case at delivery we find out the ultrasound tech was wrong and two I’m indecisive and so wanted a room I could switch around the style easily in case I get tired of it. So while the big items would be gender neutral I would boy or girl it up with accessories and decor.  This also meant no theme. I knew if I picked “teddy bears” or “ballerinas” my eyes would start bleeding after a couple weeks as I went in for 3am feedings . I also heard from other moms that telling people you’re going with a theme prompts people to get overzealous and buy you something anytime they run across an item that goes with your theme. And who likes hundreds of stuffed teddy bear eyes staring at them while they breastfeed? The only thing worse than that would be clowns…plus that’s just asking for your child to have issues (sorry, clown lovers).

So I digress. The main colors I fell in love with were a light gray and yellow. Below are some examples I found on Pinterest for inspiration:

I’m drawn to the style of Danish & Mid Century furniture. I like the clean lines of the natural cribs. The excitment of the rooms are in the detail. A quick look at the room might make some think “boring.” But once you walk around and look at each item closely you realize everything has a story and a reason for being there.  I knew I wanted to DIY as much as I could. I wanted to make it personable – I wanted the room to be my babies and not some catalogs. Hence, when I couldn’t find any crib bedding that I liked (or could afford) I decided I was going to bring back my high school sewing class skills and make one myself – yes, you read that right. So I have a pattern (shown below) and will update you as it progresses – or just pisses me off, because surely that’s an option with sewing.

So, where we are right now. First, I went to Home Depot and Lowe’s to look at all the gray paint swatches. I came home with WAY to many. I suggest trying to narrow it down to 3 or 4 before you leave the store because coming home & doing this, did not make the decision any easier like I thought it would.

But after staring several times throughout the day and a quick game of Eenie Meenie Minee Moe, I made a decision. So on Labor Day the paint crew (consisting of Eric’s parents and my friend, Breena) came over. The color I chose, in case you’re curious, is Martha Stewart’s “Heavy Goose.” in an eggshell finish. Don’t worry, I read up on the dos and donts of painting while pregnant and I was good to go. Plus, I got extra safe and bought low VOC paint and kept the room well ventilated. Here is a quick pic of me in action (left wall, old paint. right wall, new paint).

Then, and it could have been the hormones, I decided to go a little crazy. The second to last picture of my nursery inspirations up there sparked a fire in me that wouldn’t go away. I wanted a chevron wall…like BAD. So I bought white paint (Martha Stewart’s “Picket Fence”) and grabbed our yard stick, level and painter’s tape and went to town. Well, first I found this tutorial, and then I went to town. I was so antsy I didn’t even bother to ask for help (which, by the way, there will never be a picture of Eric and a paintbrush. That is not allowed in this house – it doesn’t matter if it’s one color and one wall, he’ll find a way to mess it up). The whole thing (not including dry time for the paint) took around 4 hours and was honestly way easier than I was expecting. This is probably the only project I can think of ever doing where if I did it again I wouldn’t tweak anything – and I’m OCD about straight lines if that tells you anything. Here is the progression:

First you put up the painter's tape outline

Next you paint every other one


Finally peel the tape and TA DA! Instant chevron wall!

This wall is where the crib will go and above the crib I plan on doing some type of gallery with picture frames. If you’re wanting to do something similar yourself I definitely recommend Frog Tape. They pride themselves on their ability to not let the paint bleed through and to leave a sharp, straight edge when peeling and I’ll have to agree. It costs a little more, but I thought it was worth it to guarantee straight lines.

Alright that’s it for this nursery update. Whew, I’m exhausted! Not sure what I’ll tackle next, but you can rest assured that you’ll hear about it!