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More Gender Reveal Fun

7 Oct

My sister-in-law, Jill, couldn’t make it to our gender reveal. So I told her we would tell her the gender early if she agreed to make cookies for the party. Nothing wrong with a good food bribe! She happily agreed. Since I was doing a “balloon theme” reveal for everyone else, I wanted to do something similar for her. After browsing the web I found the idea of putting blue or pink confetti inside a dark balloon.

 Once the balloon is popped, the confetti will shower down revealing the gender. Well showering is not a strong enough word. It was more like blasted

In fact, the confetti shot out so fast and far that it took Jill a minute before she could find a piece to see what it looked like! Either way, it was a lot of fun & I know Parker can’t wait to meet his Aunt Jill!

And a special thanks to the lady at the party store who after hearing my idea definitely thought I was a crazy pregnant lady (which ironically is the same look Eric gave me when I told him what we were doing). In fact her exact words I believe were, “You want me to put what, where?” But she humored me anyway – again, much like Eric!

 And in case you were wondering, her cookies were adorable and delicious…just like any proper cookie should be. Way worth telling her our secret a few days early 🙂


“Start Spreading the News…”

9 Aug

While Eric and I were both equally excited to tell our friends and family that we were expecting, we both had different ways of doing so. Really it comes down to the difference in a man’s personality verse a woman’s if you ask me. I pointed it out once how all he does is get to the point right away and not build up any excitement or surprise and he was basically like, “guys don’t talk to each other like that.” Therefore, all of Eric’s conversations would go as such:

Eric: Hey, by the way, Mel’s pregnant

Friend: That’s awesome. Congrats! [insert witty comment referring to Eric’s man parts working properly]

Eric: Yea, we’re pretty excited.

Friend: Was it planned?

Eric: Yea

Friend: Sweet. Let’s go drink a beer.

Eric: Sounds good. Mel can be the DD!

I, on the other hand, liked to make a comment out-of-the-blue that forced them to come to the realization on their own and being like, “Wait, what? You’re pregnant?!?” before jumping up and down, flapping their arms and getting all emotional like girls tend to do.

Example 1:

Scene: Seeing my mom as she arrived to the airport before our flight left for Italy.

Mom: You look like you’re losing weight.

Me: Well that’s weird because I should be gaining weight

Example 2:

Scene: Walking around the leaning tower of Pisa with my mother-in-law

Deb: I’ve seen so many cute things I want to buy while in Italy.

Me: So have you given any thought as to what souvenir you’re going to buy for your grandbaby?

But my favorite example has to be how I told my best friend, Christiana. I had ample time to plan this one. Christiana lives in Indianapolis and she knew that Eric and I were ready for a baby so it was hard to catch her off guard since usually her first question was always, “Are you pregnant yet?” Finally at one point I told her Eric and I weren’t going to start trying until after I got back from Italy so that I didn’t have to worry about morning sickness and I also told her that no matter what I wasn’t going to tell her if I was pregnant until I was 12wks along so she may as well stop asking. Honestly, I probably would have told Christiana much earlier than 12wks but during her break from teaching Christiana flew to her parents house in Connecticut for the summer and I knew it would be worth it to wait and tell her in person. So in late July Christiana finally returned from her trip and we planned a reunion dinner with our other close friends, Breena & Jessica. I had told Breena the news right when I got back from Italy and because Breena needs to work on her poker face Jessica knew as well. 🙂

Luckily, Christiana never questioned Breena or Jessica about the possibility of me being pregnant because in her head the earliest there would ever be news would be sometime in September since she didn’t think we were even trying for a baby until mid June.

So the plan. Since Breena already knew the news I roped her in on how I wanted to tell Christiana. Basically I was going to bring my camera to dinner (which is nothing new, I always have my camera on me) and I was going to say, “Say cheese!” and then take a pic of Breena and Jessica. I was then going to hand my camera over the Breena and ask her to take a pic of Christiana and I. Instead of saying, “Say cheese!” Breena was going to say, “Say Mel’s pregnant!” and then snap the pic and hopefully capture Christiana’s surprised expression. Besides forgetting to set my camera on an “action/sports setting” to deter blurriness – since obviously there was going to be much movement when she found out – the plan worked flawlessly.  Here is the plan in motion:

“Say cheese!”

“Say Mel’s pregnant!”

Post college I never thought Christiana and I would live in the same city again, but I am so extremely happy & blessed that she will be here for Eric & I’s new journey. She is going to be an amazing “aunt” that will not only make sure my child is never out of style but will also teach him/her how to properly make flash cards to help them study in school. Love you!